End Of The Magic Era Chapter 850

Chapter 850 Artifact


Following Fangs death, the capture of the Fang Tribe was a lot smoother. After half an hour, the tribes defenses had been completely breached.

The George Familys people crazily rushed towards the Fang Tribe while Lin Yun led his people to quietly withdraw.

After another half an hour, the George Family had plundered the Fang Tribe, and all the resistance had been suppressed.

Wagner couldnt help smiling as he saw his points skyrocketing.

"That Merlin Commander is truly stupid, he actually thought it was part of the agreement and directly left after the fight! He let us take advantage of him for nothing! Damn, this Fang Tribe is truly prosperous Take a look at these resources, its at least double what the previous tribe had, and the quality is even better.

"Moreover, although we cant use that Demon Fang Necklace, we can give it to our Familys alchemists upon returning, and they might be able to get something useful if they spend some time on it. I heard that Artisan Dara is apparently looking for some fangs from Heaven Rank Demons. Although these fangs were discarded by a Demon, it still came from a Heaven Rank Abyssal Demon.

"Haha, we are fortunate to have met the idiots of the Merlin Family! No wonder the Andlusa Kingdom is getting pressured by our Odin Kingdom, these country bumpkins are too stupid! How could they not be crushed by us?"

The offense continued, and the next two tribes were cleaned up in the same way. Lin Yuns mage squad resisted the main forces of the Black Iron Beastmen, and after some time, the George Family would take over the fighting duties.

And each time the tribe was breached, the matter of clearing up the tribe was left to the George Family. Lin Yuns side didnt do anything.

Apart from killing some Black Iron Beastmen and obtaining some points, the Merlin Family barely got points from breaking into the tribes and eliminating them.

But Lin Yun was still calm, like this didnt bother him.

After annihilating a tribe, an unexpected piece of information was discovered.

Within this tribe, they discovered information regarding the Black Iron Beastmens Holy Land.

Wagner held the old parchment containing the map of the Holy Land. There werent any tribes in that location, and it wasnt very far from the Radiant Fort. No one would think that there was something very important in that desolate location, let alone the Holy Land of the Black Iron Beastmen!

There was also information regarding the Black Iron Beastmens Artifact on the map. It was said to have been left behind by the ancestor, and that thing was a shelter and a blessing for the Black Iron Beastmen.

The barrier covering the Radiant Fort was powered by that Artifact, so if they destroyed it, the terrifying barrier would disappear.

With no barrier stopping them, the attack on the Radiant Fort would be a lot easier. They would only need to put in a bit of time.

"Young Master Wagner, we definitely cant let those Andlusan bumpkins know about this. As long as we destroy the Artifact, well gain at least half of the points from the attack on the Radiant Fort. Moreover, that thing was hidden so secretly that our Familys intelligence actually never knew that the Black Iron Beastmen had a Holy Land.

"This Artifact is definitely very important to the Black Iron Beastmen. Not only would we get points from the Radiant Fort by destroying it, but it might also have huge value in this military campaign.

"If those Andlusan bumpkins learn about this, theyll be unable to resist fighting over it. Those are key points If they destroy that Artifact, theyll get a lot more points from that than ours."

Wagner waved his arm.

"This Artifact definitely has to be destroyed by us! How could I let these idiots destroy it, they arent that bold. Rest assured, Ive already seen through that Mafa Merlin, he is an idiot.

"There are definitely powerful Black Iron Beastmen guarding that area. How could our George Family pointless sacrifice our lives over that? We have to drag in the Merlin Family. Only with them can we get the highest rewards with minimal losses.

"Wouldnt it be foolish not to use that idiot?"

Wagner proudly laughed and stood up. At his side, Doug quickly nodded.

"Young Master Wagner is wise! We will tell them, let them do the work, and then we will destroy the Artifact."

Wagner casually dispatched someone to the Merlin Familys side, and in order to express his sincerity, he delivered them that old parchment. Lin Yun looked at the map, but there was no change in his expression.

Enderfa looked at the complete map twice and was a bit speechless.

"Merlin, this is your best opportunity! That Artifact was left by the Black Iron Beastmens ancestors, it has a completely different meaning to Black Iron Beastmen! It simply isnt something a small tribe or two can compare to.

"Moreover, the barrier of the Radiant Fort is powered by that Artifact. If you destroy the Artifact, it will shatter the barrier, which is basically equivalent to destroying the Radiant Fort. You cant let go of such a good opportunity."

Xiuban was also anxious. He stared at Lin Yun and started advising, "Sir Merlin, destroying this Artifact means destroying the Radiant Fort, what are we still hesitating for? Why dont we get rid of these fools and go by ourselves to destroy the Artifact? Isnt that worth a huge, huge number of points?"

William also felt puzzled and moved closer to Lin Yun.

"Mafa, you arent the kind of person willing to suffer a loss. While attacking these few tribes, we spent a lot of energy and took on the most dangerous tasks, but we only obtained over 20,000 points. That George Family easily obtained at least 200,000 points

"The attack on the Black Iron Beastmens Holy Land is crucial, how could we give up on it? By destroying the Artifact, at least half of the points of the Radiant Fort will belong to us. This is very significant for our Merlin Family.

"After all, the points from attacking the Radiant Fort are far less important than other forts, and we have too few points right now. We are most likely the lowest-ranked of the seven major forces at the moment! Some small forces might even have more points than us.

"And more importantly, Mafa, dont forget that this is a huge bet against the Odin Kingdom. Losing means losing everything in the Raging Flame Plane.

"The points wed obtain from destroying the Artifact left behind by the Black Iron Beastmans ancestor would be comparable to how much the frontrunners have, and the points that our Andlusan Kingdom would gain would increase. That would greatly reduce the gap with the Odin Kingdom"

Besides Kurumu, who was standing to the side in silence while remaining ready to use his magic at any time, the others were trying to persuade Lin Yun, hoping he wouldnt continue on the way hed been going.

Who liked to work without benefits

Not only had they done that, but theyd done it several times in a row.

Lin Yun looked at the group surrounding him and let out a chuckle.

"You really think Im helping the George Family? If they want to destroy the Artifact, let them! I wont stop them if they want to die."

Enderfas expression suddenly changed when he heard Lin Yuns words.

"Damn, I knew you were keeping something to yourself. Those fools of the Odin Kingdom, they actually thought they could take advantage of you, so naive. Im also too naive, I didnt figure out what you had planned"

The others might not know, but Enderfa did recall something.

Usually, the Artifacts of this kind of race would be very powerful, but they wouldnt be simple.

Although it was written on the parchment that the so-called Artifact was only a crude ceramic bowl that wasnt very solid and could easily be destroyed, it was an Artifact left behind by the Black Iron Beastmens ancestor, so it still had formidable abilities and a powerful blessing.

After all, Beastmen were the most proficient race at using the power of their ancestors, and anything related to ancestors wasnt so easy to touch.

Enderfa looked at Lin Yun. He had been acting like a wolf in sheeps clothing, agreeing even to the other sides most unreasonable requests. He wouldnt have been willing to go through this for something small.

Damn, the person that can take advantage of Merlin has yet to be born

Lin Yun had already leaked some important information, so the rest remained silent.

Even the most foolish Xiuban could roughly understand that Lin Yun had been tricking the others.

They followed the George Family as they went towards the Black Iron Beastmens Holy Land, and not far from it, they saw an old Black Iron Beastman suffering from hair loss standing in front of them with his body stooped over.

Although he looked like he was extremely frail and about to die from old age, he was calmly supporting his body on a broadsword over a meter long.

No one dared to move forward

Because when they were still three hundred meters away, they saw the Black Iron Beastman casually swing his broadsword, which caused a huge scarlet crescent of Aura to fly over at them.

Over a hundred members of the George Family were unable to resist that one blow.

"Damnit, the Black Iron Beastmens Glorious Light, the only one among the Black Iron Beastmen not using a large blade. Didnt he die? How could he be here?"

Wagner was shocked. That Black Iron Beastmen that seemed to have a foot in the grave was a legend in the Raging Flame Plane. He was the peak powerhouse of the Raging Flame Plane!

That guy had once advanced to the Heaven Rank but had received unprecedented injuries in a battle, which caused him to fall back down to the Sword Saint realm and became unable to advance to the Heaven Rank again.