End Of The Magic Era Chapter 858

Chapter 858 Destroyed


Wagner even noticed that none of the mages had panicked. Only a few of them had used Fire Elemental Incarnation, and the fiercely fluctuating flames once again subsided. They apparently didnt need help from others to easily deal with the sneak attack.

The corner of Wagners mouth was twitching as he glanced at Lin Yun, who was still lost in his thoughts. He then turned to Reina, who was still studying some spells, and couldnt help moving a bit away from her.

Too frightening, this woman is really too frightening. An ordinary Freeze spell cant have such power, even when pushed to the limit. For her to be able to instantly freeze an 8th Rank Sword Saint Is that woman a Chromatic Dragon or something?

She is definitely a peak 9th Rank Archmage, and furthermore, her comprehension of ice magic has definitely surpassed the limits of the Archmage realm!

Her casting speed is even faster than the movements of a Sword Saint! She is a true powerhouse and this kind of powerhouse is following Mafa Merlin. Just how strong is that Mafa Merlin?

Sh*t, is he stronger than that woman? Its over, why cant I feel Mafa Merlins rank Is he already on the verge of advancing to the Heaven Rank?

Damned Doug, where did he get his information? Is that guy really that young? A twenty-year-old monster with a foot in the Heaven Rank? Youve got to be kidding me!

Forget it, it doesnt matter. In any case, as long as this Mafa Merlin doesnt drive me away and lets me follow him, I can manage to get some extra points and wont have to go back defeated

Wagner made up his mind, deciding to brazenly follow Lin Yun, while Lin Yun didnt drive Wagner out, only acting as if he didnt exist, which allowed him to follow from the side.

The Radiant Fort siege was still ongoing, and as more and more High Mages of the mage army advanced to the Archmage realm, the armys power was brightly shining.

Boundless fire elements were transformed into a sea of fire, and the fifty mages followed up by using Fire Elemental Incarnation, making them immortal within that sea of fire. Even Runic Shields were rarely used because those Black Iron Beastmens attacks simply couldnt hit the mages.

The mage army was like a huge fireball rolling through the Radiant Fort and burning many of the Black Iron Beastmen to ashes. Xiuban also appeared like a monster, swinging the huge Carnage, storming his way in with no one able to stop his onslaught.

When he was moving about, that terrifying power made it look like Xiuban was covered in a white cloud that sent out flickering blue lightning bolts.

As he charged his way through the Radiant Fort, that Warlord finally appeared.

A scarlet Aura Slash shot out from a distance, and it looked like a dozen-meter-long sword was slashing down. With a rumble, it caused a huge crack to appear in the ground.

In the distance, a Black Iron Beastman wearing dark red Battle Aura Armor hurriedly flew over. His vitals were all tightly protected by his armor, but his flaming black eyes could be seen clearly, sinister and pitch-black, with not even the whites of the eyes visible.

"Stupid humans, you have to pay a heavy price for your actions! You dare to blaspheme our ancestors Artifact! You have to die!"

The Radiant Forts Warlord held a broad sword as he angrily roared and pounced towards the mage army like a berserk behemoth.

Xiuban swung Carnage as he rushed over to intercept. That seemingly imposing and terrifying strike seemed to tear the sky in half as the warhammer burst with power and collided with the Radiant Warlords greatsword. Xiubans body instantly broke the sound barrier as he was sent flying away.

Xiuban flew a few hundred meters away and disappeared from everyones sight, and no one knew how far he ended up.

Flames were burning in the Radiant Warlords eyes, and his body was emitting a scarlet aura. His greatsword casually struck, and the scarlet aura transformed into another Sword Slash ruthlessly cleaving down.

Kurumu calmly waved his Dragonscale Staff, and in an instant, the fifty mages found their own positions. The surrounding rich elemental flames were rapidly consumed, and strands of pure gold flames started revolving around the mages.

A broad Flame Storm rose up, and it looked as if a several-dozen-meter-tall Flame Giant was standing up in the Flame Storm. Facing that Aura Slash, a stout, flaming arm extended out.

The flames whirled around and converged in front of the arm, immediately condensing into an over-thirty-meter-wide Fire Shield. And on the shields surface, the flames were condensing into golden runes. It looked like a huge shield made of gold.

The army held this shield and aimed it at the scarlet Aura Slash.

The Aura Slash hit this huge, golden shield, and it looked like countless sharp swords were slashing down at a massive piece of gold. Sharp, metallic sounds echoed as it transformed into a ripple spreading into the surroundings, turning the buildings near them into dust.

Three Black Iron Beastmen who were too close covered their ears in pain and crumpled to the ground before dying, blood flowing out of their eyes and other orifices. Their bodies also looked like damaged pottery as small cracks could be seen all over them.

The scarlet Aura Slash disappeared in a second, and the Flame Giant, whose body was covered by the Flame Storm, was now half exposed. Another hand had come out of the Flame Storm and was stretched over.

The Radiant Warlords pitch-black eyes were emitting flames, and an even thicker scarlet Aura was curling around his entire body until it finally transformed into an illusory scarlet flame shrouding him.

With one step, the Radiant Warlord appeared dozens of meters away from the mage army, the large sword in his hand bursting with scarlet flames. His Aura spurted out, coating his sword and lengthening it by a dozen meters.

The Radiant Warlord left an afterimage behind him as he moved again and appeared in front of the incomplete Flame Giant, ruthlessly slashing towards the Flame Giants head.

One of the Flame Giants hands held a huge pure gold shield while the other extended five fingers. The palm suddenly scattered and transformed into countless runes that fluttered in the sky like a group of birds revolving in a circle.

Large blue fireballs were condensed within that huge circle.


The first explosion echoed and was like a horn signaling the start of the assault.

Every second, there were twenty to thirty Bursting Flames produced within that circle, and they pelted down at the Radiant Warlord like rain.

The scarlet Aura occupying half of the sky kept colliding with those Bursting Flames, and that clash dyed the sky in two colors.

One side was a sinister red, while the other side was filled with blue flames that seemed to want to burn the entire sky.

After four to five seconds of clashes, no less than several hundred Bursting Flames had exploded, and the Radiant Warlord could no longer keep blocking. The scarlet Aura on his body burst out.

Kurumu, who had been waiting for this, decisively waved his Dragonscale staff, and the array formed by the fifty mages once again transformed. The elemental flames spread over hundreds of meters seemed to receive some sort of attractive force and converged towards the center.

Strands of orange flames started roaming on the surface of the Flame Giant. Those glaring flames kept condensing on the surface of the Flame Giant, and each rune made its aura frantically rise up.

At this time, the gold shield held in the Flame Giants left hand also collapsed, and its entire arm transformed into a swarm of flaming runes. Those runes transformed into a golden-red runic aperture that replaced the arm.

The Flame Giant raised both arms, and when those two-dozen-meter-wide runic apertures aimed at the Radiant Warlord, the latters eyes widened in surprise.

For a second, it seemed that the entire world brightened.

Several fire spells that were difficult to discern spurted out of the two apertures, and the lowest spells were at the 5th Tier!

There were countless Fire God Spears, Fire Dragon Hands, Bursting Flames, Flaming Meteors, and other spells bursting out of the two apertures.

The Radiant Warlord didnt dare to meet those two terrifying spellwaves head-on, so he could only dodge.

The places cleansed by those spellwaves instantly turned to ashes, and the Black Iron Beastman army seemed unable to resist at this moment. The spell flood frantically swept over them and left no traces of Black Iron Beastmen behind.

Those Iron Trees known for not being flammable were now burning from the raging flames.

After a dozen seconds, more than half of the remaining Black Iron Beastmen were swept away, and the Radiant Warlord knew that if he didnt stop the mage army now, the Radiant Fort and the Black Iron Beastmen would be entirely destroyed.

The Radiant Warlord came over once again, and at that time, the two apertures spurting flames suddenly changed.

The two apertures seemingly had been attached to the Flame Giants arms because they moved as the arms moved, but they now surprisingly rotated!

This sudden change caught the Radiant Warlord off guard. He hadnt expected that those two runic apertures werent fixed to the arms!

They werent attached to the Flame Giants arms! They were floating in the air!

The two apertures coiled around each other, and the terrifying torrent of spells spurting out formed a huge pillar.

In a second, the terrifying hurricane of fire spells enveloped the Radiant Warlord.