End Of The Magic Era Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Unbelievable


Doug was stunned again. He didnt dare to believe what hed just heard, but wanting to get more out of it, he ultimately added one more demand. "In this assault, our George Family will be at the center of everything. When we make a decision, you will have to listen to your command."

This would completely be using Lin Yuns subordinates as cannon fodder. If anything happened, any sudden matter, Lin Yuns group would be sent over to deal with it and the George Family would be in no danger.

Lin Yun still calmly nodded.

"Sure, no problem."

Doug was a bit overwhelmed by that reaction, to the point that he didnt even remember how he left the Merlin Familys temporary camp. Halfway back, he laughed out loud with an ecstatic expression.

Hahaha, the people of the Andlusa Kingdom are real cowards! Even when faced with such conditions, they were still too scared to argue back!

Damn, that commanders brain is definitely rotten! Look at him, he is only in his twenties! So young, yet he is already assuming the position of commander. He is definitely someone important in his family, yet he is afraid to talk back at all after hearing that we are from the Odin Kingdom.

After all, in terms of power, our George Family is right behind the three strongest forces here, and Young Master Wagner is personally leading this army. How could that Mafa Merlin dare to disobey us?

Moreover, its truly unbelievable that he actually agreed to such terrible terms. He must have been dropped as a kid, or he wouldnt have put his people in such unfavorable conditions.

No This isnt just unfavorable, this is completely putting the fate of his own Family in the hands of the George Family.

Besides being completely afraid of our George Family and actually longing to join us, the only explanation is that this commander has brain damage

Doug happily returned to the George Family and hurriedly reported his "heroic" deed to Wagner.

After Doug finished, Wagner gave him a look that seemed to say, "Are you f*cking with me?"

Doug got anxious and put his hand on his chest and pledged, "Sir Wagner, you have to believe me, I used a deterrent tone to overwhelm those country folks! What I reported is exactly what happened, they already agreed to those conditions!"

The shock on Wagners face didnt disappear for a while, and he kept wondering if there was a parasite in that commanders head.

Damn, that commander is that stupid? Isnt that the same as making them the cannon fodder of the George Family?

We would never do such a thing with our George Familys vassals If we did, those inferior vassals would rebel.

But that commander completely agreed Is he trying to ruin his own forces to curry favor with our George Family?

Thats good too, looks like those country bumpkins still have some insight. They know that they will certainly lose this bet, so they started trying to curry favor with us.

Haha! At worst, Ill accept them and have them become our vassals. Accepting vassals from the Andlusa Kingdom is something even our strongest forces havent accomplished yet.

At most, after our Odin Kingdom wins, I can give them a bit of territory so that they arent completely driven away from the Raging Flame Plane.

Wagner pondered for a very long time, but felt that this train of thought was a bit unrealistic. After a while, he laughed loudly as he reached a conclusion.

"Hahaha, I suppose their commanders brain is rotten. Its surprising that there is actually someone that stupid"

The negotiation had easily ended. The next day, the George Familys people and Lin Yuns group converged together.

Their target was a small Black Iron Beastman Tribe a few dozen kilometers south of the Radiant Fort.

"There are only a bit over three hundred Black Iron Beastmen inside that tribe, and although the Black Iron Beastmen are relatively powerful innate warriors, most of them are below the Expert Swordsman realm. There are over fifty Great Swordsmen and thirteen Sword Saints, the strongest of which is at the 7th Rank."

The George Family shared the information they had gained with Lin Yun, and according to their agreement, Lin Yuns group would be the vanguard.

"Our George Family gathered a good deal of information as per our agreement, so a large amount of our manpower is currently scattered to collect that information. Now, you should uphold your side of the agreement."

Wagner was still skeptical as he said those words. After all, the previous agreement was just too unbelievable. Before he actually saw them uphold their terms, he wouldnt dare be certain that the Merlin Family would do as agreed.

After Wagner finished speaking, Lin Yun unhesitantly sent his mage squad to attack.

Although Kurumu was doubtful about why they had to take on the most dangerous and tiring task, he didnt question Lin Yuns decision.

The mage army was dispatched. They were all wearing the same flaming robes. This was the signature of their squad. This kind of robe would increase the density and activity of fire elements in the surroundings in the long term. It could even slightly increase the power of fire spells.

Although a robes effect wasnt too obvious, it was just like the mage armys Blazing Storm: When used by Lin Yuns mage squad, the amplification would be layered until it reached a frightening level.

The Dragonscale Staves were raised together, and as mana was roused, the density of fire elements rapidly increased, causing elemental flames to condense by themselves in the air. The large swarm of flames floating in the air seemed to evolve as it all transformed into storms soaring in the sky.

And as expected, a large group of Black Iron Beastmen rushed out when they noticed the human army.

Their mounts were huge, black wolves over two meters tall, and they were wielding enormous blades as they rushed over.

There were obviously only a hundred of them, but it looked like a thousand-man army, charging with great momentum like a beast tide.

At the head of the Black Iron Beastmen was a fierce 7th Rank Sword Saint whose head was covered with tattoos. There was a deep knife scar across his face. This meant that his father had been a 9th Rank Sword Saint before dying, as well as a hero with outstanding achievements with the Black Iron Beastman Tribe.

Moreover, it was only because his father had sacrificed himself for the Black Iron Beastman Tribe that he could cut a deep scar going from one cheek to another; this was his honor.

But this kind of person was bound to have inherited many of his fathers special abilities. Rich battle experience and heroism were needed.

If it was a normal war, this 7th Rank Sword Saint alone could cause a lot of damage to a human army.

Lin Yun glanced at the fastest people and signaled to the restless Xiuban with his eyes, allowing him to rush out with Carnage.

Above the mage army, the flames were curling up as countless fire elements converged. Waves of flames surged up and rushed towards the group of Wolf Riders.

The Black Iron Beastmen kept swinging their blades, splitting the waves before them with no intent to dodge.

They were getting closer and closer, and it would take no more than a few seconds for the mages to be in range of the Black Iron Beastmens attacks.

The George Family in the distance didnt react at all. They were strictly following their agreement. The Merlin Family would be the vanguard, and even if their losses were disastrous, they wouldnt care.

Wagner had a puzzled expression, mixed with a bit of disappointment.

How could the Andlusa Kingdoms people be so weak? Although they are lacking in numbers, they looked somewhat like an elite troop. How could they let those Black Iron Beastmen reach them so easily? Do they not know how powerful the magic penetration of their blades is? Coupled with their outstanding strength from their Abyssal bloodline, those mages shields wont last long.

Could it be that they plan on using Runic Shields? Then what about the next fight?

Damnit, I knew these idiots from the Andlusa Kingdom were unreliable In the end, our George Family will have to come out early and take care of everything. And this whole thing started when they alerted the Beastmen and increased the difficulty of the assault. Ultimately, we have to rely on ourselves to deal with this mess.

I dont know how severe the losses will be or how much time I will waste Damnit, I should have listened to Doug back then and driven all these Andlusans away.

While Wagner was feeling a bit angry and disappointed, Lin Yun remained calm and wasnt worried about his followers at all.

After a few seconds, the Black Iron Beastmens charging Wolf Riders were only a hundred meters away. From this distance, the Wolf Riders could already smell blood on their blades, as if those mages heads had already started flying up.

Those huge wolves were frighteningly fast, and they only needed a handful of seconds to breach the distance.

According to past experience, at this distance, the other side had to start dispatching their swordsmen to resist. Otherwise, the mage army would definitely suffer huge losses.

After all, each mage that died wouldnt be a small loss It took a lot of effort, time, and resources to nurture a mage to that rank. In each war, as long as the mages suffered too many casualties, it would be considered a loss