End Of The Magic Era Chapter 860

Chapter 860 Plunder


He fell from over a hundred meters up and crashed into the ground, not reacting at all. His scarlet Battle Aura Armor had already disappeared, and the Radiant Warlord was no longer properly recognizable after the fall.

"He died? What happened?"

Enderfa, who had been ready to make a move, was stunned. It looked like the Radiant Warlord suddenly died because hed eaten several explosive potions.

Enderfa wasnt the only one surprised, as everyone was a bit stunned. The fifty mages even forgot to keep casting spells.

A powerhouse who seemed to be on the verge of breaking through the Heaven realm and even showed a trace of Extraordinary Power just bafflingly died. No one understood what was going on.

At this time, Lin Yun raised his head, not surprised when looking at the situation.

"It wasnt his own power, so how could he not pay the price when using it? He, a 9th Rank Sword Saint, wanted to use Extraordinary Power? It would have been unimaginable if he lasted more than five minutes."

As more and more mages advanced to become Archmages, the power they could display kept increasing. Handling a 9th Rank Archmage might be somewhat troublesome, but they couldnt be defeated by a 9th Rank Sword Saint. Even after the Radiant Warlord burst out with power exceeding his level, how could the mage fail to resist for a few minutes?

Ever since they reached the Radiant Fort, Lin Yun had been rousing his Magic Array to capture the auras in the area, and he had faintly noticed an unusual aura.

Only after the Radiant Warlord burst out did the detected aura suddenly become more visible. How could Lin Yun have time to care about the others? He roused his Magic Array to track down the source of that aura.

Lin Yun hadnt been able to precisely locate it, and he only knew that the aura came from the Radiant Fort.

The source of the Radiant Warlords power also came from the Radiant Fort, or to be more precise, somewhere below the Radiant Fort. There was a frightening power hibernating there.

But unfortunately, the Radiant Warlord was too weak, and although he was a 9th Rank Sword Saint, he was far from being a first-rate 9th Rank Sword Saint. He forced himself to use that Extraordinary Power and ended up drained of his vitality.

Lin Yun only used the Radiant Warlord to figure out that there was a power hibernating below the Radiant Fort, but he wasnt able to pinpoint any precise location. That faintly appearing aura seemed to have disappeared, and trying to track it down was very difficult.

If only that guy hadnt died so soon, it would have been perfect

Lin Yun let out a disappointed sigh. He had been sincerely hoping that the Radiant Warlord would last longer. That was why he didnt have Enderfa and Reina do anything to help. That way, the Radiant Warlord wouldnt have to exert himself even more and wouldnt die as quickly.

Lin Yun, Reina, Enderfa, and the puppet Any of these four could display the power of a 9th Rank Archmage. The strongest was Lin Yun, and he could already easily defeat some ordinary 9th Rank Archmages.

If this group participated in the battle, it wouldnt take more than two minutes before the Radiant Warlords lifeforce was thoroughly burnt out.

In the five minutes, Lin Yun hadnt been able to find the exact location, so his face was naturally filled with regret.

On the side, Wagner, who had made up his mind to follow Lin Yun, now had an extremely strange expression. His mouth twitched as he saw Lin Yun looking regretful.

Hell, is that guy thinking that the Radiant Warlord died too fast? No way, right? It must be my imagination. I must be overthinking.

Damn, how could this Radiant Fort be so powerful? Wasnt the Radiant Warlord said to be an ordinary 9th Rank Sword Saint that had advanced in the recent years? He still had such a trump card and displayed the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse for a bit!

Thankfully I didnt act If my subordinates hadnt died, Im afraid I would have died in this final battle. Those guys wouldnt have been able to resist the power of the Radiant Warlord for five minutes

Wagner had a complicated expression. He felt that he might have been under too much pressure, causing him to hallucinate.

After the Radiant Warlord suddenly died, the rest was a lot easier. The Black Iron Beastmen died in battle, and Lin Yun led his group into the Radiant Fort.

The points from the Radiant Fort had also been completely converted.

Lin Yun took out his crystal ball and glanced at it. With the capture of the Radiant Fort, Lin Yun had unexpectedly reached a total of 430,000 points.

It was at least twice as much as hed expected. But Lin Yun felt that this was very normal. After all, attacking the Radiant Fort was a lot more difficult than anticipated. Not to mention the barrier, the last burst of power from the Radiant Warlord greatly increased the Radiant Forts difficulty. The impact on the campaign was also far greater than expected.

On the other side, Wagner also secretly took out his crystal ball and checked, only to discover that he had reached 110,000 points after the attack on the Radiant Fort; this was a painful blow.

Although hed expected that destroying the Artifact would give him a lot of points, he hadnt thought that he would have to pay such a huge price.

If I had known, I would have made that Mafa Merlin destroy the Artifact

Wagner had a terrible expression as he recalled that the George Family had almost no forces left after this attack, and that the powerhouses had all been eliminated by the Merlin Family. They ended up getting the most out of it. If the losses hadnt been so terrible, they might have gotten up to 80% of the points, but the George Family ended up having nobody left for the crucial attack on the Radiant Fort. The outcome was entirely different.

If not for the large number of points from the destruction of the Artifact, this would have been a complete waste. Now, he could only follow behind Lin Yun, anxiously waiting.

Lin Yuns subordinates, headed by Xiuban, were already crazily plundering.

The crux of the Black Iron Beastmen collection, gathered over countless decades, was stored in the Radiant Fort. The valuables of the surrounding tribes were far from being able to compare to what was in the Radiant Fort.

There were several tons of rare magic ores. They were all top-notch magic metals, and they had even gotten through initial tempering, so they could be directly used after just a bit more processing. The harvest was a lot more important than the Merlin Familys typical harvest in the plane in an entire year.

Apart from this, there were even more precious gems dug from magic ore veins. Black Iron Beastmen were innate warriors, so these magic gems had little use to them. Besides some good-looking ones, they were only treated as worthless collectibles.

This was a huge boon to Lin Yun. With so many magic gems, he could embed all the magic staves.

Wagners eyes turned red. Everything he had plundered from the tribes wasnt even worth a chest of these magic gems when added together

Damn, since when are chests of magic gems so common? Heavens, Elemental Amber! Bloodstone! There are even five Eyestars! How could there be so many of those things equivalent to magic treasury?

Ordinary gems aside, if an Eyestar is embedded in a staff, it would be comparable to having an extra Mana Whirlpools mana storage. As long as mana was poured into it ahead of time, it could be directly used in battle. High Tier spells could be directly used with an Eyestars mana, reducing the cast time by half!

Only some of the peak powerhouses of the George Family were qualified to possess one. Even Wagner didnt have one, yet there were five pieces here!

The biggest Eyestar would even be able to store the mana of an 8th Rank Archmage!

And apart from that Eyestar, there was still a pile of various potioneering materials that filled many baskets.

And those baskets were the huge boxes carried by the Black Iron Beastmen. The frame was two meters tall.

There were a dozen baskets filled with all kinds of materials

Lin Yun had frozen when he saw the materials. With so many materials, the potions compounded would be enough for everyone to take a bath in them

The Merlin Family was in charge of the Radiant Fort, and the reconstruction was very easy. Apart from the entrance, nothing needed to be rebuilt.

Suppressing the remaining tribes in the surroundings was also easy. He had Kurumu lead the mage army out to sweep through them all, and it only took two days. Lin Yun didnt even do anything.

Even the matters of the Radiant Forts recovery and defense were taken care of by William.

Lin Yun was just like a lord waving his arm here and there regardless of the matter, wandering about the Radiant Fort every day.

Wagner waited three days in the Radiant Fort. He had been so jealous that he had entered a room and didnt want to come out. Let alone the points, just the precious materials the Merlin Family found were several dozen times better than what the George Family had obtained. There were even some materials that were extinct in Noscent.

But what George was even more in disbelief about was that on the first day after entering the Radiant Fort, he felt the aura of Lin Yuns Rank increasing. Although he couldnt feel it after a while, Wagner felt powerless because he still couldnt sense what Lin Yuns rank was.

Others were busying themselves while Lin Yun was still aimlessly strolling around in the Radiant Fort, walking from the central street to the most desolate corners

A dozen Mage Eyes were floating in a range of about a hundred meters around Lin Yun, and there were also two Mage Hands holding quills and a thick stack of paper following behind Lin Yun.

Those two Mage Hands were constantly writing down calculations, and the copious notes were floating behind Lin Yun while he appeared expressionless, with boundless runes moving within his eyes and the Magic Array constantly revolving.