End Of The Magic Era Chapter 884

Chapter 884 Reinforcements


Ultimately, Jouyi asked, "Sir Mafa, we have known each other for a long time. I know that you arent the kind of person to boast, especially in this kind of critical situation, but I still want to ask Is there really going to be an army appearing?"

Harren was also hesitating.

How could people on their level fail to see that the mana fluctuations coming from the Teleportation Gate werent especially powerful? There couldnt be a huge army coming from it. Ten Low Rank Archmages, or maybe a single 9th Rank Archmage could produce mana fluctuations like this.

Lin Yun glanced at the portal and grinned.

The mana fluctuations coming from the Teleportation Gate were very smooth. There were no chaotic circumstances, which told him that there was no problem with this teleportation and that his army would arrive soon.

"Sir Jouyi, Sir Harren, please get ready, they will arrive soon."

Jouyi and Harren looked at each other. They had seen Lin Yuns confidence, and it inexplicably made them confident.

Lin Yun had frowned when hed first heard about the Beastmen already arriving, but now that he got to look at the Teleportation Gate, Lin Yuns face didnt have a single trace of worry.

With their understanding of Lin Yun, they knew that Lin Yun wasnt someone to be blindly confident. He would only act like that when he had assurance, and he would only smile when he was absolutely certain.

Jouyi softly nodded, and a few runes flew out of Harrens hands towards the entrance of the Sunset Fort. Whenever Harren wanted to, the entrance of the Sunset Fort would immediately open.

Dephew coldly glanced at Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, Ive already seen through your tricks. Since you want to die, knock yourself out, go fight those Raging Flame Beastmen. You damned b*stard, if it werent because of a wastrel like you, how could we be forced back to this degree? If you dont die this time, the Black Tower will definitely request an explanation from you.

"If you die, then thatll be the end for you, but the Merlin Family will have to give us an explanation. Youll be the biggest sinner if we lose to the Odin Kingdom now. Your Merlin Family will have to give an account to every power of the Andlusa Kingdom!

"This is your final opportunity now, dont try to deceive us! Get the f*ck out of the Sunset Fort! Go fight those Raging Flame Beastmen to atone for your crimes!"

Dephew was already emitting mana fluctuations as he was getting ready to force Lin Yun out of the Sunset Fort. But there were over ten thousand Raging Flame Beastmen outside. Going out under such circumstances would definitely be suicide.

Lin Yun attentively watched the Teleportation Array, not paying attention to Dephew.

Suddenly, he let out a small shout. "Open the door!"

Harren subconsciously roused his mana and controlled the entrance of the Sunset Fort to start to open.

Jouyi had a solemn expression on his face. Although he chose to believe Lin Yun, he made preparations in case Lin Yuns army couldnt resist.

Dephew was bursting with mana, sneering as he approached Lin Yun, intending to force him out of the Sunset Fort.

"Damned scoundrel! Now! Dont force me to do it myself, or you wont even have the chance to leave the Sunset Fort!"

At this time, the whirlpool at the center of the Teleportation Gate started releasing a large amount of light. It was like an Elemental Storms frantic mana fluctuations were spreading in the surroundings, wave after wave. Wind gusted around in the center of that huge plaza.

A white aura akin to mist gathered and revolved around the Teleportation Gate. The white waves condensed into terrifying mana fluctuations before transforming into a white tornado that spread over the horizon.

The Teleportation Gate could no longer be seen, as it had already been overloaded and transformed into a huge sphere of light. It seemed that the portal was ready to burst at any time.

"Heavens, what is this, who, heavens The Teleportation Gate cant bear it anymore, this How could this be?" Dephew stammered in fear before staggering backward in alarm.

This showed that the power being teleported was so terrifying that it already exceeded the limits of the Teleportation Gate.

The radiance blossomed and enveloped everything in the area, and the people within the Sunset Fort tacitly agreed to step away from it.

"Thump Thump"

Orderly and oppressive footsteps echoed from within the boundless glaring light.

From a few, it became a few dozen, before rapidly becoming a few hundred

It felt like steel-plated boots were ruthlessly trampling the floor as the army fiercely marched forward, those neat and precise footsteps felt like they were coming from one person.

As the footsteps grew in volume, the ground of the Sunset Fort started shaking with every step.

Within the light, everyone could faintly see a perfectly square-shaped formation walking out without making any clamor. Only the orderly and rhythmic sounds of their footsteps could be heard.

"Thump Thump"

And just with these footsteps, everyone was stunned.

An army? What the hell? You must be kidding me! Since when was there such a disciplined army in Noscent where several hundred people could march as one?

Dephew made a great effort to keep his eyes wide open as he looked at those faint shadows walking out of the Teleportation Gate with a pale expression.

That That That really is an army, a powerful army. If such an army met mages of the same level, they would absolutely roll over them, no It would be a one-sided massacre!

As for Jouyi and Harren, powerhouses that were used to such scenes for a very long time, they also stared blankly at the newcomers.

Their heartbeats were already synchronizing with the neat footsteps.

Slowly, the rays of lights started scattering, and the light of the Teleportation Gate slowly dimmed.

Numerous puppets appeared across the entire square!

A puppet army with the exact same appearance!

There were bright, metallic shells covered in runes and patterns enveloping the body of each puppet. Over a thousand puppets were standing in a square formation, lined up like seasoned soldiers awaiting their kings inspection.

There were eighty Level 35 puppets!

As well as eight hundred Level 30 puppets!

And at the front of the troops, the cold-faced Reina was wearing a combat robe. Three spheres of ice were continuously revolving around her. Her aura was shocking, she was only standing there, not intentionally spreading her aura, yet a thin layer of ice was spreading around her feet.

A puppet that visibly had some repairs was also standing at the front, but it was like a ruler of puppets No one could ignore it.

There was also Xiuban, standing tall at 2.5 meters, yet wielding an even bigger warhammer and releasing his aura of a 7th Rank Sword Saint without restraint. That berserk pressuring aura made everyone know that whoever treated him as an ordinary 7th Rank Sword Saint would end up dying miserably. Just by standing there, he left two clear imprints on the specially treated floor of the Sunset Fort, with fine cracks spiderwebbed around them.

There were also Lin Yuns three cousins and Enderfa floating in the air.

The light scattered, and Lin Yun stood in front of that army. Not a single sound came from the entire Sunset Fort. They all couldnt help but restraining their breathing as they foolishly looked at the scene in front of them.

Lin Yun nodded towards everyone before turning to look outside the Sunset Fort and shouting with a heavy voice.

"To battle."

That marked the start of the battle, and berserk aura started bursting out from the puppets, while terrifying mana fluctuations mixed together and formed a distorted mist.

Then, these mana fluctuations converged together and formed thunderbolts that crackled loudly, as if countless lightning snakes were dancing in the sky to raise the spirits of the army.

The patterns and arrays on the silent and unmoving puppets all shone.

The eight hundred Level 30 puppets and the eighty Level 35 puppets, who were even more organized than the strictest army, instantly transformed into shadows that rushed towards the Sunset Fort.

The terrifying auras raised gales.

Reina chanted in Draconic and instantly turned into a hundred-meter-long Frost Dragon before flying out of the Sunset Fort.

Xiuban bared his teeth as he shouted, "Lord Xiubans Carnage is starving"

Then, with a stomp of his feet, his entire body disappeared, and the stones that had been reinforced who knew how many times caved in, leaving a four-meter crater behind.

As for Lin Yuns mage army, they followed Kurumu and raised their Dragonscale Staves, causing boundless elemental flames to appear around them.

Flame Elementals stood up from the flames, and pairs of Flame Wings unfolded as the 50-mage army transformed into a cloud of flames flying out of the Sunset Fort.

At the same time, Lin Yun held his Draconic Staff and his body turned into an afterimage as he disappeared.

In less than three seconds, all of Lin Yuns forces had disappeared from the Sunset Fort.

The Sunset Fort was completely silent.

Dephew opened his mouth and foolishly looked at the puppets rushing out of the Sunset Fort.

Eighty Level 35 puppets

Eight hundred Level 30 puppets

All All of them humanoid puppets

Sh*t, thats Mafa Merlins army?

Dephews mind was in chaos, he couldnt think The scene of those hundreds of puppets appearing had been too shocking. He had lived for so many years, yet he had never seen so many puppets this powerful standing together.