End Of The Magic Era Chapter 859

Chapter 859 Radiant Warlord


The boundless spells turned into a flaming tornado, and the most frightening part was that this tornado was rapidly shrinking and funneling all the spells to strike the Radiant Warlord from all directions.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

Every instant, there would be several dozen spells exploding on the Radiant Warlords body. This scarlet Battle Aura Armor could no longer resist that terrifying onslaught.

Minutes cracks appeared on that crystalline armor, and the consumption of Aura seemed to be like a dam leaking, as every second, a large amount of scarlet Aura would be consumed.

After three seconds, the Radiant Warlord lost control of his body and was bombarded to the ground by fire spells.

In an instant, several dozen fire spells hit the ground, and the Radiant Fort shook, with the Radiant Warlord suppressed at the center of the attack. There were close to a hundred High Tier spells attacking him every second, and even Xiuban, with his incredible physique, would be slowly ground to death under those spells, let alone this Radiant Warlord.

No matter who, anyone under the Heaven Rank wouldnt be able to survive.

The people watching the battle from outside the Radiant Fort were somewhat stunned. Enderfa stared blankly at the Flame Giant as well as those two runic apertures. He had also been caught by surprise when the runic apertures began to act like that

"What the hell is that? Such a treacherous thing You must have been the one who gave it to them, right?" Enderfa turned to look at Lin Yun expectantly.

On the side, Wagner still looked pretty calm, but his eyes were wide open.

Moving those apertures wasnt as simple as it appeared. Having them be mobile was a whole different thing from having them fixed.

A powerful Archmage could summon an elemental gate and use it to erupt with a large number of spells he was proficient with. This was a method to increase how many spells could be output while decreasing the mana consumption.

First-rate Archmages had such abilities, but that elemental gate would be immovable. As long as the elemental gate was destroyed, it would no longer release any spells. This was the same principle as a channeled spell.

But what was an elemental gate that could move?

A 9th Rank Sword Saint fell into an endless torrent of spells because of it and was suppressed within. Anyone caught in it would end up being turned into ashes.

Too treacherous How could such an ability appear in the hands of a mage army?

Lin Yun still seemed unconcerned with what he was seeing. Everyone knew that it came from Lin Yun. Only after the mages advanced to the Archmage realm could their power finally show some effectiveness.

From the start, the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Rune, the environment for their meditation, their Meditation Law Set, and their magic staves and robes everything had been the same. Even with the transformation array, the minimum criteria to display their entire power was that everyone had to be an Archmage.

The mage army couldnt use such a move before, because their mana consumption, mana control, and spell control were far from meeting the requirements.

Once their strength increased enough, this Flame Giant wouldnt only be half a body. Its entire body would be able to leave the flames and act on its own. At that time, the fighting power of the mage army would be able to pressure any powerhouse under the Heaven Rank. If they stood together, no one under the Heaven Rank could be a match for their cooperation.

The training methods of one of the top three mage armies during the peak of Noscent couldnt be made fun of. They achieved the feat of using a mage army to withstand a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Compared to them, Lin Yuns current mage army was nothing.

As everyone thought that the Radiant Warlord had been crushed to death, Lin Yun suddenly frowned. His Magic Array automatically revolved as it caught a trace of a special mana fluctuation. There seemed to be a formidable power fluctuating below the Radiant Fort.

At that time, the Radiant Warlord, who had been suppressed by the spell flood, suddenly roared as he was engulfed by a terrifying aura.

A scarlet Aura vaporized the raging flames spreading over the horizon, and the flood of spells was forcibly pushed back.

A glaring scarlet swordlight flashed, and everyone saw a broadsword the size of a building charge into the sky. That surging flood of fire spells was sliced in two by that slash. All of those spells collapsed and scattered into pure elemental flames

The Radiant Warlord slowly floated up, the glaring aura on his body already dissipating and transforming into a gentle, flickering light that seemed like a flame. His shattered Battle Aura Armor also rapidly condensed again and fully covered him. Even his eyes were covered by two blood-colored crystals.

The air around the Radiant Warlord seemed to have calmed down, and it started condensing into an oversized flaming sword.

The surroundings of the Radiant Warlord also became calm, as if a terrifying power was holding everything still.

That was Extraordinary Power!

Only when the limits of the Sword Saint realm were exceeded would such a power appear!

"Damn humans, you have thoroughly infuriated me! The honor and shame of the Black Iron Beastmen have to be washed clean with your blood. Now, accept your death, none of you will escape!" the Radiant Warlord shouted in rage.

Apparently sensing the Radiant Warlords recovery and that wisp of Extraordinary Power, the remaining Black Iron Beastmen also regained some confidence.

Outside the Radiant Fort, Enderfa was already controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, ready to attack. But when he saw that Lin Yun only frowned and wasnt planning to get involved, he asked, "Merlin, we arent going to act? I dont know where that guy borrowed this power from, but although he isnt at the Heaven Rank, he still has a wisp of Heaven Rank power. That mage army might not be able to handle him, and if they cant, the mages you nurtured with great difficulty will die in an instant. Thatd be too unfortunate"

Enderfa quickly noticed that the Radiant Warlord hadnt reached the Heaven Rank even though he had a wisp of Extraordinary Power.

The gap between the Sword Saint realm and the Heaven realm was huge

One was a powerful mortal, while the other had already exceeded the limits of mortals. His life essence would have simply evolved, and a wisp of Extraordinary Power couldnt be resisted by the people under the Heaven Rank.

It was within expectations that the mage army would be killed sooner or later, and even if they still fought as a group, it was unknown how long they could last

Lin Yun frowned, his thoughts hidden to his entourage. It looked as if he wasnt actually thinking much of the matter before them.

"Then let him kill them. If they cant even resist for five minutes, they shouldnt be wasting time there," Lin Yun casually remarked before sinking into his thoughts once again.

His Magic Array was energetically revolving as he apparently didnt care about the crisis.

This absent-minded answer stunned Enderfa. He opened his mouths but didnt know what to say. Eventually, the roused power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel slowly dissipated.

In the Radiant Fort, the Radiant Warlord, still bursting with scarlet flames, casually waved his broadsword and sent out a huge Aura Slash.

The fifty mages fully used Fire Elemental Incarnation and the joint array transformed into an offensive formation.

That Flame Giant thoroughly disintegrated and transformed into five apertures, each of which spewed countless fire spells.

Even so, they could only barely hold back the Radiant Warlords frantic attacks. The nonstop spellwaves were forcibly suppressed.

In less than three minutes, the mage army was compelled to start withdrawing, because the Radiant Warlords crazy attacks already covered the sky. Looking from a distance, it was as if the sky had completely turned scarlet.

The sea of flames could only retreat because when the Radiant Warlords suppression got too close to them, someone was bound to die.

After all, the strength of the group was uneven. The strongest was a 2nd Rank Archmage while the weakest had yet to advance to the Archmage realm. When facing such pressure, a High Mage would be unable to resist.

The mage army was slowly pushed back and forced to withdraw from the Radiant Fort, while the Radiant Warlords power was still continuously rising. He was now faintly showing some Heaven Rank power, and one casual hit could destroy over a hundred spells of the mage army.

After five minutes, they had been completely kicked out of the Radiant Fort, and some of the High Mages were already at their limits. Their expressions were extremely pale as their mana fluctuations were rapidly weakening.

Enderfa was already controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel again, ready to move at any time. Reina had stopped working on further comprehending her spells, and threads of ice-cold aura were coursing through her body.

But on the contrary, Lin Yun was still revolving his Magic Array at full strength. What he was calculating was unknown.

At this time, the scarlet flames of the Radiant Warlord suddenly ramped up and started fiercely fluctuating before soaring into the sky like a punctured balloon.

The Radiant Warlords aura leaked like a flood, falling to the 9th Rank of the Sword Saint realm in a second. The next second, it fell to the 7th Rank.

The fierce and invincible Radiant Warlord foolishly floated in the air, as if he had been petrified by a spell. The scarlet aura covering his entire body dissipated, and it only took three seconds for his aura to completely dissipate.

The Radiant Warlord then plummeted to the ground.