End Of The Magic Era Chapter 855

Chapter 855 Gaias Hands


The earth shook, and the sky seemed to be sinking in.

Endless raging flames and smoke spread all around, expanding the Abyss aura of destruction. The smell of sulfur was already pervading through the air.

Facing this power that obviously exceeded the boundary of the Archmage realm, the George Family had no means of escape, so they could only meet their enemy head-on.

They were all terrified. Although this power didnt reach the Heaven Rank, it already possessed Extraordinary Power. With a wave of his hand, he could change the weather, which definitely wasnt something an ordinary Archmage could accomplish.

Seeing that they were forced into a group battle, Wagner paled. But he also knew that the Blood Avatar would definitely chase them and kill them all if they kept running. No one among them could rival that Blood Avatar, and all of them together still wouldnt be enough.

This was a Greater Abyssal Overlords Blood Avatar!

And if it dragged on, who knew if that Abyssal Overlord who was just casually taking a look would send a will projection? With the existence of that Abyssal Gate, they were screwed.

Wagner was scared witless. He had personally destroyed that "Artifact", so his mana fluctuation and aura were definitely known to that Abyssal Overlord. The other side wouldnt give up unless he was dead

"Damn scoundrels, attack! Attack! Stall that Blood Demon!"

Wagner clenched his teeth and ordered the George Family to start their attack while he took a shuttle-like Magic Tool out. Sleek runes filled the surface of that Magic Tool.

It had been given to him by the George Family, and would allow him to instantaneously travel as long as he clearly knew his position and the coordinates. Within the same plane, he could move four to five kilometers away.

It was a top-notch Magic Tool for escaping, and the only flaw was that it could only be used once. After one use, all the energy of the Magic Tool would be expended, and even the outstanding materials would be destroyed.

Wagner knew that their only way out was to destroy that Abyssal Gate, but the hill had already exploded and the Avatar was still in its vicinity, so charging in was nothing but a dream.

The only method left was to use this Magic Tool to instantly move to the hall and destroy the Abyssal Gate there, destroying the link to the Abyssal Overlord.

"Sh*t, Doug, what the hell are you doing? Hurry up and take the lead! Stall that damned Blood Demon!" Wagner grabbed Dougs collar and roughly yelled at him. He then looked at the Blood Demon and clenched his teeth before rousing the shuttle Magic Tool with all his power.

The Magic Tool collapsed into starlight and wrapped around Wagner, and his body immediately dissipated into a starlight mirror image.

Doug was also terrified. He raised his staff and stammeringly read out an incantation, releasing an Ice Dragon Roar towards the Blood Demon. It formed a thick ice pillar that rushed towards the Blood Demon.

The Blood Demon turned his head, and those flaming, blood-colored eyes glanced at Doug, locking onto him from three hundred meters away.

A large amount of blood surged out from that watery, bloody wrist, and a several-meter-wide palm shadow almost instantly appeared above Doug.


The earth fiercely shook as Dougs Runic Shield appeared no stronger than paper, not blocking anything as the bloody palm smashed down at him.

The bloody palm disappeared, and at Dougs original location, only a giant palm print remained on the ground, with an indistinct bloodstain left in the center imprint.

Instant kill

Doug had been killed in one hit. He hadnt even had the opportunity to let out a shout as he was easily killed by the Blood Demon.

As a Blood Avatar, this Blood Demon didnt have a real body. His appearance was only due to him forming a Demons shape. If that Abyssal Overlord wanted to, the Blood Avatar could split into over a hundred level 30 Blood Demons.

But to a Greater Abyssal Overlord, a Blood Avatar that couldnt reach the Heaven realm but surpassed the Archmage realm was already him using his weakest power. It was only because the other side was a group of ants about to die on the roadside.

Wagner instantly moved to the center of the hill, but before his substitute could even say a word, he was instantly killed. However, it wasnt like the rest of the George Family had forgotten how to fight.

All kinds of spells, Aura Slashes, and enchanted arrows flew towards the Blood Demon. They all knew that if Wagner didnt destroy that Abyssal Gate, they would all die a miserable death and might draw the Family into this.

On the other side, Wagner immediately reached the bottom of the cave. That place was already in ruins, and only the surroundings of the Abyssal Gate still had strands of scarlet aura moving about, as if it hadnt been affected at all.

Wagner held his staff up and took out a potion. Just as he drank it, his aura rapidly rose and his mana flared up as if his Mana Whirlpool was crazily spurting mana. It felt as if he would explode within a few seconds.

Wagners face turned red as he felt his mana continuously surging up. He rapidly chanted an incantation and quickly expanded the mana that felt like it would make him burst.

The earth frantically shook as the rocks on both sides of the Abyssal Gate seemed to come alive. Countless fragments frantically converged into two enormous palms.

Following Wagners incantation, the mountains rocks kept converging together, and in less than five seconds, the two ten-meter-long palms formed from crushed rocks became smooth and flat, their surface giving off a metallic luster. It looked as if a giant was extending his hands from the ground.

Gaias Hands, an 8th Tier Earth Spell, one of the most powerful 8th Tier Spells in terms of power. It was the most suitable attacking spell when it came to breaking into a besieged city.

It was just that the casting time of this spell was too long, and the mana consumption was too great. Wagner had to drink a Berserk Mana Potion to bear with casting the spell.

The two Gaias Hands surrounded the Abyssal Gate and fiercely pressed against each other.

The boundless scarlet Aura turned into a storm covering the Abyssal Gate, forcibly blocking the Gaias Hands. As the resistance intensified, Abyssal aura spurted out like a volcanic eruption and the two palms started shivering, making the ground within a hundred meters fiercely shake.


Cracks started appearing in the surroundings of the Gaias Hands, and soon, more and more cracks appeared.

With the Abyssal Gate at the center, the ground all around started collapsing, and in less than three seconds, a deep muffled sound came out of the earth, as if the earth was painfully moaning.

Wagner winced as he heard this. Gaias Hands was an Earth Spell, and although it was powerful, it was rarely used. Moreover, even if only the two hands were visible, the spell actually affected the earth within several hundred meters.

And it wasnt just the surface of the earth It also took into account a dozen meters of depth and was truly borrowing the power of the earth. A power under the Heaven Rank simply couldnt collapse Gaias Hands in a contest of strength!

But now, the earth had already collapsed.

The hands lost their source of power and thus collapsed. The scarlet aura revolving around the Abyssal Gate crazily spread like an Elemental Storm.

Everything in its path seemed to suffer from time erosion and quickly dissipate. The ground turned into sand, and no power remained in the earth around him.

Wagners Runic Shield flickered and was forcibly torn to shreds. Wagner grasped his blue necklace in alarm and poured mana into it. In an instant, a watery blue screen appeared around Wagner.

Ripples appeared on that blue barrier, and it lasted no less than five seconds. Just as it was about to be torn apart, the scarlet storm waned.


A sharp sound echoed as a clear crack appeared in the middle of the blue necklace. The precious gem that seemed like an ocean-colored tear had lost its luster.

This was a huge blow to Wagner. A defensive True Spirit Magic Tool had been destroyed just like that.

He then looked at the distant Abyssal Gate, and just as he heard the roars of the Blood Demon, he clenched his teeth and took out a somewhat bloodstained broken sword.

As this sword appeared, a wisp of an Extraordinary lifeforms aura spread out. The broken sword was already covered in rust, but the bloodstain still seemed fresh, as if it had just dyed the sword.

Wagner looked at the broken sword and felt as if he had lost something precious. This broken sword was something the George Family had given him for self-protection.

The owner of the broken sword was the former Heaven Rank of the George Family, and it broke when their ancestor killed an Extraordinary lifeform, but the wisp of blood on that broken sword had come from that lifeforms heart. There was a formidable power contained within that blood, and it had reached a balance with the broken sword.

Every use of that broken sword would consume some of the blood, but every use would also display power comparable to the most first-rate True Spirit Magic Tool!

It could even exert Extraordinary Power!

This was the reason behind Wagners confidence. With this thing, even if a weak Heaven Rank powerhouse made a move against him, he would still be able to escape. If they were very careless, he could even catch the other side off-guard and behead them!

This was the foundation of a large family!

Now that he was holding the broken sword, Wagner was at a loss. He could still swing the broken sword three times, but the power blocking the Abyssal Gate absolutely wasnt something that power below the Heaven Rank could break through. It would only be possible if he released the strongest blow of that broken sword.

But the price would be the complete destruction of that broken sword