End Of The Magic Era Chapter 888

Chapter 888 Fall Back


The dozen Archmages were spread two to three hundred meters around the Ancestor Soul and were continuously casting and dodging. That range, for the 150-meter-tall Ancestor Soul, was nothing more than a few steps.

That poor man that got squeezed to death at the start was an example. No one dared to get within a hundred meters of that Ancestor Soul. Despite the size of the Ancestor Soul, it was very nimble. This was enough to easily cause a fatal injury, and being grabbed would inevitably lead to death.

Endless Flame Spears, Frost Lances, Rock Falls, and Wind Blades rained down on the body of the Ancestor Soul. The Ancestor Soul had also stopped attacking Lin Yuns puppet army and instead focused on the dozen Archmages.

A Meteor Shower began to fall, causing countless meteors that were roughly eight meters wide to hurtle down in a large area. The Ancestor Soul even grabbed one of the meteors and threw it over as if it was a small rock, hurling it at one of the mages darting around him.

The falling meteors were easy to dodge because they followed a certain trajectory. But the ones thrown by the Ancestor Soul could barely be seen. After a meteor flew out, it instantly broke the sound barrier and a large wave of aura burst out, issuing a terrifying tiger-like roar.

A 5th Rank Archmage over a hundred meters away hadnt thought that the Ancestor Soul could grab a meteor and throw it at him like a stone.

It almost instantly reached him as it struck at the speed of sound, and its sweeping power far surpassed the limits of what a flaming meteor could release.

It looked like a normal throw, but it blessed the flaming meteor with the power of a 9th Rank. The changes to it made it something even more terrifying than a 7th Tier Spell.

The Ice Shield and Runic Shield protecting that mage deformed greatly before loudly exploding. Because of the power behind the throw, cracks could be seen on the meteor before it landed on the mage.


A loud sound echoed as the meteor exploded, transforming into fragments along with that mages body.

Instant kill

And this wasnt over. The Ancestor Soul suddenly burst out and instantly killed a second mage. It was as if those mages didnt have defensive spells at all. They simply couldnt resist such cruel attacks.

When faced with this attack pattern, no one dared to stand still to cast. They had to keep moving.

After half a minute, Dephew who had been hanging relatively far back, unconsciously became the closest person to the Ancestor Soul. Among those Archmages that had attacked the Ancestor Soul, Dephew was the only 9th Rank Archmage.

Dephew had only been thinking about how to destroy this Ancestor Soul. He had gone all-out when attacking, but after the Ancestor Soul killed two mages, the others rapidly fell back, their attacks becoming much more timid.

The attack power of the other remaining Archmages didnt add up to Dephews powerful spells, so this drew the Ancestor Souls attention.

The Meteor Shower kept raining down, and the Ancestor Soul extended a hand, swatting one of them out of the air.

The moment the Ancestor Souls big hand struck the big meteor, a huge explosion echoed as a visible shockwave swept the ground.

The meteors trajectory was forcibly altered, and it instantly arrived in front of Dephew. A terrifyingly long white trail could be seen in its wake, as it had even left a vacuum behind it from pushing aside the air.

A thunderous explosion echoed.

Dephew had already been on guard against the Ancestor Souls trick, but he hadnt been prepared for the Ancestor Soul to directly swat it instead of throwing it.

Dephews hair stood on end as he unhesitantly used his Runic Shield, Elemental Shield, Mana Shield, and even a scale-like Magic Tool.

That Magic Tool looked like a Dragons scales, but was covered in some strange patterns. After Dephew used that Magic Tool, a terrifying Abyssal Aura spread out from the scales.

The Abyssal Aura instantly condensed into a huge and fierce Black Dragons head that clashed with the meteor.

This Meteor was terrifyingly quick. Its sweeping power was comparable to a 9th Rank Sword Saints all-out attack, not to mention the magical power of the Meteor itself.

Dephews Magic Tool was forged from an Abyssal Evil Dragons Dragonscale. It was a defensive Magic Tool that could block anything that didnt have any Extraordinary Power.

A series of terrifying shockwaves lashed out, and they were even flickering with lightning. The collision between the opposing forces was so strong that it roused the elemental power within the air, causing complex changes.

The Meteor exploded in the mouth of that Abyssal Evil Dragon, and flames immediately shot out. A glaring ray of light shone as more than half of the Abyssal Evil Dragons head was blown up.

Dephew paled, sighing in relief. It looked like he would either have been killed or grievously injured if he hadnt used that defensive Magic Tool.

But Dephew didnt have time to relax, because the huge Ancestor Soul used its other hand to hit another fast-falling Meteor.


Once again, it smashed into Dephews Magic Tool.

After the Dragons head that the Magic Tool had turned was just destroyed, it hadnt had time to condense a new one yet, so the Dragonscale was hit by the terrifying power behind that Meteor.

Endless black smoke burst out of the scale, and the strange pattern on the scale also blossomed into rays of light, but it all exploded from the impact with the sweeping Meteor.


A loud sound echoed as the Abyssal Evil Dragons scale shattered into pieces, yet the cracking meteor didnt slow down by much as it continued towards Dephew.

Dephew paled. He roused his mana, wanting to dodge to the side. He even released three Ice Impacts that he had stored up.

The white Ice Impacts landed on the Meteor, but had practically no effect.

And Dephew barely managed to dodge four meters

After all, this meteor was eight meters in diameter!

The Meteor brushed past Dephew and only touched his protective shields. The glancing blow was enough to make Dephews shield spin, and all the runes shone with glaring lights, as if they were giving their last burst of radiance.

His shields were torn to pieces.

And after the Meteor grazed him, the worst was still to come. The destructive power of the Meteor didnt just come from just the Meteor itself. The shockwave following it was just as terrifying.

That invisible impact ruthlessly whipped across Dephews body. It was like Dephew had been slapped by a Golden Behemoth He spat out blood as he was sent flying.

While airborne, Dephew forcibly condensed a defensive shield to resist the last remnant of power.

He was extremely pale, and only fear could be seen in his eyes. After that Meteor grazed him, it crashed a kilometer away in a terrifying explosion, making no distinction between allies and enemies. Everything within several dozen meters had been cleanly destroyed, not even leaving any fragments in the area.

And this wasnt over yet. Dephew clearly felt that the Ancestor Soul was still focusing on him as he cast a spell, and the previously indiscriminate Meteor Shower was now focusing on his area.

The Ancestor Soul grabbed another Meteor now and tossed it at him.

The 3rd Meteor sent his way arrived almost immediately, but Dephew had used Flight ahead of time to stay out of the way. However, he wasnt planning on continuing to fight.

That Beastman Ancestor was too strong. It didnt have Extraordinary Power, but completely surpassed the Archmage realm.

After calming down a bit, Dephew wiped some cold sweat from his forehead. It occurred to him that he had been the strongest among the people attacking the Ancestor Soul, and moreover, he had been using his fiercest attacks, recklessly with all his power.

No wonder he had been noticed by the Ancestor Soul

Dephew immediately started falling back while casting fewer spells. He had been thinking of fighting over contributions, wanting to get the most points, but that didnt mean that he wanted to go all out against that Ancestor Soul. There was only one life, he wouldnt have a second chance if he died.

Damnit, if I die or get seriously injured, the Black Towers forces will all be under Harren, and that Mafa Merlin will keep on living! I cant accept that, I have to fall back. This Ancestor Soul has nothing to do with me.

As he had these thoughts, Dephew wiped the blood from his mouth and started to withdraw.

But just as Dephew was pulling back, that Ancestor Soul chased after him, ruthlessly tossing two more of those eight-meter-wide Meteors at Dephew

Dephew winced in fear as he hurriedly dodged. But he was still hit with a glancing blow, and his defensive shield was once again torn to pieces. His robe shone before instantly darkening, and a tear appeared on his robe. His body was also cut by the air whipping past, and he was already dripping blood