End Of The Magic Era Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Wasted


The mana fluctuations on the Teleportation Gate definitely represented the strength of the person going through. If it was a Magic Apprentice, the time between the initial appearance of the mana fluctuations and that person walking out wouldnt exceed one second.

But it had already been eight seconds since the fierce mana fluctuations started fiercely emitting from the Teleportation Gate, yet the person inside still had yet to appear.

There was only one explanation: The person being teleported was a powerhouse, at least a Peak 9th Rank Archmage!

Only people like Harren and Jouyi would create such fierce mana fluctuations when going through.

Ordinary 9th Rank Archmages simply couldnt do so.

Due to that, Harren and Jouyi gave each other a meaningful glance. They knew that Mafa Merlins strength must have greatly increased during this period of time. Now, he was definitely on the same level as them.

Sure enough, the next moment, a foot stepped out of the Teleportation Gate, and Lin Yun walked out with a faint smile as if he was just going for a stroll.

After he appeared, the fifty mages followed behind him.

It wasnt until the last mage arrived that the Teleportation Gates whirlpool of light rapidly recovered and the mana fluctuations turned into a calm breeze.

"Welcome, Sir Mafa." Harren half-rose out of his chair, following proper mage etiquette.

On the side, Jouyi sighed as he followed suit while smiling towards Lin Yun.

This was a courtesy that would only be done when both sides were at the same level.

Whether it was Harren or Jouyi, they had already put Lin Yun on the same level as themselves. Lin Yuns rate of progress had far exceeded their imagination.

Lin Yun nodded with a smile and responded in kind.

"Sir Jouyi, you are really too polite. Im ashamed of having made my seniors wait here."

Harren smiled, clearly not minding it. It could be said that he had been paying attention to Lin Yun when he was still a Mage.

But at that time, it was due to Lin Yuns identity as an alchemist. It was completely different now.

Someone so powerful should be more focused on his strength and growth, not his other titles.

An extremely young Artisan was formidable, but that would be all in the end. It would mark their greatest accomplishment, and it could even make many people revere them. But it would still be missing something.

But if that Artisan was a powerhouse, then his talent would no longer be expressible with words.

And the speed of Lin Yuns growth made others feel numb.

Harren understood that based on this speed, Mafa Merlin might really advance to the Heaven Rank before he himself did.

And how could the people of the Sunset Fort not learn about Harren and Jouyi coming to welcome him in a friendly way?

After the three exchanged a few words, Harren and Jouyi led Lin Yun into a secret room to discuss.

Arrangements were also made for the fifty mages.

The contents of the secret discussion concerned the current situation of the Raging Flame Plane. No one knew the details of what would happen after joining up.

While Lin Yun was speaking with Harren and Jouyi, the news of Mafa Merlin and his subordinates arriving at the Sunset Fort already started spreading. Many people had seen Jouyi and Harren welcoming Mafa Merlin together.

Dephew Oliver smashed his teacup onto the ground before angrily shouting, "Damnit, Harren actually built that Teleportation Gate to get the Merlin Family to the Sunset Fort?"

He was shocked, in complete disbelief. We managed to take over the Sunset Fort with great difficulty and then immediately wasted materials and time to build a Teleportation Gate for the Merlin Family!? That Commander is only a member of the younger generation! And he only brought fifty people!?

Does Harren have slime in his brain? Damnit, although I heard that he appreciated that youth, I hadnt expected him to pull something like this! Is it just to let him gain some points?

F*ck, I especially rushed here from the Holy Land and brought along a large number of experts to help Harren. If not for me, he wouldnt have been able to attack the Sunset Fort that easily.

The Black Tower had been operating in the Raging Flame Plane for a long time, and this is the first time we attacked the Sunset Fort, not to mention managing to capture it.

He is only a Chairman, shouldnt he be listening to me? I should be in charge of everything.

Who gave him the authority, damnit? He actually dared to not listen to my commands, and so did those f*cking members of the Black Tower! They only agreed on the surface and then did the opposite, only listening to Harren.

And even then, how could they join forces with the Cloud Tower? Sh*t, that scoundrel Harren is a pig, did he actually forget of the deep enmity between our two Towers?

Could it be that hes forgotten that the Black Tower has always been at odds with the Cloud Tower? His time as a Chairman hasnt been short, so how could he not know of the deep hatred between our Holy Lands?

Yet, this damned guy actually joined forces with the Cloud Tower to attack the Sunset Fort. I shall watch how he apologizes to the Holy Land after returning!

Dephew was extremely angry, and he had always been unhappy with the Raging Flame Planes matters.

He wasnt happy about Harren joining hands with the Cloud Tower, but he couldnt do anything about it because the Cloud Towers Holy Land had also dispatched some support for the effort, and their backup was even more powerful than the forces brought by Dephew.

A group of Archmages had arrived at the Sunset Fort, of which four were at the 9th Rank. There were also a few dozen Low Rank Archmages and over a hundred High Rank Archmages.

Moreover, these people werent kind and sheltered. Dephew could see that they were veterans who had experienced countless battles. They had obviously fought in other planes for a very long time, and they were a bit stronger than other people at the same rank.

If that had been all, Dephew would have still expressed his displeasure. After all, even though the other side was very powerful, they wouldnt cause any huge internal conflict at this critical juncture, as the Black Towers side was also essential.

The most important part was the news hed obtained The Cloud Towers Holy Land had apparently dispatched a Heaven Rank powerhouse to provide assistance. After hearing this, how could Dephew still look for trouble with the Cloud Tower?

If the other side really had a Heaven Rank supporting them, then even if that person killed Dephew, the Black Tower wouldnt be able to do anything about it. No one would be able to save Dephew.

Dephew could only report this news to the Black Towers Holy Land, but before someone else arrived to back him up, he couldnt say anything to the Cloud Towers people. He would try to meet them as little as possible.

Dephew had been holding back his anger for some time when Lin Yun arrived.

This made him explode.

That idiot, Harren! He specially built a Teleportation Gate for that Mafa Merlin?

F*ck, is he kidding me? What kind of power can the Merlin Family have? A young Archmage, and fifty people? Fifty people? Youve got to be kidding me!

Those fifty people are just some Archmages, and the strongest is at the 2nd Rank. Arent they just cannon fodder?

Could it be that he wants to work together with the Black Tower on this? What kind of qualifications does he have?

Harren is an idiot! Not only did he custom-build a Teleportation Gate, but he personally went to welcome them. That fool is incorrigible. Is this something a Chairman should do? I must report to the Holy Land after returning and make them replace him with a less foolish person. If this continues, he will lead the Black Tower to its destruction.

Right, Mafa Merlin, I knew I recognized the name. Its that damned guy that killed Teachers disciple!

Harren you fool, if Teacher learns about this, youll definitely pay a steep price!

I cant make a move against the Cloud Tower, but that doesnt mean I cant do something to Mafa Merlin. What could that guy possibly contribute? He is completely taking advantage of the Black Tower to increase his point total, and even if hes supposed to act as cannon fodder, he brought suspiciously few people.

Right, Ill first look for that foolish Harren and ask him what he is doing. He isnt too qualified to be a Commander

Dephew frantically looked for Harren, who had just finished his private meeting with Lin Yun. When he found him, he instantly asked, "Harren, I see that you arent qualified to be a Commander, take a look at what you did! You built a Teleportation Gate for a small force like the Merlin Family!

"Are they qualified to cooperate with us? Dont you see the current situation? Our Andlusa Kingdom is pouring a lot of resources and manpower into the Raging Flame Plane, this is for everyones interests.

"Its not just breaking through the line of defense, we have to conquer the plane while competing with the Odin Kingdom in terms of points. If we lose that huge gamble, all of our Black Towers efforts over the years will be completely wasted! Wasted!

"Do you understand? Yet, at such a time, youre actually wasting energy to seek out such a small force. Take a look at who is leading the Merlin Familys forces!

"A young Archmage! How long has it been since Mafa Merlin advanced to the Archmage realm, a bit over half a year? Forget it, it doesnt matter Isnt he just cannon fodder, anyway?"