End Of The Magic Era Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Radiant Fort


Liwei looked ecstatic about the sudden change in fortune and couldnt help rubbing his hands together.

I know that the Merlin Family only brought a few dozen people, and I dont know what method that Mafa Merlin used to become the Commander of the Merlin Family, but I knew that as long as I persisted, he would definitely yield.

Now that this Mafa Merlin has agreed, the Azurewave Prince wont punish our Gru Family and will just leave the Hope Fort to our Gru Familys hands.

This Mafa Merlin had good foresight to choose this place Although the Hope Fort cant compare to the Pearl Fort and those other ones, it is second only to them.

It wouldnt be very troublesome to attack and would yield a lot of points. More importantly, if planned well, the Hope Fort could be taken in one attack. With the time saved, the Gru Family could quickly obtain more points.

As for the Radiant Fort, well This Mafa Merlin must have tampered with the draws, or he wouldnt have given up and swapped with me. Now, he is going to get pricked by the thorns he prepared for me! The Radiant Fort is a hard bone to chew, and now Mafa Merlin is the one that has to chew on it.

It would be best if all the people of the Merlin Family die there, along with Mafa Merlin!

As Liwei was celebrating, a wisp of mockery flashed in Lin Yuns eyes and he said, "Dont blame me for reminding you that those who dont follow rules wont have a good outcome."

Liwei sneered and completely ignored that sentence and its meaning. He only felt that Mafa Merlin was trying not to admit his mistake.

As the curtain was pulled over this farce, the Azurewave Sword Saint seemed quite displeased as he looked at Liwei Gru, but he had a whole new level of respect for Lin Yun. After all, this scuffle was taking up their time, and the more time they lost, the more the Andlusa Kingdom lost. Lin Yun helped them move on from this.

All the targets had been assigned, and the next step was to divide the troops.

After leaving the meeting room, Zeuss came over with an indignant expression.

"Mafa Merlin, why have you agreed to that foolish Liweis requirements? This is too much! That damn b*stard should have been punished by the Azurewave Prince, their family should have been punished! They are becoming more and more excessive lately, are they planning on challenging the might of our seven forces?"

Zeuss was furious, and he immediately talked about getting rid of Liwei.

Lin Yun smiled and pacified the indignant Zeuss.

"Alright, Sir Zeuss, time waits for no one. The Odin Kingdom wont stay and wait for us to finish dealing with our internal issues. Swapping with him is nothing if that makes an unstable element within the Andlusa Kingdom disappear

"Who knows, maybe he will attack even more actively after the swap and slightly accelerate the attack of the Andlusa Kingdom, making our points catch up to the Odin Kingdom faster.

"After all, we have common interests. Everyone will be affected if we lose to the Odin Kingdom. We would lose the Raging Flame Plane! That isnt something I can accept, so I can just let this go."

Zeuss looked at Lin Yun with open admiration.

"If that fool, Liwei, had just one tenth of your wisdom and aspirations, something like this wouldnt have happened."

In front of Zeuss compliments, Lin Yun only left with a smile on his face.

He turned to look at Liweis back and called him a moron in his mind.

At first, he only felt that the name Radiant Fort sounded familiar, but that was the case He did have some impression of it.

As someone that came back from the final era, he wouldnt exchange a fort worth a lot of points for a hard bone for no reason.

Were it not for the fact that he knew there should be something there, why would he swap with an idiot like Liwei? There was no reason for that kind of thing to happen.

No one understood why Lin Yun would compromise and do the swap.

Only Harren and Jouyi felt that things werent that simple, but they werent sure about what possibilities there were.

Even if someone saw Lin Yuns smile, they would only think that Lin Yun might have relented to help the Andlusa Kingdoms general situation by getting the idiot to stop wasting time and affecting the unity and morale of the allied army.

No one thought Lin Yun had another plan

The next day, the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower joined hands in order to complete a large-scale teleportation array.

With this large-scale teleportation array, they could teleport anyone in the Raging Flame Plane as long as they knew the coordinates with no need for support arrays.

Ordinary teleportation arrays needed two arrays linked together in order to increase range and stability. When an array started operating, the other array would be in charge of reception.

This kind of large-scale array could be used to cross very long distances in circumstances where paired arrays wouldnt be ideal, like the current circumstances.

Those forts were densely located in the hinterland controlled by the Raging Flame Beastmen, so there was simply no way to set up reception arrays. They could only use a large-scale teleportation array to directly send people to their destinations.

They could use this array to teleport people to many areas within a certain range as long as there was no major disturbance.

The Andlusa Kingdoms forces were teleported to the vicinity of their targets one by one.

Lin Yun led Reina, Enderfa, the alchemy puppet, his fifty subordinates, and the three cousins of the Merlin Family to enter the teleportation array and disappear in a flash of light.

In another area, a few runes appeared out of nowhere, and then four runes formed a square that produced even more runes.

Suddenly, the light specific to Teleportation Arrays shone, and a huge light pillar appeared on the ground before everyones shadows rapidly came out of the light beam.

Xiuban raised Carnage and rapidly checked out the surroundings like a dog. He was followed by the patched up alchemy puppet ready to cast a spell at any time.

Then came Lin Yuns fifty expressionless subordinates, the weakest of whom was at the 9th Rank of the High Mage realm, while the strongest was a 2nd Rank Archmage with a blazing and burning rune on their body.

They each had a red flame revolving around their body, and the fifty of them moved in the same fashion.

Even their mana showed signs of resonating. The surrounding fire elements became lively when the fifty mages appeared started shaking on their own, creating red sparks in the air.

Their rapid improvement didnt lower their fighting strength or make them complacent. Instead, because they had lost hope in the past and because of the time when they had made no progress, they were always on alert.

They immediately got ready for battle when they were teleported, and everyones division of labor was clear-cut.

Some were preparing attack spells, some were preparing effective defensive spells, and there were some who instantly conjured a few Mage Eyes to probe the surroundings.

When Lin Yun stepped out of the Teleportation Array, he subconsciously cast a Mage Eye of his own to guard and probe. He noticed his fifty subordinates competent actions and was very satisfied.

Even though their strength had been lacking and their talent had been poor, they had gained the opportunity to change and undergo a true transformation. They gained the attitude of powerhouses and always remained vigilant without being arrogant.

This was also Lin Yuns concern: He had been afraid that his fifty subordinates would rapidly become prideful and complacent because of their strength rising too quickly.

If this happened, their fighting effectiveness would greatly decrease, and they wouldnt be able to properly display their abilities.

But they didnt disappoint him. Even his three cousins immediately prepared proper defenses after coming out of the Teleportation Array and cast successive Detect Life spells in a few directions.

Lin Yun didnt rouse his mana at all because he completely believed that the others would be able to handle this.

He looked over in the distance and saw a flat plain. Not far from it was an ancient Beastman Fort, the Radiant Fort.

There were two rivers crossing intersecting next to the Radiant Fort, which was surrounded by a dozen wooden sentry towers. From their position, they could even see the Beastmen standing guard atop the sentry towers.

The Radiant Fort was one of the Raging Flame Beastmens most ancient forts. It was rumored that this was the place where the light of the Raging Flame Emperor shone for the first time.

It was also the starting point for the Raging Flame Beastmen to control the Raging Flame Plane.

There was a rumor circulating in the Raging Flame Plane in the old days. The Radiant Fort had been personally established by the Raging Flame Emperor. At the time, although the temperature was chilly, it was rich in natural resources, had lush vegetation, and had very flat terrain. It was a great contributor to the Raging Flame Beastmens reproduction.

During the process of getting the Raging Flame Plane under control, the resources of the Radiant Fort supported them little by little.

Without the food produced there, they wouldnt have been able to forge weapons and armor, and the Raging Flame Beastmen wouldnt have developed to reach their current state.

But perhaps because the Raging Flame Beastmen squeezed too much out of this place while controlling the plane, this area turned into bitter, cold earth.

Although the terrain was flat, there was no vegetation, and more than half of the land had turned into a desert. There were only some sparse plants here and there, similar to scars decorating the earth.

The Radiant Fort in the distance was only emitting a wisp of silence and decay.