End Of The Magic Era Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Radiant Rune


As the loud sound echoed, a large blast of air spread for over a hundred meters around Carnage. The air had already been forcibly blown away, and space even slightly distorted.

That Black Iron Beastmans body fell down with a long trail of smoke behind him.

And when that Sword Saint hit the ground, his body instantly exploded.

Xiubans monstrous power had directly blown his body apart, and because the burst of power was too significant, the impact was compressed to that instant.

A rain of blood fell down from the sky and turned into a bloody mist. A warrior-born 3rd Rank Sword Saint Black Iron Beastman with the bloodline of the Abyss didnt even leave a single bone behind after clashing with Xiuban.

The Black Iron Beastmen below simply couldnt react to Xiuban killing a 3rd Rank Sword Saint in one hit. It was only when they noticed that Xiuban was already falling down after transforming that Beastman into a bloody mist that someone reacted.

This was completely unimaginable. All the Black Iron Beastmen were in disbelief Black Iron Beastmen were born warriors with bones stronger than steel and flesh tougher than thick rhinoceros hide. Ordinary weapons couldnt leave any traces on their skin.

They could even resist a 6th Tier Spell while only sustaining slight injuries.

The Beastmen from the Raging Flame Plane, including the royal family, might not necessarily be the opponents of the Black Iron Beastmen.

They dispatched a 3rd Rank Sword Saint to deal with that red-skinned Beastman. Although he was at the 5th Rank, he looked like an ordinary Beastman Shouldnt he have been cut in half?

How could it be like this? How could the other side blow away a 3rd Rank Sword Saint in one blow?

He completely blew up

Are you kidding me? Is this a 9th Rank Sword Saint?

A lot of illogical thoughts flashed in the minds of the Black Iron Beastmen, and they all looked dazed.

But they had no time to reflect on it, so they were already swinging their large blades and half a dozen slashes were about to fall on Xiuban.

Xiuban swung his new Carnage and instantly knocked away all the slashes with a sweep. The moment his feet hit the ground, Carnages mournful pressure whistled past and smashed onto the head of a wolf.

A loud bang echoed, and that large wolf didnt even have the opportunity to howl before turning into a corpse. As for the Black Iron Beastman on its back, he was also sent flying while covered in blood.

Xiuban was like a magic beast rushing into a flock of sheep. The weakest of the group was a 5th Rank Expert Swordsman, while the strongest was a 5th Rank Sword Saint, but they couldnt resist Xiuban at all.

Under the Sword Saint realm, the best outcome of being grazed by Carnage would be having ones bones shattered.

And this was far from over. Lin Yuns squad of fifty mages revealed their fangs.

Earlier, they had launched a probing attack in accordance with the usual style of a mage army, but now, they unleashed their firepower and boundless flames converged.

Following their incantations, large plumes of blue flames instantly fell from the sky.

The large-scale Bursting Flames accurately struck and instantly sent the Beastmens formation into chaos. Wolves were blown up or sent flying by the power of the erupting flames.

The Beastmen slashed at the Bursting Flames, but the spells exploded on impact. There was no room to reduce that frightening power, and they were all sent flying.

Bursting Flames was the most suitable spell to handle the Black Iron Beastmen. The power of the flames was reduced, while the raw impact power was explosively increased. It was particularly good against warriors.

The moment a Black Iron Beastman retreated in front of the explosion, there would instantly be a few Bursting Flames striking on his body.

In less than five seconds, the Black Iron Beastmens charge became chaotic. They simply couldnt reach the mage squad They couldnt even get within a hundred meters of them.

In ten seconds, the leading 5th Rank Sword Saint thoroughly understood that before them stood a group of undefeatable enemies.

A whistle echoed, and the large group of Black Iron Beastmen started fleeing towards the Radiant Fort.

Xiuban was covered in flames, and he cursed as he rushed out of the area covered by spells. The mage squads spells were too powerful. Although he wasnt the target of the spells, he still couldnt bear with it.

When Xiuban rushed out of the range of the spells, the Black Iron Beastmen unexpectedly started escaping. After shattering two skulls, Xiuban roared.

These Wolf Riders were too fast. They abandoned the corpses and had already escaped over a hundred meters away in a few seconds.

Flames flared up around the mage squad as pairs of flaming wings grew from their backs before they gave chase.

Enderfa looked at the group of Black Iron Beastmen running like stray dogs. While running, they lost over half of their manpower, but they were about to reach the Radiant Fort, yet Lin Yun hadnt reacted at all.

"Merlin, those Black Iron Beastmen are escaping to the Radiant Fort! Arent you going to make a move? If you wait until they escape, itll be more troublesome for us to attack the Fort"

Lin Yun stood on the spot, with no intention of doing anything. He only casually responded, "This small number of Black Iron Beastmen wont be a big influence. Moreover, if all goes as expected, our attack on the Radiant Fort wont have much to do with this group of Beastmen"

Since he had no plan to do anything from the start, Lin Yun didnt feel like attacking right now, so he let Xiuban and the mage squad deal with the disturbance.

The power of that group of Black Iron Beastmen was very high, but it depended on who they were being compared to.

The weakest member of Lin Yuns mage squad was a 9th Rank High Mage, and all of them used the Blazing Storm Rune, which was most suited for battle.

The more mages with the Blazing Storm Rune on the battlefield, the more destructive power they could display. In battle, they could reach a kind of resonance that would boundlessly increase the density and activity of fire elements in the surroundings.

While casting, the more they fought, the stronger they got, far eclipsing what normal mage armies could output.

When the Planar Colonization Era reached its peak, among the strongest ten mage armies of Noscent, five of them were using the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Rune.

In these kinds of circumstances, the higher the average rank, the stronger they were. The strongest of the Black Iron Beastmen was only at the 5th Rank, so let alone defeating Lin Yuns mage squad, they wouldnt be able to get within ten meters of them without losing more than half of their troops.

The Black Iron Beastmen were definitely the strongest among the Beastmen of the Raging Flame Plane. Their bloodline made them highly resistant to spells, and they had formidable bodies.

Moreover, some Black Iron Beastmen with thick bloodlines even obtained special abilities, becoming even stronger.

Xiuban was a rarely seen Draconic Beastman. He was an innate powerhouse among Beastmen, and he had fused with a drop of blood from a Three Headed Dragon, bathed in God Blood, and then fused with a blood drop from the heart of an Ancient Poison Dragon.

One could search everywhere in Noscent and they wouldnt find these things again. They had all been fed to Xiuban, making this greedy and lazy guy advance to the 5th Rank of the Sword Saint realm and enhancing his body to an unreasonable level.

Now, Syudos flames would barely leave marks on his body.

Xiuban was holding the new Carnage made of the jaw bone and tooth of the Ancient Poison Dragon. In terms of toughness, the strongest True Spirit Magic Tool wouldnt be as hard as Carnage.

Thus, these Black Iron Beastmen were completely crushed by Carnage without being able to fight back.

Seeing the mage army and Xiuban chasing far away, Lin Yun said, "Lets follow."

Lin Yun led Reina and the others to calmly keep up with the pursuit, and when they reached the front of the Radiant Fort, they saw that the mage army had already stopped, and Xiuban was also standing there with Carnage on his shoulder.

The rest of the Black Iron Beastmen had already entered the Radiant Fort, and Lin Yuns mages were continuously casting spells, but a barrier of light was protecting the Radiant Fort.

The seemingly old and ancient Radiant Fort reeking of the aura of time now seemed to be enveloped in a huge dome of light.

A radiant rune emitting boundless light was floating above the Radiant Fort and protecting its boundaries.

A rich Abyssal Aura spread without restraint in the surroundings.

A ceaseless outpouring of flames was attacking this barrier, but it could only cause faint ripples on the barrier.

"Alright, stop."

Lin Yun saw that radiant rune above the fort and unhesitantly gave the order.

It was obviously a black rune, but it was emitting a kind of black light with rich Abyssal power. Upon seeing it, Lin Yun knew that he hadnt been wrong.

Others might think that the Radiant Fort was a tough target because of these Black Iron Beastmen. After all, they were said to have competed for the spot of the royal family, so there was no doubt that they were powerful.

No other force in the Andlusa Kingdom had such extreme forces like Lin Yun.

A normal attack would need a lot of provisions, swordsmen, archers, sieging machinery, a mage army, and so on.

If they faced an elite force like the Black Iron Beastmen, they would definitely suffer disastrous losses, and it would affect the military expedition.