End Of The Magic Era Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Hugging Thigh


Wagner chased all the way to the Radiant Fort, and sure enough, that terrifying barrier had already disappeared.

In the distance, he saw a large number of Black Iron Beastmen organizing the defenses of the Radiant Fort.

As they rushed towards it, Lin Yun glanced at the Radiant Forts dozen-meter-tall gate and slowly raised his Draconic Staff.

Three sounds came out of Lin Yuns mouth as a terrifying magic power burst out of his body.

Several hundred meters of the ground around the Radiant Fort started shaking as a huge palm stretched out of the ground in front of the Radiant Fort.

The ash brown palm that towered over the gate was extremely lifelike and looked like an art piece. Even creases could be seen on the palm.

It patted the gate as if it was calming a pet, and that action made the entire Radiant Fort quake.


The gate was shattered by the hand as if it was made of glass, and debris filled the sky.

Even the thick walls to its sides exploded into pieces

In the distance, Wagner, who intended to convince Lin Yun, suddenly froze. He stared at the gate of the Radiant Fort with his mouth ajar as if he had seen a monster.

Heavens, what did I just see!?

Thats Gaias Hand? Is Gaias Hand so powerful? Damn, did Mafa Merlin do that? How long did he take to cast it? Three seconds? Two seconds?

That Gaias Hand looks so real, as if its a womans hand. Is this even the power of an Archmage?

This has to be a joke This must be an illusion. Right, I must have seen an illusion

How could that Mafa Merlin be so powerful, only needing a few seconds to cast an 8th Tier Spell, and such a powerful Gaias Hand at that

When the 9th Rank Archmage of our Family used Gaias Hand last time, it wasnt that powerful!

Wagner was scared witless. He was breathing raggedly, and after closing his eyes, he cast a few Mind Defenses to expel any possible illusions.

He then rubbed his eyes before cautiously opening them again, hoping everything he had seen just now had been an illusion.

But when he opened his eyes again, the gate of the Radiant Fort was still completely shattered, leaving behind a huge hole. It was as if a piece of a huge cake had been cut out, and from that huge opening, a large crowd of Black Iron Beastmen was rushing out.

Despair and disbelief could be seen on Wagners pale face

Sh*t, could it be that Mafa Merlin is the strongest? Damnit, I understand now, I finally understand. Why else would that elite mage army follow Mafa Merlin obediently and do everything he said?

They all followed him, and none of them resisted or doubted his decisions

Right, he was training them, it was just training. The power of the fifty mages wasnt that high before, but while they were acting as vanguards for us, many among them advanced to the Archmage realm

And there is that icy woman at Mafa Merlins side, that poor-looking alchemy puppet, and that Magic Tool Incarnation carrying a wheel-shaped Magic Tool around Including Mafa Merlin, none of them made a move

If that Mafa Merlin was that strong, then wouldnt his subordinates be very frightening too?

Wagner rapidly recalled some details he had overlooked, and his eyelids twitched.

That Mafa Merlin was only followed by that cold woman, the puppet, and the Magic Tool Incarnation. As for that monstrous Beastman with unfathomable physique, he didnt even have the qualifications to stand near Mafa Merlin

Sh*t, that monstrous Beastman can kill an 8th Rank Black Iron Beastman Sword Saint going all-out Doesnt that mean that the others are even stronger than him?

In order to save some time, Lin Yun had immediately cast a spell, but that made Wagner think of a lot of things.

A large number of Black Iron Beastmen were already rushing out, but Lin Yun didnt keep attacking. Instead, he had his army of fifty mages move forward. His three cousins and Xiuban also joined in the fight. Reina, Enderfa, and the puppet were still staying back, not making a move.

At this time, Wagner immediately noticed the difference.

Mafa Merlin is too calm That three-faced Incarnation seems to be bursting from boredom, and that icy woman seems to be studying spells? Hell, this is a battlefield!

Shit, its over, that Mafa Merlin might have never put me in his eyes. That damned Doug is to be blamed for everything! He said that the other side agreed to all those harsh requirements because they wanted to hug our George Familys thigh

Fortunately, that idiot is dead, or I would have torn him apart myself! The strongest of those fifty mages is only a 2nd Rank Archmage, yet they are killing those Black Iron Beastmen as if they are pigs waiting to be slaughtered

Hell, those are Black Iron Beastmen! And the Radiant Fort has the most elite Black Iron Beastmen! The weakest ones are Expert Swordsmen, and there are dozens of Sword Saints!

Its over The Radiant Forts points will completely be taken away by Mafa Merlin, they are just that powerful

What could be done now? My subordinates are dead, and my Magic Tools are used up. Im only going to get the points from destroying the Artifact. This is a huge loss

No, even if I have no forces, I can still follow this Mafa Merlin! In any case, we still have our previous agreement! No matter what, I can still work hard to follow after him, I might still get some points. Leaving now would be an utter failure. This general attack might be over by the time the Family sends some backup.

Hmm, right I can still get some points from following Mafa Merlin. It wouldnt be considered an utter failure if I could get enough. We had an agreement before, so we could barely be considered allies

As he thought of this, Wagner thickened his face and pretended that nothing happened as he moved closer to Lin Yuns side.

Lin Yun glanced at him and didnt pay him any attention. As for Enderfa and Reina, they straight up ignored him. Wagner wasnt offended and even stood not far from Lin Yun, looking at the fight below.

Meanwhile, the battle in front of the Radiant Fort could only be described as entirely one-sided. As more and more mages advanced to the Archmage realm, the power of the mage army was starting to be fully displayed. The fifty of them were forming a scattered square-shaped formation and were suppressing everything in their path with powerful spellwaves, forcing the Black Iron Beastmen back.

In less than three minutes, the Black Iron Beastmen were forced back to the Radiant Fort, and with that opening, the fire elements surrounding the mage army swept forth like a deluge, cleansing their way in.

At this time, several dozen scarlet Aura Flashes flew down from the forts wall. It was like an evil beasts sneak attack, fiercely tearing its way towards the mage army.

In an instant, large flames rose up from the mage army and formed a series of flaming shields that looked like dragon scales before combining to form a single huge one.

Something happened just as the sneaky Aura attack was blocked by the shield An 8th Rank Black Iron Sword Saint burst out with glaring scarlet Aura and followed behind that attack to charge to the mage armys location.

Following a fierce tearing sound, that Black Iron Beastman flew up and ended up above the mage army. That position was very deadly for the mages.

From that vantage point, the 8th Rank Black Iron Beastman Sword Saint would be able to tear apart several of the mages.

Wagners heart shook, predicting the deaths of a dozen mages, no, of those elite mages. The loss would be terrible, but at least they would tear apart even more Black Iron Beastmen in anger.

Wagner couldnt help looking at Lin Yun. The latter was still expressionless, thinking of some matters as if the crisis of the mage army wasnt important.

At this time, Reina quietly threw a glance over and softly blew some air. The white mist rapidly condensed into ice fragments, which formed an icy blue rune.

That rune continuously dripped ice fragments as it turned into a flowing ray that seemed to tear through space and time. As the ray of light flashed, it instantly hit the Sword Saint who was about to hit the mages.

That 8th Rank Sword Saints Aura and Aura Armor were unable to stop that icy blue ray. His body was frozen in an instant, and even his Aura was frozen!

It looked as if he had been completely frozen in time, and even his expression was still distorted from anger.

Then, Xiuban appeared in the air and swung Carnage. The huge sweep created shockwaves and small lightning bolts.

Carnage slammed into the ice block, and a loud explosion echoed as the frozen Black Iron Beastman exploded into pieces filling the entire sky.

The terrifying sweeping power suddenly burst out, and the fragments of ice in the sky were picked up and blown away by the heavy shockwaves, leaving a white trail behind.

It took less than a second for the new crisis to be dealt with, and their opponent was shattered!