End Of The Magic Era Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Wagner


Naturally, no one was willing to come to the Radiant Fort.

Lin Yun had been guessing before, but he was able to confirm that he was right when he saw the barrier emitted from the Abyssal Rune.

It was said that an ancestor of the Black Iron Beastmen once gave a blessing to their Tribe. This was also why the Black Iron Beastmen hadnt been wiped out by the Raging Flame Beastmen. That blessing was a powerful defensive power that could guarantee that the Black Iron Beastmen wouldnt be exterminated, a barrier big enough to cover the entire Radiant Fort.

After all, Lin Yuns mage squad had been completely overpowering the Black Iron Beastmen, but their spells were only creating some ripples now.

This was enough to show that no one under the Archmage realm could even dream of breaking through this barrier, as even this group with Low Rank Archmages could only cause ripples to appear on it. Even if Lin Yun made a move, if nothing unexpected happened, he wouldnt be able to break through this barrier in a short time.

The difficulty in breaching the Radiant Fort increasing meant that the points received for successfully conquering it would also increase. Others would only see the problems but forget that the Black Iron Beastman Tribe was a branch of the Raging Flame Beastmen.

Naturally, this was only a part of Lin Yuns goal in coming here.

"Guard for now"

After hearing Lin Yuns command, the mages stood guard outside the Radiant Fort.

In the Radiant Fort, some Black Iron Beastmen were angry and worried as they looked towards the mage army outside before turning to discuss strategy.

At this time, a group of people riding a Horned Flame Horse started to approach, followed by large chariots. A large number of Divine Archers and swordsmen followed behind, as well as a few people dressed like doctors.

They were headed by an Archmage in his early thirties wearing a gorgeous gown covered with a large number of runes spreading mana fluctuations everywhere. Anyone seeing it would know that this was a Magic Robe.

"Young Master Wagner, someone seems to have reached the Radiant Fort before us"

Wagner George cursed with a dark expression, "Im not blind yet! I can see!"

When he saw the barrier outside the Radiant Fort, Wagner Georges mood took a turn for the worse.

This time, the Odin Kingdom came to the Raging Flame Plane with a lot of strength, and apart from the royal family, the powerful Burning Tower, Quicksand Tower, and Sky City also came.

The George Family was just below those in terms of power. Wagner, the first heir to the George Family, looked furious. He was gritting his teeth while looking at Lin Yuns group.

Sh*t, turns out to be those country bumpkins of the Andlusa Kingdom!

Look at what they are doing! They attacked the Radiant Fort first, didnt they do any intel gathering before attacking?

They actually made the Black Iron Beastmen activate their ancestors blessing Hell, the scope of this barrier includes the entire Radiant Fort I dont know how long Ill have to waste on this.

They dont even seem to know of this places circumstances I spent so much time preparing and going through a large amount of information, but everything has been wasted.

Now that theyve alarmed those Black Iron Beastmen, attacking the Radiant Fort will result in many losses.

The Radiant Fort is rumored to be the place where the glory of the Raging Flame Plane originated! Hell, even if this area is now desolate, how could it be that simple?

Who could believe that the Black Iron Beastmen were "exiled" to this bitter and cold land? If the Black Iron Beastmen had any thoughts of rebelling, would they have been sent away to this place so easily and remained in the Radiant Fort for so many years without complaining?

Those greedy guys from the Kingdom only want to attack some easily breachable forts that are worth a large number of points, and no one wants to come here. What a group of idiots.

If points were so easily gained, wouldnt it be much faster to directly kill the Head Tribal Chief of the Raging Flame Beastmen? The more troublesome the fort, the more points one can get, especially forts that hold special meaning to the Raging Flame Beastmen. Attacking this one wouldnt have been easy, but once we breached it, our George Family would have been able to focus on it and speed up the progress of the invasion.

Damnit, its over now, all because of those idiots from the Andlusa Kingdom! They made me waste so much time, and now my losses will be a lot worse.

If they are tactful enough, theyll f*ck right off! Otherwise, they cant blame me for being rude

No, I cant let them off lightly. Since they already alarmed the Black Iron Beastmen, I shall let them continue dealing with them.

They shall make up for my losses! Ill have them attack the Radiant Fort first so that I can reduce my losses. Ill make up for it by pushing faster afterwards with my increased forces.

These thoughts quickly flashed through Wagners mind. He then immediately led his people towards Lin Yuns camp.

Wagner raised his head and looked at the simple temporary camp before his eyes. There were only a few people within, as well as the mages standing guard in front of the Radiant Fort, a total of barely fifty people. A trace of disdain immediately appeared in his eyes.

Sure enough, they are uncivilized boors that split off from the group. Only this kind of person would dare to attack the Radiant Fort like this

Wagner entered Lin Yuns camp with large strides and saw an odd group of people.

A strange alchemy puppet with many signs of repairs, a slumbering red-skinned Beastman, as well as a woman with an icy expression. The only somewhat normal person was a young man that didnt seem very imposing.

"You, where is your Commander? Quickly get him out to meet our George Familys first heir!"

Wagner arrogantly raised his head as one of his subordinates shouted at Lin Yun.

Reina was still sitting still, not raising her head as she was focused on perfecting her fusion with the Dragon Crystal. Apart from Lin Yun, no one could make her react.

Xiuban was sleeping like a dead pig, his snoring making the air shake. In the distance, Enderfa was still controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to rebuke Lin Yuns mage squad, only glancing over once and then completely ignoring Wagners group.

Lin Yun unhurriedly closed his book and stood up with a smile.

"I am the Commander, Mafa Merlin, Sir"

Lin Yun didnt get to finish his words as Wagner waved his hand.

"Alright, turns out it really is you. Really, is the Andlusa Kingdom really that short on people? How could they casually appoint just anyone as a Commander? No wonder something so stupid happened.

"Sh*t, dont you know that because you alarmed those Black Iron Beastmen, you increased the difficulty of my attack on the Radiant Fort by quite a bit!?

"Did you not collect any information before attacking? Look at what you did! Now that theyve gotten a chance to put their preparations into action, this will waste a crazy amount of time."

Lin Yuns eyelid was twitching. He was about to say something when Wagner interrupted him again with an impatient expression. "Alright, I know what you want to say You are confident in your power to attack the Radiant Fort, but do remember that the Radiant Fort belongs to our George Family, the Odin Kingdoms George Family!

"Do the people of the Andlusa Kingdom want to fight over it with the Odin Kingdom?

"Fine As the Commander of the George Family, I wont bully the people of the Andlusa Kingdom, and I also wont drive you away. No need to thank me, Ill allow you to help me attack this Radiant Fort.

"If Im in a good mood, I can accelerate the progress of the attack and might let you get some points"

Lin Yun couldnt help chuckling at Wagner. That guy has a huge ego, doesnt he? I didnt get to say a word yet and he just keeps monologuing

Wagner saw Lin Yuns sluggish snicker and disdain flashed in his eyes.

Some people didnt believe that Andlusa Kingdoms people are all country bumpkins, but seeing this It truly is like that, they truly have a natural sense of worship and fear towards our Kingdom.

I just mentioned giving him some benefits, yet he unexpectedly couldnt help giggling But thats also good. Although they have over fifty people, it looks like their strength is nothing special. Letting them help me with attacking the Radiant Fort would speed up the attack.

Now that the difficulty of breaching the Radiant Fort has increased, it might give more points, too. Letting them get a few points while lessening my losses would make me win even more, thats perfect

"Alright, youve been notified now. Hmpf, you should feel honored that the Young Master personally came to inform you. If you met someone else from our Kingdom, they wouldnt have spoken as carefully with you, and you might have already died, so be grateful

After speaking his mind, Wagner energetically left.

Xiuban had already woken up and glared at the back of the people from the George Family with dissatisfaction. A bit later, he walked towards Lin Yun with Carnage in hand.

"Sir Merlin, who the hell is that f*cker? Would you like me to break his head? He actually dared to speak with Sir Merlin like that, this is an insult to Lord Xiuban, too"

Xiuban looked unhappy from being woken up and seemed to want to rush out and get rid of Wagner.

William, Enderfa, and the leader of the fifty mages, Kurumu, rushed over. They had all heard Wagners supposedly pitying and charitable words.

"Damn, what thing in the Odin Kingdom would dare to speak with you like that? Cousin Mafa, lets get rid of them, lets get rid of all of them so that no one can fight over points with us!"