End Of The Magic Era Chapter 851

Chapter 851 Joint Chant Array


The Black Iron Beastmen had always been considered the barbarians among Beastmen, powerful but without technique. However, that old guy was different He never used the Black Iron Beastmens iconic large blade. His sword was only a bit over a meter long, which wasnt much longer than a dagger for Black Iron Beastmen.

But that small sword dismembered innumerable enemies and had drunk an unknown amount of blood. His fighting style, if put in mankinds world, would be similar to an art. It was completely different from the Beastmens use of raw power and instincts to create opportunities.

His most exaggerated feat was when he faced a 9th Rank Archmage that was using an 8th Tier Meteor Fall. He used that shortsword and sliced that several-hundred-meter-wide meteor into pieces in less than three seconds.

Sunderer was his special title!

Even if he had lost a rank, even if he seemed to be dying from old age, no one dared to look down on him, because the Sunderers peak battle had been against the powerhouse of the George Family.

And the powerhouse who could cast an 8th Tier Spell in three seconds was flayed alive by the Sunderer. His slicing skills were so exquisite that none of the bones were harmed in the process.

Seeing the Sunderer, how could Wagner not be afraid? An 8th Rank Sword Saint, yet even more frightening than the average 8th Rank Black Iron Beastman Sword Saint!

The previous blow was enough to show the problem: Even if the other side was already old and his strength had greatly declined, he still wasnt a pushover.

Wagner stopped, and the thought of causing destruction was extinguished as if cold water had been splashed on his face.

Seeing Lin Yun not far from them, Wagners eyes suddenly shone.

Right, isnt the Merlin Family in charge of being the vanguard? Now that weve met an enemy, they should obviously take care of them.

Wagner made a sign to Doug and then glanced at the Merlin Family. Doug immediately understood the meaning behind it.

Doug quickly rushed towards Lin Yuns side and raised his head before asking with a resentful tone, "Mafa Merlin, why are you still foolishly watching when there is an enemy? Did you forget our agreement?"

Lin Yun didnt say anything and only glanced at Kurumu.

"Can you handle it?"

Kurumu solemnly nodded.

There were already ten people in the mage army that had advanced to the Archmage realm. Following these two days of battles, those that had yet to advance successively broke through, and the power of the mage army started increasing at a rapid pace.

Although the other side seemed very experienced, in the end, he was too old. His power should be about that of an 8th Rank Sword Saint, maybe a bit stronger, so Lin Yuns mage squad should be more than enough to handle it.

All fifty of them had straight faces as they kept rousing their own mana. Strands of flames already started revolving around them.

As flames suddenly emerged from Kurumus body, he suddenly rose up and transformed into a five-meter-tall Flame Elemental. The rest of the mage army followed suit and also used Fire Elemental Incarnation.

Waves of raging flames spread in the surroundings, and in a split second, a sea of fire spanning over a hundred meters appeared around them. With all the Flame Elementals there, it was as if that place had already become a miniature version of a Fire Plane.

The dense flames transformed into a pure gold liquid that flowed within the planes according to a certain rule and increased the density and activity of fire elements in the surroundings. It was as if a passage leading to a Fire Plane had appeared here.

Even before they started casting, it gave the illusion of several hundred fire mages casting together.

The Sunderer looked amazed, and it was coupled with a grave look as scarlet Aura slowly appeared on his body before transforming into a fierce, crystalline armor covering his torso and limbs. The formidable pressure emitted from his body spread waves into the surroundings.

As a powerhouse that had previously reached the Heaven Rank, his Battle Aura Armor had already condensed into shape and covered most of his body. This was the most powerful ability of a Sword Saint. Low Tier Spells would have no effects on him, and even lava would feel just like a bubbling hot spring to him.

Then, the Sunderer moved the shortsword in his hand and softly formed a perfect arc in midair. The scarlet Aura gushed out and transformed into a dozen-meter-wide crescent moon that rotated forward, attacking the mage army.

The crescents were crazily revolving, tearing through the air and leaving a long helical trail on their path as they almost instantly reached the mage army.

It was a probing attack, but none of the mages tried to dodge it

The golden liquid flowing within that endless sea of fire suddenly transformed into a huge hand that ruthlessly swatted at the scarlet crescent moon.

A sharp hissing sound echoed the moment both attacks collided, and a large spray of arrow-like flames shot towards the surroundings.

A second later, the golden-red flaming hand was repulsed, while the Crescent Moon Slash dissipated.

But it was as if it ignited the flames of the mage squad. Every single Flame Elemental raised a Dragonscale staff, and red light sprinkled over. In an instant, over a hundred plumes of fire fell towards the Sunderer.

The Sunderer swung his weapon with a cold expression, and scarlet rays of light flickered as he tore the Flame Bursts apart. Some of the Flame Bursts that went through ended up being absorbed by his armor.

In an instant, the Sunderers surroundings became a fiery inferno, yet the first attack had no effect.

But Kurumu still raised his Dragonscale Staff and directed the mage army to cast without end. In a few seconds, several hundred Flame Bursts fell, and the shadow of the Sunderer could no longer be seen. He had been thoroughly submerged under the flames.

Yet, everyone knew that the Sunderer had yet to be injured. The scarlet sword light was still flickering within the sea of fire.

After a few seconds, the Sunderer seemed to notice something bad and tried to rush out of the fire. At this time Kurumu decisively waved his Dragonscale Staff.

All the Flame Bursts being released were replaced by Bursting Flames!

In their hands, Flame Bursts could only display the power of 4th Tier Spells, but they could use a large number of them to increase the density and activity of fire elements in the surroundings It was the most suitable spell for that.

More importantly, using Flame Burst first while casting was very normal, so the Sunderer didnt think that there was anything odd about this.

But after he found out that there had been enough Flame Bursts to make the dense fire elements in the surroundings condense into elemental flames, he felt the urge to immediately leave this place.

But it was too late

Flame Burst emphasized burning power, almost completely tailored for igniting the target, but Bursting Flames was completely different. Bursting Flames emphasized pure explosive power, instant destruction.

But in a place with extremely dense and active fire elements, the explosive power of Bursting Flames would rise by a whole tier.

And this was exactly what was happening.

Close to a hundred Bursting Flames exploded together. Even a Dragon would suffer from this disaster.

Several dozen Bursting Flames actually didnt aim at the Sunderer and instead exploded at specific locations in the surroundings, blocking the Sunderers escape paths.

In an instant, the red flames and blue flames fused together and formed a large tornado that rushed towards the sky.

The Sunderer swung his shortsword to block, his scarlet Aura already roused to its maximum extent. So many explosions surrounded him, but only a small part of the power could hit his body, and it wasnt enough to break through his scarlet battle armor.

After three full seconds of attack, the most powerful assault had already passed, and the Sunderer was preparing to break his way out.

But just as he was about to rush out of the encirclement, even more Bursting Flames exploded in his surroundings, followed by a dozen golden-red Fire God Spears appearing out of nowhere and forcibly suppressing his power.

Forty of the mages kept him suppressed with their spells regardless of their mana consumption. As for Kurumu, he held his Dragonscale Staff up, and beside him stood the nine strongest of the mage army. The ten of them started chanting at the exact same time. There was a golden circle of flames connecting them, forming some sort of special array.

This was a special casting technique that Lin Yun had imparted onto them.

The Joint Chant Array!

It wasnt the kind of large-scale joint casting that the squad had been using before. A group of people chanted together with one of them leading, and they needed to spend a lot more time to use a formidable spell exceeding their rank.

On the battlefield, a mage army could jointly cast a large-scale spell with a very low rate of success. Only when they were dominating the opposition and had faultless defenses could they do something like this.

But once the Joint Chant Array appeared in the future of the Planar Colonization Era, everything changed.

When the power of a group of mages wasnt so different, with identical Magic Conducting Runes and Meditation Law Sets, mana of similar sources, and good coordination, a few people could cooperate to chant a single spell incantation!

Indeed, everyone was chanting a part of the spell!

This way, they all only shared a part of the spells burden, immediately allowing the mage army to bypass a tier while casting! Or it could allow them to very easily cast a very laborious spell.

But no one knew about this casting technique yet. The most important cause was that this was another kind of spell. One person chanting the spell and a group chanting parts of the spell was completely different, so the disparity wasnt small.