End Of The Magic Era Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Gravity Rune


At this time, the very first Sky Steel Rock had already reached the ground. Rock Giants were standing all across that span of a hundred and thirty meters, supporting the Sky Steel Rocks to stall for time, but they could only hold them up for over a second.

Wagner would definitely die.

Facing such a heavy block of this material that couldnt be affected by magic or elements No shields and no spells could stop it, so being smashed was inevitable.

Wagner was still flashing frantically, but Lin Yun had already calculated the outcome. Wagner would at most reach the area under the last Sky Steel Rock before being crushed to death.

Lin Yun had no good way to resist that kind of terrifying weight. Even if he sent Xiuban to support it, he would end up being crushed.

Lin Yun didnt have much time to think as he raised his Draconic Staff, his mana flaring up and surging. A strange incantation rapidly came from his mouth.

An inauspicious and evil vortex appeared under the Sky Steel Rock, and a rich Infernal aura burst out.

In an instant, a huge arm stretched out of the Hell Gate and pushed against the falling Sky Steel Rock.

"Grrr, no one can stop me in this world"

Words that sounded very sinister came from the vortex as that large hand blocked the Sky Steel Rock, or at least tried Runes instantly appeared on that cyan Devil as it increased its power, but it had no effect on the Sky Steel Rock.

"Sh*t, Sky Steel Rock!"

Seeing the Sky Steel Rock being merely slowed somewhat while still resolutely pressuring down, that voice coming from the Hell Gate flew into a rage.

Meanwhile, Wagner successfully escaped and joined the others with the help of the Devils appearance.

After a second, that Devils arm was forced back into the Hell Gate as the Sky Steel Rock smashed straight into the gate, thoroughly destroying it.

Enderfa was alarmed as he looked at Lin Yun.

"Damn, Merlin, you are too much! You actually opened a Hell Gate and summoned a Hellish Overlord! You are done for, he definitely wont forget your aura"

Lin Yun sneered.

In such a situation, what could have worked better than opening a Hell Gate and recklessly summoning a Devil Overlord?

With the amount of mana used to open the Hell Gate, hellish lifeforms would inevitably answer to the summons, but they all had really bad natures. They would almost always attack the person who called upon them, because if they were able to eliminate the summoner, they would be able to remain in that plane forever. That way, they wouldnt need to return to a nasty place like Hell.

If they couldnt defeat their summoner, the Hellish lifeforms would consider serving them.

The power that Lin Yun had used when casting the Hell Gate was that of a 9th Rank Archmage.

Opening the Hell Gate inevitably attracted a Heaven Rank Devil, but Lin Yun hadnt expected a Devil Overlord.

As for the matter of his mana aura being remembered, Lin Yun only chuckled. The mana he had used to summon the Hell Gate wasnt his at all. He had used Mana Water as a catalyst, so that was the aura of Mana Water.

It belonged to a God

It was the mana from the Demiplane that had been affected by a Gods Soul Fragment. Lin Yun truly didnt believe that a Devil Overlord could fail to sense the aura of a God.

Even a Gods descendant wasnt someone a Devil Overlord would dare to provoke.

Thus, he was used by Lin Yun as manpower before returning to Hell with apprehension, wondering if a Gods descendant had their eyes on him.

Enderfa rolled his eyes as he realized this before looking at Lin Yun with admiration.

"Merlin, you are more resourceful than I am. To dare use a Devil Overlord like that"

Lin Yun ignored Enderfa and instead looked at the exhausted Wagner. That guy seemed to be in an awkward state, but he hadnt been injured at all. He was just terrified.

If not for Lin Yuns quick-witted decision to open a Hell Gate and use a Devil Overlord to support that last Sky Steel Rock, he might have already been crushed to death.

Lin Yun took one more look at the passage behind them. Seeing that it was blocked by all the Sky Steel Rock, he knew that they could only move forward now and that there was bound to be danger awaiting them.

As Bill Georges greatest masterpiece, the entire base was a puppet. If they werent careful, even Heaven Rank powerhouses could die there.

Fortunately, that huge puppet wasnt a large war puppet, and Bill George probably didnt think that someone would enter his base, so there wasnt danger at every step.

After resting for a bit, Lin Yun led the others down the path. They didnt go far before numerous runes suddenly appeared on the walls on both sides. A crack appeared on the ground, which opened up, revealing spikes.

The floor slowly turned into a visible trap that kept expanding. And behind everyone, another square-shaped Sky Steel Rock fell down, firmly blocking the way back.

When the floor was about to open up completely, a series of runes flew out from Lin Yuns hands and turned into chains that stopped the ground from spreading, giving them a bit more time.

A deep chant slowly echoed as the runes on the walls and ceiling all shone and the air fiercely shivered.

Everyone felt the gravity frantically increase, and within three seconds, the gravity had doubled in strength and was still growing stronger.

The air in the passage started sinking as air rose from below, and slowly, because of the gap in air pressure, gales began to sweep over and encircle them like a sphere, each layer continuously revolving while letting out whistling sounds.

Now, they only had one choice, and that was to go through this hundred-meter-long pitfall.

Lin Yun used Mana Shield, but because of the omnipresent gravity, the shield was deformed.

"We must go through as fast as possible, the gravity will keep on increasing over time and we soon wont be able to escape," Lin Yun said in a soft voice.

The sharp spikes were made of solid metal and had many Magic Penetration Runes and Magic Cover Runes. Spells simply couldnt destroy these sharp spears. There was even a layer of black liquid at the bottom of the trap. It was a kind of poisonous water from hell, and being slightly exposed to it would affect ones mana.

Lin Yun cast an Ice Wall in front of him, and just as the wall condensed, it was forcibly torn apart by the gravity and sent crashing down.

Those sharp spears were like warm knives cutting through butter as they pierced through the ice fragments with apparently no resistance. And before the Ice Wall fell to the bottom, the bigger chunks broke down into many ice fragments, completely shattered by the gravity.

The further down it went, the more powerful the gravity was. Not only had it kept increasing, but if it continued, it would be at least ten times as powerful, up to twenty or thirty times when falling into the hole.

At that time, magic shields wouldnt be able to withstand such terrifying gravity, and while their shields were shattered, they would die miserable deaths.

Something like gravity was different from other powers. It could affect every cell of ones body, and after losing the mana protection, the heart, stomach, brain, and all other important organs, would directly be subjected to the increased gravity.

The blood produced by the heart would no longer be able to flow to the head due to the force, and the blood circulating throughout the entire body would be squeezed into the lower half. Even bones would be unable to support their own weight and would shatter into pieces.

Apart from Xiuban, whose brain was made of muscle, no one here could rely on their body to withstand that terrifying power.

Lin Yun frowned and immediately understood why this trap had suddenly appeared; it was because this trap only relied on strength. With insufficient strength, it was simply impossible to make it through. If one was too slow, they wouldnt be able to keep up with the increase in the gravitational pull, and they would be torn apart as they were dragged down.

When Noscent developed to its peak, there were some planes that few people had managed to conquer, and Elemental Planes were among them.

Greater Flame Overlords in the deepest parts of first-rate Fire Planes released flames that even Fire Elemental Incarnations couldnt completely resist. Those were thoroughly destructive flames that could even burn flames.

And in Earth Planes, the closer to the center of the plane, the stronger the gravity. Those who went to such places were usually particularly powerful Sword Saints as well as some races relying on their bodies. But no one had gone to the center where gravity made space collapse.

Even light couldnt escape the terrifying gravity and would be distorted into a huge halo.

The most famous punishment during the peak of the Magic Era was to throw someone into the center of an Earth Plane. Regardless of how powerful the powerhouse was, there had been no record of anyone ever coming out.