End Of The Magic Era Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Bill George 2


"We dont know how many Heaven Rank Puppets there are in this base. You are the only one able to fuse with this control gem without suffering from a backlash. Go and fuse with it!"

Sensing more and more auras coming from the entrances while Lin Yuns group was making preparations for battle, Wagner paled, but with a trace of pleasant surprise apparent in his eyes.

He unhesitantly grabbed that golden gem and put it against his forehead.

A blood mark suddenly appeared between his brows and his skin split open, allowing a thread of blood to be absorbed by the golden gem.

In an instant, the gem scattered a gentle light and appeared to be slowly melting, transforming into a golden liquid that entered Wagners skull through that wound.

Wagners complexion kept changing as the golden gem fused with his body and he automatically obtained a lot of information regarding this base: How to control and arrange the base, the effects of each room All kinds of information rushed into his mind.

After a few seconds, those puppets suddenly stopped. Just like an army being ordered by their superior, they slowly stood to the side and remained motionless.

Wagner gasped, a pleasant shock apparent in his eyes.

Damn, this entire base really is a puppet! Apart from the Heaven Rank Puppets, there are also many ready-made puppet armies, a completely intact puppet assembly line, and rooms specialized for the manufacture of all kinds of components.

And labor puppets are also in charge of creating the components. Having all this means having a base with a steady flow of manufactured puppets as long as it is supplied with materials.

The puppets would be at least level 30, and the speed could increase at least tenfold if the process was changed to manufacture puppets below that level.

Heavens, just by relying on the ready-made puppets, I can immediately create a puppet army of level 35 puppets! That power is even stronger than the army I brought before! No, its not just stronger, it far surpasses it!

Now that everything in this base is under my control, how could I still follow Mafa Merlin? Following him to get some leftovers? Not anymore, Im the one in charge now! As long as I want, Mafa Merlin and his subordinates can all die here.

Ill lead the puppet army and sweep through everything outside! Who can still be my opponent?

Wagner looked happy and didnt prevent the puppets from continuing to come in. In fact, his next order was to have the puppets protect him.

The group of puppets encircled Wagner to keep him safe while more and more puppets arrived from outside.

Wagner was laughing his head off. "Hahaha, Mafa Merlin, Im the one in charge now, everything here is under my control! The Radiant Fort is also mine. You can choose to serve me. Ill be the leader and you can be my advisor"

Lin Yun looked at Wagner expressionlessly. On the side, Enderfa flew over with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel with no intention of starting a fight. He gave the rebelling Wagner a sympathetic look.

"This idiot is done for"

Enderfa barely finished speaking when Lin Yun suddenly said, "Lord Shawn, its time for work."

As Lin Yun finished speaking, a wisp of smoke suddenly came out of the ring that Wagner had put on and formed a wolfs head looking at Wagner with disdain.

"Damn scoundrel, couldnt keep yourself well-behaved? Truly troublesome"

Wagner drew back in fright as he saw Shawn coming out of the ring. He then immediately tried to remove the ring but was unable to.

Shawn seemed to have noticed something and fiercely scolded Wagner, "Damned scoundrel, you actually dared to curse the great Lord Shawn!" Shawn transformed into a wisp of smoke entering Wagners head.

Wagner let out a blood-curdling screech as his face became paler and paler, continuously shedding tears as he rolled on the ground while holding his head.

It seemed that Enderfa couldnt bear to look straight at it.

"Idiot, you actually dared to casually keep the item Merlin gave you, the Magic Tool that Lord Shawn is living in

It looks like Lord Shawn had already opened a door to that guys soul before he appeared. Eh, damn, this is the sound of his soul being torn apart, it hurts just thinking about it"

Even Lin Yun didnt have the heart to look at it. Each time he saw Lord Shawn work, he had that unbearable feeling. The idea of a soul being torn apart in Lord Shawns hands was quite unpleasant.

Lin Yun had noticed that this guy couldnt keep calm, and their encounter with Illusory Soul Fire, gave Lin Yun a convenient reason to hand over Shawn. Since then, Shawn had already opened a backdoor to Wagners soul while helping him resist the Illusory Soul Fire.

A backdoor Shawn could use anytime Poor guy, he actually dared to curse Shawn inwardly, and Shawn must have been stifled after having nothing to do for so long.

After a few seconds, Wagner started begging for forgiveness while still rolling around and clutching his head.

"Lord Shawn, spare me, I wouldnt dare, I wouldnt dare think like this! Sir Merlin, I was wrong! I made a mistake, please make Lord Shawn stop!

"Lord Shawn, I was wrong, I was wrong, please let me know what I should do and Ill listen! Please stay your hand! I beg you, stay your hand"

Wagner was weeping, even the people watching felt pity for him.

At this time, Lin Yun said, "Lord Shawn, dont push him all the way to his death, you wont be able to toy with him later"

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Shawn came out of Wagners head and looked at the weeping man with disdain before returning to the ring.

After Shawn disappeared, Wagner crawled up while shaking from fear. His body couldnt help shivering, and he didnt even need Lin Yuns command to send those puppets back to their posts.

The surrounding entrances were also closed, making the control center regain its initial appearance.

Lin Yun turned to walk out, and Wagner promptly followed him. The passage filled with Illusory Soul Fire was rapidly emptied until it looked like a completely different place. Wagner walked beside Lin Yun, wanting to say something, but he didnt dare to. He kept shivering as he looked at the ring on his left hand.

His soul had been forcibly torn open and everything had been controlled by someone, Wagner would rather die than experience it again.

Lin Yuns group was now heading for the exit. The passage that had been blocked by the Sky Steel Rock had returned to normal, and the blocks had returned to their original positions.

The spider puppet had also disappeared, and all traces of the traps they had originally encountered were gone.

"Get the assembly line manufacturing puppets back in order. Also, supply those labor puppets with energy."

After saying that, Lin Yun took out all the intact puppets he had collected before.

In the distance, a team of guard puppets walked over, took those puppets without energy, and left.

There was a space specially used for replenishing energy in that base, where the power absorbed by the Radiant Fort from the Abyss was provided to the puppets to keep the production going.

Wagner hesitated while looking at his left hand before finally steeling himself. "Err, Sir Merlin, regarding the matter of the base, there is something I think you should know"

"This base had stopped the production of puppets for a very long time, but it wasnt because of a lack of raw materials. There are actually still some materials stored in a warehouse. The production stopped because the time limit of the last order the base received had passed a very long time ago. Thus, apart from an elementary guard force and the base itself, everything had stopped, yet almost everything is in perfect condition.

"As long as the repair puppets are recharged and the bases magic apparatuses are revised or exchanged, the base will be able to work at full strength"

Wagner was very tactful and didnt say anything superfluous. He only briefly explained the situation of the base.

A trace of surprise flashed in Lin Yuns eyes. He originally thought that the production had stopped because the materials had run out. Lin Yun nodded, expressing his acknowledgment, before making Wagner restart the bases operations.

This times harvest was a lot bigger than he had thought. There was a large quantity of resources to manufacture puppets, as well as a base that could mass-produce puppets!

Apart from that, there were also a large number of ready-made puppets that only needed to be supplied with energy to be able to move.

Most of the ready-made puppets were support puppets, and although only a small fraction of the puppets were combat models, over a hundred could directly be mobilized.

And as time passed, the number would keep increasing. Once this base was fully operational, an army of puppets would be seen.

More importantly, this place had Illusory Soul Fire. A hidden worry was no more, and his soul had become purer.

After returning to the Radiant Fort, Lin Yun went into his own room and reached out for a book with a hide cover.

He had found it in the control room at the center of the base, and it looked like a personal diary. The name on the cover actually readBill George!