End Of The Magic Era Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Your Turn


Lin Yun returned to the assembly line hall, followed by Xiuban, Enderfa, and the puppet.

He turned and saw that the Earth Wall had already collapsed. Runes had shone on the five eyes of the spider puppet, but four of them had already dimmed. The runes were combined onto the remaining eye.

And as the runes finished assembling, an illusory image appeared above the puppet.

That image had the upper body of a woman with six long arms, and the lower body of a thick snake. Her hair was also made of small, squirming vipers that seemed ready to devour a person in an instant.

Following its appearance, that phantoms eyes rapidly congealed.

Only the eyes of that illusory phantom seemed real. That pair of eyes, which seemed to suck peoples souls in, had a deep black rune slowly flickering within.

In an instant, Reinas draconic tail started turning ash gray, and it spread across her body like a ripple, turning her body into stone as it moved.

Once Reina reached the assembly line, the puppet stopped casting and the illusory shadow also dissipated.

After reaching the ground, Reina transformed back into a human, but her legs had turned into stone.

Fear was etched into Reinas face. She roused her mana, but it couldnt spread to her feet It was as if her two legs no longer belonged to her.

"Hell, Medusas Eyes! Damnit, the original owner of this place was a lunatic, he actually enchanted eight Medusas Eyes spells onto that puppet. That spider puppets eyes were unexpectedly all taken from Medusas"

Cold sweat trickled down Lin Yuns forehead. That had been too close. He had guessed that the eight eyes might have some powerful spells, but no one would have thought that the eight eyes were actually Medusas Eyes.

Only the eyes dug out from a living Heaven Rank Medusa could be enchanted into Medusas Eyes, which would summon the phantom of a Medusa while casting, making that spell reach the 9th Tier!

It wasnt something an ordinary petrifaction spell could compare to, because Medusas Eyes possessed Extraordinary Power.

Medusas were said to be Extraordinary lifeforms, and they were very few in number. Each adult Medusa was at the Heaven Rank. Even if an adult Dragon encountered a Medusa, they would take a detour. No one was willing to provoke such a frightening being.

Medusas were innately able to use Medusas Eyes. As long as they began to use the ability while they could see someone, regardless of the distance or gap, it would definitely hit.

Any lifeform hit by Medusas Eyes would turn into stone. Their body would be thoroughly petrified, and their soul would be trapped in a stone sculpture, forever unable to escape. Ultimately, as time passed, their soul would be destroyed, and their body would be left as just a stone carving.

Medusas hadnt appeared for countless years, and during that time, the Chromatic Dragons and Pureblood Elves ruled Noscent.

Once, there was a peak Heaven Rank Jade Dragon that unknowingly came across a Medusa Tribe. The leader of that Medusa Tribe, a 9th Rank Heaven Medusa, used Medusas Eyes to look at that powerful Jade Dragon.

The Jade Dragon wasnt even able to resist before turning into a lifelike stone statue. Afterwards, a Three-Headed Golden Dragon personally came to negotiate with that Medusa Tribe before ultimately taking the statue of the Jade Dragon and leaving, not daring to retaliate.

Medusas were experts at holding grudges. Holding a grudge for centuries, or even a millennium, was very normal for them. One could only dare to provoke a Medusa if they could kill the entire Tribe without leaving a trace for other Medusas to find.

Otherwise, the only thing that awaited an offender would be a crazy revenge. It didnt matter what happened When a group of snake-haired Medusas went crazy, they wouldnt understand any human concepts.

Bill George actually used the eyes of eight Medusas as materials. This was extremely daring, as it would even be better to challenge a Chromatic Dragon.

Lin Yun looked at the spider puppet from afar and faintly guessed that in the past, Bill George might have escaped to the Raging Flame Plane for many years because of these eyes. The fact that he had killed at least four Heaven Rank Medusas might have been exposed.

There had been a famous Medusa Queen in the Endless Sea during the 3rd Dynasty. No creature dared to go within several thousand kilometers of that location. If it was known that Bill George killed at least four Heaven Rank Medusas, then the 3rd Dynasty would have acted as if theyd seen nothing.

If Bill Georges bloodline hadnt been cleanly killed off, this matter should have remained concealed.

Lin Yun wiped the sweat off his forehead. While Lin Yun had known beforehand that Bill George was treacherous, murderous, and had a perverse character, he hadnt expected that guy to be so brazen and sinister.

Eight eyes from Medusas were actually enchanted onto a level 40 spider puppet. Who would have thought that Bill George would be so extravagant?

But now, that spider puppet had stopped attacking, and the bright runes on its body had completely dimmed. It was only calmly waiting there just like a huge statue of a spider.

Lin Yun opened his Demiplane and took out a drop of God Blood from within. He dripped a bit of it on Reinas petrified legs. In an instant, fierce mana fluctuations spread and began confronting the terrifying power afflicting Reinas legs.

One side was the innate ability of Medusas, while the other was a Gods power. After a handful of seconds, the power within that drop of God Blood dissipated, while Reinas petrified legs slowly turned pale before regaining their original color.

Lin Yun frowned. Only a Medusa or an even higher power could remove the curse-like petrifaction of Medusas Eyes.

But even a drop of God Blood unexpectedly needed a handful of seconds to break this curse. The one that the eye had come from was at the very least a 5th Rank Heaven Medusa!

Digging out the eye of a 5th Rank Heaven Medusa to enchant it on an alchemy puppet Lin Yun hadnt expected Bill George to be that crazy.

After resolving Reinas petrifaction curse, Lin Yun looked at the spider puppet in the distance before massaging his temples.

They definitely couldnt defeat it if they attacked now. That spider puppet was too frightening, a true Heaven Rank powerhouse. If a Heaven Rank reached this place and was careless, they would definitely end up dying to Bill George.

They could only use other methods to avoid this spider puppet.

It had started attacking when they entered, but it didnt react when they were near the assembly line.

Lin Yuns first guess was right: That spider puppet had been ordered to kill any lifeform entering its defensive perimeter. That was why it hadnt attacked before and suddenly went crazy.

As long as they remained outside that perimeter, that puppet would completely ignore their existence.

But Lin Yun made two laps around the assembly line, using his Magic Array and Mage Eyes, only to find that there was only one path onwards and that they had to pass through the spider puppets defensive perimeter.

Or they could just turn back

Lin Yun glanced at the pale and scared Wagner and thought over what had just happened.

Although Wagner hadnt attacked, he had also entered the spider puppets zone of aggression with the others.

But the puppet didnt attack him at all! Even its indiscriminate large-scale attacks didnt fall near Wagner!

More importantly, when the spider puppet used Medusas Eyes, even Lin Yuns alchemy puppet and a Magic Tool Incarnation like Enderfa were targeted by it

Only three of the spider puppets eyes hadnt reacted. In other words, the spider puppet had truly ignored Wagner.

When they were escaping from the spider puppet, apart from Reina, Wagner was the slowest one!

He was far slower than Reina, yet the spider puppet only attacked Reina and didnt care about Wagner.

After thinking it through, Lin Yun was now certain that killing everyone who got to close wasnt the only order that the spider puppet had received!

It was likely that this spider puppets 1st order was to protect Bill Georges bloodline, or at least that it couldnt attack anyone with Bill Georges bloodline! The least likely possibility was that these two orders had the same priority. Also, Wagner hadnt attacked when entering the puppets defensive perimeter.

Bill George was just as the books depicted him He was very apathetic to everything and had no subordinates other than his puppets, yet he cared a lot about his bloodline.

He slew Medusas and dug out their eyes, potentially bringing him and his descendants a huge amount of trouble, yet he left those eyes behind to protect his bloodline. That guy had been a living contradiction.

Lin Yun thought about it deeply before waving to Wagner.

"Wagner, its your turn now."

Wagner turned pale, and his back started to get damp with sweat.

Damnit, Im not blind! How could I not see how powerful that puppet is? Thats a genuine Heaven Puppet! You all attacked together and almost got killed! That terrifying woman is actually a Frost Dragon, yet she could only run!

What a joke, you want me to go? I knew it! That damned guy had evil intentions, he wanted to get rid of me!