End Of The Magic Era Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Upside Down


Everyone was doubtful, but they didnt ask. After all, there had been too many weird things before. Who knew if there was also a trap in that path?

Lin Yun didnt sense anything. After entering, he did some more calculations and discovered that although they felt like they were walking up, they were in fact descending. This misconception was due to the fact that this place was constructed in a special way, creating a kind of illusion. It was also because they were getting closer and closer to the real ruins, which were creating a wisp of resistance that made people feel this way.

And finally, Lin Yun had figured out that there were changes caused by atmospheric pressure!

When underground, the atmospheric pressure would change with the depth, and that kind of change was completely ineffective on normal mages.

Ordinary mages only believed in their mana, and to them, their man was even more reliable than their eyes and other senses, so they naturally wouldnt pick up on a situation their mana couldnt notice.

They walked for a long while. Lin Yun remained silent the entire time, not saying anything.

The others couldnt feel it, but from his calculations, Lin Yun had figured out that they werent walking in a straight line, but in a wide spiral. This was a spiraling path leading underground, but because of the way the walls and floor were built, it gave the illusion of leading upward in a straight line.

Moreover, it became darker, to the point that they couldnt see more than ten meters ahead of them.

After walking for over a kilometer, a wide lobby appeared before them. It was a level room spreading over two hundred meters across, and there was a seven-meter-tall stone gate in front of them. It looked as if they could leave this place just by pushing open the stone gate.

The Rock Puppets barely reached the stone gate when Frost Rays suddenly pierced them from both sides.

A layer of ice instantly covered the two Rock Puppets, and when the two Rock Puppets toppled over onto the ground, they instantly shattered into fragments.

Waves of mana fluctuations started spreading from the two smooth walls, and two huge shadows came out of these ripples.

These were two alchemy puppets!

The two alchemy puppets were very tall, their arms a lot thicker than Lin Yuns waist, and a metallic luster shone on their bodies. They were also covered in countless runes and magical patterns. They both had a Bloodstone forming a single eye on their faces. The complicated runes and patterns on their cheeks were converging towards that Bloodstone, and anyone could see that a very powerful spell was enchanted on that eye.

Lin Yun wasnt surprised when he saw that there were two puppets. This was the correct path leading to the ruins, after all. Unless he had made a mistake somewhere along the line, that entrance should be the entrance to the ruins. It was pretty normal for that door to have two level 39 One-Eyed Guards.

One-Eyed Guards were the best alchemy puppets to guard strategic gateways. They had robust bodies, and all the materials used to craft them had all kinds of magic resistance. Furthermore, they could have a large number of powerful single-target spells enchanted. The spell enchanted on their single eye was definitely the most powerful spell, and it make them the most suitable kind of gatekeeper puppet.

"Attract the attention of these two puppets," Lin Yun said before retreating.

Xiuban swung Carnage and was the first to rush out. He instantly saw the two puppets raising their arms, and Fire Bolts transformed into a curtain of light that fell towards Xiuban.

Xiuban angled Carnage to block in front of him. The warhammer made of the most powerful jaw bone of the Ancient Poison Dragon simply couldnt be destroyed by these rays of fire.

As he approached within twenty meters of the two puppets, they both seemed to realize that the spell couldnt repel the enemy, and the runes covering their bodies flashed in succession.

In an instant, seven Bursting Flames appeared like a wall of fire and exploded on Xiubans body.

The terrifying explosive power superposed together, and Xiuban was immediately sent flying out.

At this time, Enderfa, Reina, and the puppet started moving together.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel slowly rotated, and boundless runes overflowed from within the Thousand Spell Rune, forming a flood of four different types of spells that transformed into a four-colored elemental storm, which ruthlessly flew towards the two guarding puppets.

As for the alchemy puppet, it raised its arms, and boundless runes circulated on the surface of its body, scattering an even more terrifying mana fluctuation than the two One-Eyed Guards. There was no technique or skill in the casting, and the spells only tyrannically bombarded towards the One-Eyed Guards.

Reinas fighting style, on the other hand, looked a lot more delicate. Ice spheres kept condensing beside her body, and with a snap of her fingers, they instantly disappeared.

The ice spheres exploded in front of the One-Eyed Guards and instantly froze everything within a dozen meters while also slowing down the casting speed of the two puppets by at least half.

Enderfa and the puppets flood of spells fell down at that time, fiercely submerging the two One-Eyed Guards.

In an instant, the two puppets were suppressed from casting their spells, and they had to switch from offense to defense. The runes on their bodies crazily flickered as shields covered in rich mana patterns appeared before ultimately transforming into defensive power reinforcing their bodies.

Suppressed and unable to fight back, the two One-Eyed Guards still didnt leave the entrance, and their blood-like eyes started to shine.

After three seconds, a sinister ray shot out from one of the eyes and instantly hit Xiuban, who was standing at the forefront.

Xiuban suddenly froze, with Carnages motion also frozen, and even his gnashing teeth had frozen.

Loud explosions echoed as Xiuban was hit by a Bursting Flame and sent flying, yet still in the same position as he was earlier. A tinge of fright could be seen in his eyes.

Less than a second later, another sinister ray came from the eye of the other One-Eyed Guard. The target was none other than Enderfa.

Horror could be seen in Enderfas three faces as he instantly flew behind Wagner.

Originally standing on the side watching the fight, Wagner suddenly started in fright and instantly cast a Runic Shield.

"Damnit, Enderfa! You dare to t"

Wagner didnt have time to finish his words as that sinister ray went through his Runic Shield and hit his body.

At that instant, Wagners angry expression froze, as if he had been paused.

Lin Yun, who had yet to make a move, suddenly used Ice Elemental Incarnation to flash behind one of the puppets.

He put a hand on one of the One-Eyed Guards. His hand shook like a shadow, and in less than one second, that puppet fell apart, turning into a pile of components.

Before those components even fell to the ground, Lin Yun was already behind the other puppet. He cast three Flame Binds as well as a counterspell.

Within the small window of time gained, Lin Yuns hand touched the back of the remaining One-Eyed Guard with a series of runes lingering at his fingertip.

Everyone else only saw a shadow where Lin Yuns hand should have been. The mana of that One-Eyed Guard seemed to have been completely cut off, and it also collapsed into a pile of components.

"I really cant stop myself from dismantling"

Lin Yun helplessly looked at his own hand. At the end of the Magic Era, apart from reading books in the decaying library, the activity he enjoyed the most was dismantling alchemy puppets. There was no mana at the time, so even Heaven Rank puppets were like discarded pieces of metal in the desert.

All the alchemy puppets had become toys, especially this kind of very iconic puppet. All their parts, where they were affixed, as well as how they were affixed, everything had become an instinct to Lin Yun.

Just a second was enough to dismantle a One-Eyed Guard, and it only took that long because that puppets mana source was very rich and its defenses were active. If it had just been standing there without anything readied, Lin Yun wouldnt have needed so much time to dismantle it.

The One-Eyed Guards strongest point was their enchanted spell. Once that spell was released, there would be a certain cooldown before they could use it again, and their defenses were at the weakest during that time.

Because the most powerful enchanted spell of the One-Eyed Guards required them to mobilize as much power as they could to shoot it, they had no energy left for defense just afterwards.

But their powerful bodies were their strongest defenses. A level 39 One-Eyed Guard could block a single-target 8th Tier Spell without suffering any damage just by relying on its body.

Apart from a monster like Lin Yun, whose dismantling skill had become an instinct, wanting to defeat that puppet with skin as tough as Xiubans would be very troublesome.

Lin Yun dusted his hands off and turned around to look at the others. Wagner, who was still frozen, had completely forgotten about the dangers, and he looked over as if he had seen a ghost.

What the hell was that? Two level 39 puppets actually fell apart with a single touch of his hand? Are you f*cking with me?

After witnessing this scene, Wagner had a deep sense of failure. He had just seen the power of these few people, and they could hardly be described as ordinary Archmages. They are at least 9th Rank Archmages, and they are even more berserk and terrifying

A Magic Tool Incarnation that can release spells of four different elements, the mage army, that patched alchemy puppet, as well as that woman whose mastery of ice spells couldnt be seen through All of them are actually normal when compared to Mafa Merlin!

With a single touch, he made a One-Eyed Guard fall to pieces

Wagner felt that he was the true Andlusan bumpkin while the other side was a genius of a major force of the Odin Kingdom.

His worldview had been thrown upside down.