End Of The Magic Era Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Huge Losses


It had to be known that an army of Raging Flame Beastman with a Priest and one without a Priest were two totally different concepts.

If the other side was accompanied by a High Priest, the power that the army could display would be increased by at least 30%!

A change of 30% shouldnt be underestimated. The power that every single Raging Flame Beastman could display would be increased by 30%, so the human side would need to be at least 50% more powerful to guarantee the same results!

As they were unable to find a solution, news came out that the Beastman Army was already rushing towards the Sunset Fort and starting to surround it. It wouldnt take long before the Sunset Fort was completely under siege.

Lin Yun frowned but remained silent as he started making calculations.

As for Dephew, who had remained silent all along, when he heard that the Raging Flame Beastman Army had already arrived, his expression became very nasty and he couldnt help looking at Lin Yun.

"F*ck, this situation is entirely your fault! Mafa Merlin, do you want to say something?"

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Dephew and didnt answer.

Dephew angrily smacked the table and suddenly stood up. He clenched his teeth as he glared at Lin Yun.

"Got nothing to say? Haha, damn b*stard If it werent for you, how could we be in this situation? Sh*t, we built a Teleportation Gate to your Radiant Fort and had you come to help, but what kind of power did you bring? A pitiful group of fifty High Mages, oh, no, there is still a 2nd Rank Archmage, isnt there? Such an amazing force"

"You want to work with us with that much power? You are going to get everyone killed at a crucial time!

"B*stard, dont tell me you dont know what would happen if the Sunset Fort falls into enemy hands? We barely managed to get a key opportunity in this huge gamble, but it has been completely destroyed in your hands!

"Our Black Tower and the Cloud Tower would be damaged here, and the entire Andlusa Kingdom will be over. Dont even mention victory in the general attack over the Raging Flame Plane. The Raging Flame Plane has nothing to do with us anymore!

"This is all because of you, you shameful b*stard. You actually dared to come with such paltry strength. If your strength wasnt good enough, you should have just said it! You are just harming others, you are harming everyone!

"If the Teleportation Gate had been linked to the Black Tower or the Cloud Towers Holy Lands, we would have been able to receive support to resolve this crisis, as well as greatly strengthen our attacking power. We would have been able to sweep through those Raging Flame Beastmen.

"But now? Take a look at your forces! Are they even enough to serve as a snack for those mindless Raging Flame Beastmen?

"The opportunity has been completely wasted in your hands, everyone is going to die because of you! The entire Andlusa Kingdoms shot at victory has been wasted because of you, how can you not immediately apologize for your offense? How can you still have the cheek to sit here?"

Dephew was fuming, his face was extremely red. He kept angrily slamming the table and panting as he fiercely criticized Lin Yun, looking as if he wanted to get rid of him now.

The others remained calm as Dephew had his outburst. Although Dephews words were a bit exaggerated, they werent without reason. Jouyi and Harren knew about Lin Yuns outstanding fighting power, but in the current situation, the fighting strength of a single person under the Heaven Rank wouldnt have enough of an effect.

They needed quantity, a genuine mage army, a large number of well-coordinated people able to resist the current crisis.

The Cloud Tower and the Black Towers forces numbered about four hundred to five hundred, and each of them had several dozen Archmages. Even the weakest Archmage had pretty good fighting power.

As for Mafa Merlin, he had only taken fifty subordinates along, and the strongest was a 2nd Rank Archmage, with a number still at the 9th Rank of the High Mage realm.

The difference in power was too great.

If the Teleportation Gate had indeed been connected to the Cloud Tower or the Black Towers Holy Lands, then, although they would have had to spend a huge amount of energy and time to conduct interplanar teleportation, it would have truly saved them at this moment.

It was just that neither Jouyi nor Harren had decided to connect the Teleportation Gate to their respective Holy Land.

The hatred between the Cloud Towers Holy Land and the Black Towers Holy Land was far greater than the grievances between the two forces in general. Jouyi and Harren bickered when they met, but there was still the possibility of cooperating, while the members of the two Holy Lands would unhesitantly get rid of their counterparts if they met.

As long as there was an opportunity, whether it was someone from the Cloud Towers Holy Land or the Black Towers Holy Land, they absolutely wouldnt let go of an opportunity to harm the other.

In such a situation, how could they set up their one Teleportation Gate to one sides Holy Land? A 3rd party was the best option, and Lin Yun was the best choice. After all, Jouyi and Harren felt that Mafa Merlins force was the strongest within the Andlusa Kingdoms seven major forces.

But the two hadnt thought that this would happen

Seeing that no one was speaking up in favor of Lin Yun, Dephew became even fiercer, pointing at Lin Yun and preparing to curse at him.

But Lin Yun had finished his calculation and calmly asked, "Who said the 50 mages were my only subordinates?"

Dephews cold face froze for a moment as he looked at Lin Yun with surprise before sneering.

"Mafa Merlin, saying you are a waste is rating you too highly! You are also a swindler. Do you think this is the time? Do you think you can trick everyone? You are a traitor and you are trying to drag us down so that we will be wiped out!"

Lin Yun slowly stood up, and Dephew instantly started emitting mana fluctuations.

"What? Worried because I discovered you? Ashamed? Angry? Hmpf, lemme see how you use your tongue, damn b*stard. This time, no one can save you. And not just you, your Merlin Family should await our fury!"

Lin Yun seemed to think of Dephew as one might think of a toddler throwing a tantrum.

"My subordinates will arrive quickly, you only need to follow me for a bit. In ten minutes, a huge army will appear."

A wisp of doubt flashed across Dephews face.

Is that Mafa Merlin saying the truth? He really has more forces incoming? And a huge army? Impossible, absolutely impossible. If his subordinates were that powerful, how come he didnt bring them earlier, why wait until now? That guy must be stalling for time!

No way, that doesnt make sense either. Even if he wants to stall for time, ten minutes is nothing Could he really have an army? How could the Merlin Family have such a formidable force?

The fifty mages could actually be considered followers, but a huge army? Wouldnt that be at least a few hundred mages? A few hundred Archmages? No way, thats impossible If that were really the case, wouldnt that mean that Mafa Merlin personally controls power comparable to that of the Black Tower and Cloud Tower? Maybe even a bit more?

Dephew couldnt believe it, but he was a bit worried. What should he do if it turned out to be true?

Lin Yun left the meeting room and reached the wide space in the center of the Sunset Fort before waiting in front of the Teleportation Gate, with Jouyi and Harren following after him.

Time slowly passed, until the whirlpool at the center of the Teleportation Gate started slowly revolving and expanding. The hole at the center of the whirlpool was growing in size.

This was the sign of someone coming through the Teleportation Gate.

This proved that Lin Yun at least hadnt lied about having subordinates that had yet to pass through the Teleportation Gate.

At that time, even Dephew remained silent, as did everyone else.

Ten minutes soon passed, and the mana fluctuations coming from the Teleportation Gate became fiercer and fiercer, but it hadnt grown much in size.

Dephew sneered as he looked at the Teleportation Gate.

"Mafa Merlin, it looks like you are truly trying to trick everyone! Its already been ten minutes, and where is your army? Are you trying to insult us? You will have to pay a severe price! Even if you survive, youll be screwed. As for the Merlin Family behind you, theyll pay a disastrous price!"

Lin Yun looked at the Teleportation Gate and just remained silent. The teleportation was going smoothly. After all, puppets needed more energy when teleported, and given the number of them, the energy needed would be astronomical. Several dozen spirit mana crystals had to be used on the portal in the Radiant Fort for these puppets to go through.

The delay in the teleportation time greatly lessened the energy needed for the teleportation and lightened the burden on the Teleportation Gate, but they still needed to extract some of the Abyssal Power extracted by the Radiant Fort to accomplish this.

"They should be here in a moment," Lin Yun mumbled as he looked at the Teleportation Gate.

Dephew sneered, "Mafa Merlin, it looks like you think everyone is an idiot. Would the mana fluctuations be like this when a huge army of mages teleports over? You are insulting everyones intellect!"

Lin Yun turned around and shot a glance at Dephew while sneering, "Moron, who told you that my army would create formidable mana fluctuations when going through a Teleportation Gate?"

Dephew coldly sneered, "Mafa Merlin, dont think everyone is an idiot! Everyone here knows that mana fluctuations like this would only be emitted when a few dozen High Mages and a few Low Rank Archmages are teleported. What, do you believe that such a pitiful force can change the tides of the battle? You are too naive."

Lin Yun didnt feel like teaching Dephew a lesson, as the battle was about to start. He turned and said, "Sir Jouyi, Sir Haren, it looks like my subordinates will be here in three minutes. When they start to arrive, please open the entrance to the Sunset Fort, and Ill have my army charge towards the Raging Flame Beastmen.

"When the time comes, please coordinate your attacks. All our elites should take care of the Raging Flame Beastmens elites, especially those at the 9th Rank, please pin them down.

"Otherwise, Id lose too many subordinates, and they wouldnt be able to withstand the Raging Flame Beastmens army of ten thousand.

Jouyi and Harren glanced at each other, both worried.