End Of The Magic Era Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Alchemy Puppet


Lin Yun walked towards Xiuban and casually cast a few dispels, dispersing the effect that was keeping him frozen, and then did the same for Wagner.

But Wagner only stood still, foolishly staring straight ahead, as if the dispels hadnt worked.

"Ah, truly an idiot Its only a Petrifaction spell, dont tell me your soul somehow got hit too?"

Enderfas three faces sneered. Wagner was strangely looking at Lin Yun without saying anything, before fiercely complaining to Enderfa, "Just you wait, you actually dared to use me as a shield! Sh*t, dont you know that Im the 1st heir of the George Family? Being a Magic Tool Incarnation wouldnt have protected you from the consequences if I died."

Wagner didnt dare to say anything to Lin Yun, as his feat of dismantling the puppets with one hand was too shocking, causing Wagner to have a feeling of reverence. But as he recalled being used as a human shield by Enderfa, he couldnt help becoming angry.

Enderfa disdainfully shot a glance at Wagner and said, "A Petrifaction spell scares you that much? I really dont know how you became an 8th Rank Archmage. Dont tell me you dont know that Runic Shield cant block Petrifaction? Moreover, with this great Enderfa here, do you think I would let you die like that? You think Uncle Enderfa is as dumb as you?"

His second head continued, "Seeing as how you blocked the Petrifaction for Uncle Enderfa, Ill teach you a good method. When faced with Petrifaction, the best way is to dodge it. If you cant dodge it, then you have to use Fire Elemental Incarnation and scatter the Elemental Incarnation just when you are hit. You can also use Ghost Incarnation to ignore it, or a mirror to reflect it"

"Moreover, you absolutely cant use Mana Shield or Runic Shield to block it, or youll be petrified anyways," Enderfas third face finished.

Wagner was shamed into anger, but he couldnt retort. After all, not using Runic Shield against Petrifaction was common sense to High Mages.

Enderfa proudly looked at the red-faced Wagner and then controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to float towards the stone gate.

In the distance, Xiuban was looking at Wagner with sympathy.

Enderfa didnt even bother to mock Xiuban the same way, as it would go straight over his head. He was feeling good enough after messing with Wagner, so why bother?

Lin Yun ignored the quarreling people and examined the pile of components on the ground.

The One-Eyed Guards were the most suitable puppets to guard the entrance, and their parts were definitely made of extremely high-grade materials. These two One-Eyed Guards were level 39, and their components could be used for the Heaven Rank puppet. If not for the mechanical systems restriction, these two puppets could have also become Heaven Rank puppets.

If they had, Lin Yun would have definitely been unable to dismantle them in that short period of time.

After taking a while to pick, Lin Yun chose a few relatively good parts and summoned his patched up puppet before quickly changing some of its components.

The puppet itself should have been at the Heaven Rank, and its mechanical system was outstanding. What restricted this puppet and stopped it from displaying the power of the Heaven Rank were its poor parts, which were severely limiting it.

The components from the One-Eyed Guards just happened to be able to replace some old parts.

After taking a few minutes to change the parts, Lin Yun looked at his puppet and smiled. If it went on and he dismantled a few more level 39 One-Eyed Guards, he might be able to make the puppets strength truly reach the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun didnt let the rest of the components go to waste; he picked up everything. He would later alter the control systems of these two One-Eyed Guards, and after reassembling them, he would keep them as gatekeepers.

The alchemy puppets strength had increased again, and after Lin Yun reassembled it, he controlled it to walk to the huge stone gate and push it. A loud rumble echoed, and it didnt take long before the stone gate swung open.

There was no danger and no trap. Lin Yun had expected that a psycho like Bill George wouldnt put any treacherous trap in his own nest. Almost no trap would be effective against someone that could defeat two level 39 One-Eyed Guards. Only absolute strength would be able to repel those that arrived there.

After opening the door, a huge space spreading for several kilometers appeared before them, and countless huge dormant machines could be seen within. There were puppets lying on the ground like corpses.

There were even more puppets in front of those huge machines, most of which had several arms with all kinds of tools.

This was an extremely huge underground base!

An underground base of alchemy puppets!

This was a complete puppet factory. The manufactured parts would move between machines until they were ultimately assembled into puppets.

Apart from those tireless puppets, there were also many combat-type puppets.

But whether it was the labor puppets, auxiliary puppets, or the fighting puppets, they were all motionless, as they had exhausted all their energy.

Lin Yun took a few glances and discovered that even the weakest labor puppet was level 35!

Moreover, they had exhausted their energy, so their power systems had lost all effect, and their components were no longer working.

He only needed to rearrange their control systems and resupply them with energy and these puppets would be able to stand up again.

Lin Yun examined a few puppets and immediately came to this conclusion.

These puppets were a delicious harvest. Some spirit mana crystals would be enough to make them function again, and rearranging their control systems was really easy.

Looking at this huge underground base, Lin Yun knew that this was really a relic left by Bill George and that they were in his most valuable ruins.

In those days, Bill George had returned to Noscent and established a new force in the place currently known as the Sten Kingdom. The reason that the Nesser Dynasty didnt bother Bill George wasnt just his status as a powerful Heaven Mage.Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

The most important reason was Bill Georges skill in the field of alchemy. It could be said that he was unmatched, and even when Noscent developed to its peak, Bill Georges accomplishments in the field of alchemy could still be considered among the most important.

In those days, Bill George commanded his tide-like army of puppets and swept through an unknown number of planes. No one knew for sure, as Bill George had remained low-key.

Occasionally, someone would see Bill George leading an army of puppets to push through a plane, and those people would learn how frightening he was.

He was a formidable Heaven Rank powerhouse and possessed an unknown number of puppets as his subordinates. No one would dare to provoke him.

It could be seen from this underground base. Even the most common labor puppets were at level 35, and just from looking at the assembly line, one could tell that these level 35 puppets were actually the worst batch, the most ordinary and mediocre kind.

This kind of powerhouse with only puppets as subordinates only left a pitiful amount of achievement behind. At the peak of Noscent, some people inferred from very small clues that Bill George had once obtained the coordinates of the Raging Flame Plane and had come to this plane.

But he was rarely seen and never conquered the Raging Flame Plane. He only stayed in that plane for a very long time and had some connection to the Black Iron Beastmen. It was said that he had once come to the Radiant Fort.

After all, Bill Georges skill regarding alchemy puppets was really too outstanding. This was why many people had designs on his ruins.

But no one could find the true location of the important ruins. All they could find were some ruins that were mostly barren, and some of the ruins were just huge traps.

It wasnt until the peak of the Planar Colonization Era that people found some clues in other planes and inferred that Bill Georges ruins were in the Raging Flame Plane, below the Radiant Fort.

But that information had never been confirmed, because just when the expeditionary team finished their preparations, the coordinates of the Raging Flame Plane suddenly became ineffective.

They guessed that something must have happened in the Raging Flame Plane to cause the original coordinates to lose effect. No one was able to find the Raging Flame Plane from that point on, and Bill Georges ruins had completely disappeared.

Lin Yun wouldnt normally pay much attention to this kind of unconfirmed news. If he hadnt heard of the Radiant Fort, as well as several other names, Lin Yun wouldnt have remembered and come here to confirm it.

Now, it looked like this information was real, or at least the huge underground base with puppet assembly lines was real.

Apart from Bill George, Lin Yun couldnt think of anyone else.

Lin Yun opened his Demiplane and threw the inactive puppets into it.

The weakest of those puppets were at level 35, but now that they had lost energy, they were just a pile of components.

That was why Lin Yun dared to do this.