End Of The Magic Era Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Guard


The famous future Blazing Corps would be able to use a thousand 9th Rank Archmages to form a Joint Chant Array to cast the 10th Tier Spell, Burning Earth, in ten seconds!

In those days, the Blazing Corps forcibly turned a small plane into a flaming hell without the help of a Heaven Mage, thoroughly destroying it

But now, only ten members of Lin Yuns mage squad could join together to form a Joint Chant Array. Any more wasnt possible for them.

Having a spell chanted by ten people was completely different. Even everyones pauses had strict requirements, and each sound couldnt be chanted at the same time. The ten people seemed to be chanting very fast, but the combination was in fact a single incantation!

High Tier spells required a good amount of preparation, so something like raising the density and activity of fire elements in an area would greatly reduce casting problems.

Four seconds

The spell suppression of the forty others finally reached its limit. Their mana consumption had been too severe, but the ten had already finished their casting.

Crimson rays of light flew out of the ten Dragonscale Staves at the same time, and a large number of runes condensed in the air, flying towards the Sunderers head.

In an instant, three solid golden pillars covered in runes fell from the sky and surrounded the Sunderer.

The Sunderer paled when he saw these three pillars. He burst out with scarlet Aura and crazily rushed to break out of the encirclement.

But the three pillars then started to revolve and transformed into a golden cage trapping the Sunderer. Boundless scarlet Aura vaporized as his blade collided with the three pillars, but only the sound of metal colliding echoed.

By the time the area between the three pillars was reduced to three meters, the floor suddenly became deep red as red cracks started appearing. Thunderous sounds echoed from the ground as if a Planar Path was being opened.

The Sunder bellowed in despair, but he could no longer escape.

A terrifying aura burst out from the Sunderers feet as a crimson flame spurted out of the ground like a fountain. The flame carried a hellish, tyrannical aura of destruction.

The dark flames instantly engulfed the Sunderer. His shortsword transformed in molten iron, and his scarlet Battle Armor was corroding at a rapid pace. It only took one second before it transformed into green smoke and dissipated.

As the boundless, raging flames thoroughly flooded the Sunderer, after a second, the flames once again disappeared into the ground, and the Sunderer was nowhere to be found.

The ground returned to normal as if the Planar Path had never been opened.

Enderfa stared at the scene without being able to react. Anyone else wouldnt have realized anything, but Enderfa had clearly seen through it The cast just now had been highly abnormal.

"Merlin, what the hell is this? Wasnt that the 8th Tier single-target fire spell, Hell Kiss?"

Lin Yun nodded.

"Yes, its Hell Kiss, but their casting speed is too slow, its too tight. They were only able to cast it by saturating the surroundings with fire elements, and they cant change their target after casting. This is a bit too restrictive"

Lin Yun not being satisfied with this made Enderfa roll his three pairs of eyes.

Damn, there was something huge about this cast Ten Archmages, with the most powerful being at the 2nd Rank, were surprisingly able to cast an 8th Rank Hell Kiss!

And they took only three seconds for the incantation. Which joint chant spell needs less than ten seconds?

Not only did they chant it in three seconds, but they also successfully cast something that even a powerful 9th Rank Archmage might not be able to cast

Hell Kiss, known as the strongest 8th Rank single-target incendiary spell. Without the power of a 9th Rank Archmage, how could it be successfully cast?

Even if it was successful, it would exhaust more than half of their mana, how could it be used in battle?

Lin Yun remained silent, and Enderfa no longer asked; he only stared blankly and attentively at Kurumu, his thoughts hidden.

The fifty mages were now sitting on the ground, meditating. The fierce mana consumption had given the remaining 9th Rank High Mages an opportunity to advance to the Archmage realm.

As their mana rose up, all of their Magic Conducting Runes appeared, and the flames turned into a storm revolving around them.

The remaining 9th Rank High Mages were like firecrackers as they all broke through one after another.

On the other side, the battle ended quickly. Wagner was grinning and hadnt noticed the details of the battle yet. He only saw boundless flames flaring up and the Sunderer burning to death It was that simple.

Damn, turns out the Sunderer was really old. It looks like his injury was a lot more critical than I thought, he was actually burnt by those fire spells.

Forget it, his death is for the best, I can quickly find that Artifact that way

Wagners brain was filled with thoughts of how to destroy the Artifact. He ignored everything else, not understanding the significance of the fight and not even noticing the hellish aura that appeared for a few seconds within the boundless fire elements.

As the troops kept going forward, Wagner stubbornly dispatched people to scout, and upon being told that there was still a guard ahead, he immediately had Lin Yuns group take the lead.

"Young Master, I already sent someone to check. There is a Black Iron Beastman that is specialized in defense ahead of us, so we should let those Andlusans take the lead. The Black Iron Beastmen that can stand guard here are all powerhouses of their race. The losses wouldnt be small if we fought, and we cant let Young Master personally participate in the battle"

Doug quickly reported the information he had received to Wagner, who very sensibly accepted that suggestion.

Regardless of what happened, as long as the Andlusans clear the obstacles, itll allow me to reap the fruits of victory, so I dont have to take risks.

The group didnt walk for long before they could gaze at the Black Iron Beastmans Holy Land from a distance. In front of it was a huge rock with a tall and robust Black Iron Beastman covered in tattoos and wielding a warhammer that was over two meters long.

He was sitting there, giving the feeling of an immovable mountain. The heavy pressure coming from him was covering everything within a few hundred meters.

An 8th Rank Sword Saint with an imposing aura that didnt contain the irritability of Black Iron Beastmen He was closer to an old Rock Giant, and from his aura alone, they could see that he was very powerful and steady.

Moreover, Lin Yun had heard about this person before, the Black Iron Beastmens Boulder who had once defended a fort by himself, breaking everything with his heavy hammer and his frightening power.

"Xiuban, go take care of that guy," Lin Yun casually ordered after glancing at Xiuban. Since every mage of his mage squad had advanced to the Archmage realm after the last battle, they now needed to stabilize and adjust. It was of the utmost importance.

Xiuban was the most suitable one to deal with an opponent that similarly used formidable strength and a hammer.

That guy kept improving not only in strength and rank, but even his Life Essence had improved. Hed already exceeded the Draconic Beastman Race to some degree, and only consecutive fights could allow Xiuban to rapidly get stronger.

Xiuban looked at that distant Beastman and he couldnt help feeling nervous. The hesitation on his face was obvious.

"Sir Merlin, am I going alone? The other side is an 8th Rank Sword Saint, I wont be able to defeat him and Ill die"

A fireball suddenly appeared beside Lin Yun, and two eyes appeared within the flames, staring at Xiuban. Xiuban instantly shivered and howled in grief.

"Alright, Sir Merlin, your greatest servant, Xiuban, will do as instructed"

Xiuban looked at his new Carnage and bared his fangs before rushing out.

"Damn b*stard, who asked you to block the path! You should feel honored that Sir Merlin is coming! Right, Sir Merlin is paying respects to your ancestors, so hurry up and take out your Artifacts for Sir Merlin to break, or dont blame Lord Xiuban for killing you"

Xiuban loudly shouted as he charged towards that Black Iron Beastman. Halfway there, he suddenly jumped and swung Carnage, bursting with explosive power as he ruthlessly smashed it down.

That boulder-like Black Iron Beastman was expressionless. He casually swung his heavy hammer upward with one hand.

Carnage and the heavy hammer collided together and caused a loud, thunderous sound to echo as sharp air blasts spread into the surroundings.

All the rocks in the path of those air blasts were completely broken to pieces, and the earth looked as if a large blade had left several-dozen-meter-long cuts in the ground.

The moment they touched, Boulders expression changed, and he suddenly switched from a one-handed grip to a two-handed grip. As for the rock he was sitting on, it started emitting cracking sounds.

That eight-meter-tall rock was covered in cracks that spread before it shattered into pieces.

A low roar came out of Boulders mouth as he fiercely swung his hammer, and Xiuban turned into a shadow as he was sent flying.


A crashing sound echoed as Xiuban was sent flying like an arrow into a rock a dozen meters away, shattering it into pieces on impact.