End Of The Magic Era Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Black Iron Beastmen


It was precisely because the changes had been too great that the name was changed. Lin Yun hadnt reacted when he first heard the name, Radiant Fort.

But thanks to Liwei Grus good fortune, Lin Yun had checked the map, and with the current information they possessed on the Raging Flame Beastmen, he ascertained that this bitter, cold land that only sparsely had some small beasts moving about truly was the Radiant Fort from the records, the starting point of the Raging Flame Plane.

As Lin Yun observed the surrounding terrain and the ancient fort in the distance, he felt even more certain that this was the place mentioned in the books, even if it had greatly changed.

And now, stationed here were the Black Iron Beastmen of the Raging Flame Plane.

The Black Iron Beastmen were the main reason that Liwei Gru was unwilling to attack the Radiant Fort. This definitely was one of the hardest places to handle in the Raging Flame Plane.

There were very few Black Iron Beastmen in the Radiant Fort, or it might be better to say that the Black Iron Beastmen were few in number, but they were definitely the strongest Beastman Tribes in the Raging Flame Plane.

They were few in number, but they were stronger than the average Beastman.

The Radiant Fort only had somewhere over a hundred Black Iron Beastmen stationed there, but the weakest one there was comparable to an Expert Swordsman.

If there was no mistake in the received information, there were at least a dozen Black Iron Beastmen comparable to Sword Saints!

They were born warriors and could adapt to all kinds of vile environments, and it was said that the blood of Abyssal Demons flowed within their bloodline. Thus, every single Black Iron Beastman was very powerful.

They would start their races strictest training when they could stand on their feet. At 5, theyd be drenched in water and made to withstand the cold to train their endurance, and when they were a bit bigger, they would be trained in all kinds of environments.

After reaching adulthood, every Black Iron Beastman that underwent rigorous training would be a powerful warrior with a steel-like body, and the weakest of them would still become an Expert Swordsman. For those that were a bit gifted, advancing to the Sword Saint realm would be quite common.

So although there were only a bit over a hundred Black Iron Beastmen there, there were close to twenty Sword Saints, and eight or nine of them might be over the 5th Rank.

Moreover, they were very fierce because of their Abyssal bloodline, their fighting power was shocking, and they were unafraid of death. After undergoing strict training, their fighting power far exceeded ordinary Beastmen.

These powerful Black Iron Beastmen were arranged in the bitterly cold land of the Radiant Fort because the royal family of the Raging Flame Beastmen was unwilling to provoke them, so they left them here as if they were exiled.

There was even a vague rumor spreading in the Raging Flame Plane Apparently, the Black Iron Beastmen had once fought against the current royal family over the position but ultimately were defeated.

Although these were parts of rumors, it also showed how formidable the Black Iron Beastmen were.

When Liwei Gru had drawn the Radiant Fort, he was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. Others couldnt help gloating because he would have to deal with the Black Iron Beastmen.

Liwei being so unhesitant to offend Harren and Jouyi and also setting himself against Lin Yun, accusing him of plotting against the Gru Family It wasnt without reason.

With the strength of the Gru Family, they would be able to attain some accomplishments without too many losses when facing a typical army.

But the weakest enemy at the Radiant Fort was a Black Iron Beastman Expert Swordsman, and there were quite a few Sword Saints. If Gru wanted to attack, he would lose half of his manpower, so he didnt even consider it.

After all, no one was like Lin Yun, leading a level 39 Frost Dragon, a 5th Rank Draconic Beastman Sword Saint, and an alchemy puppet comparable to a level 39 powerhouse.

Even the weakest of his fifty subordinates was a 9th Rank High Mage, and about ten of them were Archmages.

No one would believe that he had such a force with him, because whether it was the Cloud Tower or the Black Tower, or even the Andlusa Kingdoms royal family, they hadnt brought such formidable forces this time around. At least when it came to high-rank powerhouses, they couldnt compare to Lin Yun in terms of both power and quantity.

Along with Lin Yun himself, their overall fighting power had reached a point where it could directly compare to the power of the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower in the Raging Flame Plane.

And that was including Harren and Jouyi.

Lin Yuns group, the fluctuations of the Teleportation Array, as well as their own barely covered up fluctuations, were soon discovered by the Radiant Forts Black Iron Beastmen.

The entrance to the Radiant Fort opened, and Black Iron Beastmen riding on huge black wolves over a man in height charged towards them.

All Lin Yun did was wave at his fifty subordinates.

In an instant, the fire elements condensed in the air due to excessive activity were suddenly roused.

Among his fifty, ten of them cast defensive spells, and a series of Fire Shields appeared one after another to form walls blocking ahead of them. The rest raised their Dragon Scale Staves and quickly chanted abstruse incantations.

Flames suddenly condensed into crimson Fire Dragons that tangled in the air and formed a huge flame tornado spreading over the horizon as it flew forward.

The Black Iron Beastmen bared their fangs as they drew their heavy broadswords.

Cold light flickered and a glaring light flashed as the Fire Dragon at the forefront was forcibly cut into pieces.

The resulting fragments of flames seemed like tree leaves falling onto the bodies of the Black Iron Beastmen, and they didnt even consider dodging.

The flame fragments didnt even leave marks on their skin.

There were some black magic patterns on their dark skin, which was the sign of their Abyssal bloodline. They had strong magic resistance and their bodies were extremely powerful.

It was shown even more in the Black Iron Beastmen with their sturdy Beastman physique. Their innate talent as warriors made them a group of fierce, humanoid beasts.

Just by relying on their power, they could do something unbelievable like tearing spells apart.

The first wave of Fire Dragons was quickly torn to shreds by the Black Iron Beastmen. In their minds, it was best to swing their weapons to tear their enemies to pieces. It was some sort of instinct hidden deep within their bloodline. As a result, their fearlessness and momentum would greatly increase their fighting strength while demoralizing their enemies.

As the Beastmen charged, sword lights flashed and flames shattered into sparks. The group of Black Iron Beastmen looked like demons bathing in flames.

Under such circumstances, Lin Yun still remained silent, and even Reina and the puppet didnt move. Only Xiuban rushed forward, wanting to test out his new Carnage.

Enderfas three faces had dull expressions, but whenever he glanced at the Radiant Fort, he would mischievously laugh as if something kept coming to mind.

Xiuban rushed forward while swinging Carnage and roaring. He even ignored the flames in the air. As he charged, the surrounding flames seemed to be pushed aside by some sort of pressure, as if they were getting out of his way.

But Lin Yun knew that it was just Xiubans body being too powerful, to the point where Xiuban could emit tangible pressure.

That power was enough to prevent Low Tier Spells from being able to reach his body. Anything below the 5th Tier would lose any effects in front of Xiuban, let alone these scattered fire elements. Even diving in a pool of lava would be no different than a bubble bath to Xiuban.

Unless he was directly hit by the combined magic attacks of the fifty mages, the temperature wouldnt affect Xiuban in the least.

Xiuban rushed at max speed, and when he was still twenty meters away, he fiercely stamped on the ground. With a loud sound, a fierce crack spread, and two ankle-deep holes were left in the ground.

As for Xiuban, he suddenly jumped up while tightly holding onto Carnage and fell straight towards the center of the Black Iron Beastmen.

He was still in the air when one of the Black Iron Beastman Sword Saints grinned and jumped from his wolf while swinging his long blade, ruthlessly slashing upward towards Xiuban as if he wanted to cut him in two.

"Damn b*stard, let me bathe in your blood!"

After shouting, his large blade let out a cold light, splitting the air apart as it slashed at Xiubans body.

Xiubans eyes widened and he laughed before swinging Carnage with a seemingly hurried gesture.

The Black Iron Beastman sneered and decided to meet force with force.

Enderfa chuckled and felt as if this scene was unbearable.

Damn fool A 3rd Rank Sword Saint actually dares to compete with strength against Xiuban? The power of the idiotic Xiuban is probably even more frightening than a Behemoth

Sure enough, the moment the large blade collided with Carnage, air blasted in the surroundings as if something had just exploded. The blade in that Black Iron Beastmans hands was suddenly sent flying.

Because of the huge force of the collision, or it might be more accurate to say, due to Xiubans overwhelming strength, not only was the Beastmans sword sent flying, but he hadnt even had time to let go of his sword.

The sword went flying too quickly and shattered both of his hands. Blood splashed out, and half of his fingers had been torn apart.

And this was far from over Xiubans Carnage carried imposing momentum, and to the shock and despair of this Black Iron Beastman, it ruthlessly smashed into his body with a deafening impact.