End Of The Magic Era Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Converging


Something happened as the group was trying harder to persuade him.

Lin Yuns expression changed, and he took out a magic beacon. A gentle light spread from the magic beacon, and a faint mana fluctuation similar to a breeze rustled the surroundings.

Lin Yun chanted a few sounds and poured mana into that magic beacon. In an instant, a glaring radiance blossomed out of the beacon, and the light took the shape of an illusory scene.

Within the scene, Harren and Jouyi were sitting in front of a round table, and the surroundings appeared to show that it was a meeting room.

"Sir Mafa, according to the agreement, we have already breached the Sunset Fort. Now, its your turn to honor your promise."

Harrens eyes looked somewhat exhausted, and his words were very dull.

But if anyone else heard the contents of that dull sentence, they would inevitably pale from fright.

The Sunset Fort wasnt an ordinary fort. Even a place like the Radiant Fort with its Black Iron Beastmen couldnt compare to the Sunset Fort.

The Sunset Fort could be considered the most important linchpin of the Raging Flame Beastmens defenses. It led to the central area of the Raging Flame Plane. The Sunset Forts contribution to the Raging Flame Beastmens ability to hold on for so long without being conquered was at least a few dozen times higher than that of other forts.

The human armies couldnt force their way into the core of the Raging Flame Plane because the Sunset Fort stood tall.

It was like a bridge between the Raging Flame Beastmen and the humans. With that fort in their hands, the Raging Flame Beastmen could keep resisting.

And if it was seized by the humans, it could be used as a springboard to charge their way into the core region of the Raging Flame Plane.

This would increase the success rate of the attack by at least 30%, and the final assault on the Raging Flame Plane would be finished faster.

Everyone understood the meaning behind this.

Lin Yun understood very well that even though the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower had joined forces, they had spent a lot of time attacking the Sunset Fort. The difficulty could be felt from Harrens unenergetic words.

At the start, the three forces cooperated, and this cooperation included the attack on the Raging Flame Plane.

Attacking the Raging Flame Beastmen was the first step. They gained a lot of points by killing their way into the hinterlands of the Raging Flame Beastmen as fast as they could.

Everyone knew the Odin Kingdom was very powerful, but to what degree? Only powerhouses like Harren and Jouyi knew.

The Odin Kingdoms three major forces took the lead, but they were only slightly stronger than the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower.

Among the seven major forces of the Andlusa Kingdom, only the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower could barely contend against the top three forces of the Odin Kingdom.

Even Harren acknowledged that all three Commanders of the three major forces were slightly stronger than him.

If they didnt find someone to tip the scales, they would have no chance of winning against the Odin Kingdom.

The Odin Kingdom had three major forces, while the Andlusa Kingdom only had two slightly weaker forces. It had now reached this step as they had continuously improved their plan, and Lin Yun had been waiting, waiting for Harren and Jouyi to take down the Sunset Fort.

"Sir Harren, Sir Jouyi, you can rest assured Since I agreed, Ill naturally accomplish it."

"Okay. Those are the coordinates of the Sunset Forts Teleportation Gate, we already built one so you can come over at any time."

The scene slowly disappeared, and the magic beacons rays of light shrank back. Lin Yun put away the beacon and slowly stood up.


Kurumus eyes shone like a fiery inferno. He suddenly straightened his body and put his right hand on his heart.

"Awaiting your command, Sir Merlin."

"Immediately build a Teleportation gate using those coordinates. Its time for war."

Kurumu immediately left after receiving the coordinates.

"Wagner, youll stay in the Radiant Fort, everyone else, with me."

Lin Yun looked at everyone and made this decision.

Wagner was the only one that could control the Radiant Forts underground base, so he had to stay behind, as the Radiant Forts importance was unquestionable. With Wagner here, the underground base would keep operating at full strength. Even if something unexpected happened, they would be able to resist.

A wisp of happiness flashed on Wagners face. He had been most afraid of being taken out by Lin Yun, yet he had been left behind to watch over the Radiant Fort.

Hahaha, thats perfect, Mafa Merlin is actually leaving me here by myself and taking everyone else away! He didnt even leave one person to check on me. This is perfect Once they are gone, Ill leave, and with no one watching over the Radiant Fort, Ill make a beeline for the Odin Kingdom! Who cares about the Raging Flame Planes matter?

Just as Wagner had these thoughts, he felt a surge of pain and started clutching his head while screaming before rolling on the ground.

After a dozen seconds, Shawn came out of Wagners head and patted his skull with a claw. "Wagner, I see that you havent learnt your lesson, you seem to be a very forgetful person"

Wagner paled and sat on the ground, terrified and repeatedly shaking his head.

"Lord Shawn, it was a joke, please dont take it seriously, how could I do such a thing"

Wagner was terrified, and the thoughts hed been having instantly disappeared. He had forgotten about Lord Shawn having a backdoor in his soul Perhaps all the soul torture was affecting his memory. He couldnt hide anything from Shawn, especially not these kinds of thoughts

Lin Yun ignored Wagner and Shawn as he walked out, minding his own business. He wasnt worried that Wagner would dare to pull a trick.

With Shawn there, even if that guy found a Heaven Rank powerhouse, the latter wouldnt be able to save him before his soul was torn apart.

Obediently guarding the Radiant Fort was the only option.

The Teleportation Gate was rapidly built, and there was only one problem left.

There were just too many people to teleport, and there were too many powerhouses.

Lin Yun, a 5th Rank Archmage with the power of a 9th Rank Archmage. If he used all his means, his combat power could be said to have reached the peak of the Archmage realm.

Reina, a level 39 Frost Dragon whose Life Essence had surpassed her race.

The mended puppet, originally a Heaven Rank that could now only display the power of a level 39 after having its components replaced.

Xiuban, a physically unstoppable Draconic Beastman who recently became a 7th Rank Sword Saint.

There was also the subordinate mage army in which the strongest was a 2nd Rank Archmage and the weakest was a 9th Rank High Mage.

And apart from the powerhouses, the most troublesome ones were the puppets

There were over a hundred puppets above level 35 in the underground base that he could take with him.

There were also a large number of weaker battle puppets, and there were even more that were made for casting spells. The total number was similar to an army.

The stronger one was, the more time and energy was needed for teleportation. Under normal circumstances, a living powerhouse could control their own power to reduce the energy used.

But these puppets were different They werent living beings, so the energy needed to transport them would correspond to their size and weight. The bigger and heavier they were, the more energy theyd consume.

Moreover, they were very powerful, so the amount of energy that the Teleportation Gate would use would be even higher.

The energy needed to send all of them to the Sunset Fort would be too great. It would take too much time if they wanted to all teleport over. Many materials would be needed to arrange a large-scale fixed Teleportation Array.

If they didnt do that much, then there could only be one option. First, some people would be sent over, and these would arrive the fastest. Then, the teleportation time for the remaining part of the army would be delayed.

Lin Yun estimated that with the energy of that Teleportation Gate, the puppet army might finish arriving on the evening of the 3rd day.

Moreover, this was by delaying the teleportation of Reina, the patched puppet, and Xiuban, who would use their power to help the new puppets through. Three days later in the evening was already the fastest option.

The first to arrive would be Lin Yun, followed by his subordinate mages.

After making some calculations, Lin Yun gave up on the idea of arranging a large-scale fixed Teleportation Array. Just the materials needed to set up a large-scale Teleportation Array would be too excessive, and the additional delay wouldnt be good either.

All that for one teleportation. The gains didnt make up for the losses. The most important part was the teleportation of the puppets.

After telling Wagner what he should pay attention to when guarding the Radiant Fort, Lin Yun led the fifty mages to enter the Teleportation Gate first.

The six-meter-tall Teleportation Gate was like a huge whirlpool of light, and anyone entering would instantly disappear.

After Lin Yun went in, the puppets followed.

These puppets would take three days to finish teleporting.

After three days, Reina and the rest would enter the Teleportation Gate.

On the other side, at the Sunset Fort.

In the center of Sunset Fort, on a huge stone plaza, an eight-meter-tall reflective vortex was calmly revolving.

Suddenly, the vortex of lights rotation started accelerating, and waves of mana fluctuations were emitted as ripples appeared on the Teleportation Gate.

Harren and Jouyi were already standing not far from the Teleportation Gate and were calmly waiting.

Suddenly, the mana fluctuations emitted by the whirlpool of light became even fiercer, and Harren and Jouyi slightly twitched.