End Of The Magic Era Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Extraordinary Power


Haaa, forget it, I might as well just follow since I dont have to do anything. After all, this place is also considered part of the Radiant Fort. If Im lucky, I might get some more points. It would be even better if I could get some benefits.

There are so many puppets here If I can control a few, I wont have to be on the backseat any more. Hell, Im the 1st heir of the George Family of the Odin Kingdom, but now I actually have to depend on the mood of an Andlusan ant!

And the most important part is that this ant is too strong. Not to mention Mafa Merlin, even his few subordinates can easily kill me

Wagner had thoroughly given up. He chose to follow and made up his mind to not try to participate in the battle. If he wasnt forced to join in, then he would just follow along and enjoy the show. The best outcome would be if they encountered something dangerous and all died.

Lin Yun didnt care what Wagner was thinking about. Ever since they arrived here, Lin Yun wasnt planning on letting him fight anyways, as he had considered that this guy might be the descendant of Bill George, that mysterious, secretive, and abnormal Heaven Rank powerhouse. Who knew if there was some particularly special danger left?

Bill George hadnt cared about much during his life. His subordinates were all puppets, and the only thing that made others see him as a person was his relationship with the descendants he left behind. Bill George had cared a lot about his descendants.

In his later years, he had once personally led a puppet army to flatten an opposing Family because one of his descendants had been killed. Only when many Heaven Rank powerhouses appeared did Bill George withdraw his puppet army.

This was the reason that Lin Yun was bringing Wagner. A person with Bill Georges bloodline would certainly be useful here.

Everyone passed by the abandoned assembly line and slowly approached the underground base of operation.

Just as they were leaving that huge assembly line, a pathfinder Rock Puppet was burnt to ashes by an arm-thick Fire Bolt.

The Rock Puppet had been over three meters tall, yet it didnt leave a single fragment behind as it disappeared in an instant.

Lin Yun unhesitantly chanted three sounds, and the earth suddenly started swelling, causing a thick Earth Wall to suddenly rise out of the ground. After it reached eight meters in height, runes started appearing on its surface, and the Earth Wall was rapidly reinforced, causing its surface to shine with a metallic luster.

After the Earth Wall appeared, Lin Yun led everyone to fall back as he still chanted another incantation while a huge wheel shadow appeared behind him. Countless runes were moving within the wheel shadow before gushing out into the Earth Wall.

In an instant, countless runes gathered one by one and transformed into shackles that extended from the Earth Wall into the surrounding earth.

Lin Yun finished everything in one second. He had used the most purely defensive Earth Wall before reinforcing it a dozen times, and he ultimately used runes to fuse the Earth Wall with the ground in a few dozen meters around it, increasing the defense of that spell to an unimaginable realm.

But even after that, Lin Yun still fell back, so how could the others not know that this was a huge crisis? No one hesitated as they all followed after Lin Yun.

Sure enough, the especially thick Fire Bolt covered several hundred meters before striking the Earth Wall, making the earth shake.

The ground around the Earth Wall started cracking like porcelain, with the cracks creeping along the surface of the earth and expanding.

In just a bit over a second, the Earth Wall loudly exploded, sending fragments into the air that filled the entire sky.

Three thick Fire Bolts, seemingly ignoring the distance, instantly passed through the place where Lin Yun had been just a moment ago.

As the Fire Bolts flew over, the air was forcibly blown away and space somewhat distorted. The bolts disappeared after two to three seconds, leaving traces of the burning bolts in the sky. That was the power to tear through space, causing it to be unable to recover for a short moment

"Hell, what kind of monster is that? That Fire Bolt was as thick as an arm," Enderfa blurted in terror.

A normal Fire Bolt would be about as thick as a finger, and even as an Ultimate Spell, doubling this size would be quite decent already. Also, an ordinary Fire Bolt was red, while these Fire Bolts were actually a glaring light closer to the color of the sun.

They were already showing signs of reaching the limits of Ultimate Spells!

Lin Yun frowned and looked at the puppet in the distance.

That was a puppet similar to a spider. Eight legs, all several meters long, eight sinister and cold eyes, and numerous layers of runes covering its skin. The mana fluctuations emitted by that huge abdomen felt like a huge stone was pressuring their hearts.

Heaven Rank

A genuine Heaven Rank Puppet, and not a typical puppet at that!

That Fire Bolt was comparable to an 8th Tier single-target spell and far exceeded the power that a Fire Bolt should have This was something only Extraordinary Power could achieve.

"Careful, this is a true Heaven Rank Puppet. Although its only level 40, a level 39 puppet cant compare to it at all, as it can already use Extraordinary Power."

This huge spider puppets eight legs were like sharp, giant blades. The skin that almost looked like fur was made of countless barbed tips, and seeing it, no one would think that this fur was just decoration.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff, his body suddenly emitting a huge swirl of flames as he turned into a towering Flame Elemental.

The huge wheel shadow appeared behind him once again, and boundless runes were flowing within the wheel shadow. Even the Book of Death in his left hand had already appeared.

Terrifying mana fluctuations spread from Lin Yun. This was Lin Yun going all-out, and it was the first time he used all his power since he became a 4th Rank Archmage.

On the side, a deep Dragon Roar echoed as Reina leapt into the air and transformed into a graceful and slender Frost Dragon. The only difference from her original Dragon form was that there were two Dragon Horns like crystals growing from Reinas head, and her body also had undergone some changes. There were also countless spheres made of runes revolving in her surroundings, and the ice elements near her were drawing closer to her out of instinct.

A terrifying Dragon Might was released, and Reinas aura sharply increased in an instant. This was the first time Reina had changed into her Dragon Shape after having fused with the Ancient Poison Dragon.

On the other side, numerous runes also started appearing on Lin Yuns alchemy puppet. Those runes seemed to drill out from the puppets body before starting to collide and combine, seeming as if there were several spells being prepared within, ready to burst at any time.

Enderfa also had a rare serious expression, and his three faces kept changing positions as the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel frantically rotated. Mana surged like a tide and transformed into ripples that kept spreading from him.

Just as everyone was bursting with power, a crimson torrent came out of the spider puppets mouth. The pillar of fire thicker than a thigh instantly distorted the space around them.

The pungent burning smell spread as the light shone and appeared in front of Lin Yun, only taking a moment to travel several hundred meters.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff, and runes rapidly rushed out of the wheel shadow. At the same time, the ground started shaking violently.


A loud series of sounds echoed as six heavy Askrim Gates rose up from underground and clashed with the thick Fire Bolt.


In an instant, the six heavy Askrim Gates exploded into pieces, which didnt even have time to fly away before evaporating.

As for that thick Fire Bolt, it was barely slowed by the six layers of Askrim Gates as it kept charging towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun frowned as he used that small timeframe to Flame Flash a dozen meters away.

Seeing that ray rushing out from several hundred meters away, piercing through everything, and leaving spatial burn marks that took a long time to recover, Lin Yun knew how much trouble they were in.

That spell had already exceeded the Archmage realm, and with the addition of Extraordinary Power, it was actually comparable to an ordinary 9th Tier Spell.

Although the Askrim Gate was known as the most powerful ice-type defensive spell under the Heaven Rank, six of them together were barely able to gain him some time.

That was Extraordinary Power.

When facing over thirty puppets that were level 35 or above, Lin Yun had only needed three Askrim Gates to easily resist their attacks. The speed at which the other side destroyed the Askrim Gates couldnt catch up to his casting speed.

But that kind of method had no effect on a Heaven Rank Puppet. None of their defensive spells would be able to resist this puppets spells. They could only manage to delay them a bit so that they could dodge.

After that attack, it was as if the prelude to the battle had officially started. That spider puppet opened its eight ice-cold eyes, and its eight long legs quickly got on the move. The huge body couldnt be stopped as its speed was terrifyingly fast. It took only one second to move several dozen meters.

With the spider puppets charge, the runes on its body shone one by one.

As those eight legs propelled it forward, over a hundred golden rays of light burst out of the puppet It was as if over a hundred Divine Archers had shot their arrows at the same time.

Sharp continuous sounds echoed as countless spikes pierced through the air, creating sonic booms. Even the space was pierced by the golden spikes.