End Of The Magic Era Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Sonic Boom


How could Dephew still dare to hesitate? He frantically ran away. But that Ancestor Soul had locked onto him and actually didnt care about the other Archmages attacks anymore.

That Ancestor Soul, despite being deceivingly nimble, didnt run particularly fast. But it was over a hundred meters tall, so one single step was enough to cross several dozen meters, and each step created gales.

Although the frequency of its steps wasnt much faster than a normal person walking, it was tenaciously chasing Dephew and wouldnt let him go. Meteors kept being thrown at Dephew, tiring him out.

As he kept dodging, Dephews face became paler and paler. He frequently had to use a burst of mana, consuming his reserves faster.

If this continued, he would inevitably be crushed to death by that Ancestor Soul.

As he wildly looked around for salvation, Dephew noticed Lin Yun fighting a Beastman holding a greatsword.

Mafa Merlin Haha, blame yourself for running out of luck, damn b*stard! You dared to set yourself against me! So what if you have a large number of puppets as your subordinates? You will still die here.

I dont know why that damned Ancestor Soul went crazy, but it just keeps chasing me, so Ill lead it to Mafa Merlins location

If that Ancestor Soul killed him on the way, that would be for the best. Who would notice if he died in this kind of battlefield? No one would know. Moreover, once that Mafa Merlin died, would that foolish Harren become hostile for the sake of a dead person?

After leading it to him, Ill quickly break away from that repulsive Ancestor Soul This is perfect, this is a perfect plan.

As he thought about it, Dephew started looking quite pleased with himself. He used Flight to keep dodging in mid-air while trying to get closer to Lin Yun.

Once he was around forty or fifty meters away, Dephew calculated the distance and lined himself up with Lin Yun and the Ancestor Soul. He even paused for a moment and braved the risk of being hit by a Meteor.

Dephews eyes kept flickering as he calculated Lin Yuns path when he suddenly noticed that the Ancestor Soul had grabbed another Meteor. Dephew instantly burst with mana and dodged away.

He managed to dodge the terrifying Meteor, but it continued on and flew towards Lin Yun.

At this time, Lin Yun was at the key juncture of his battle with the Peak 8th Rank Sword Saint.

That Beastman holding the Sacred Tooth Sword was too troublesome. The wisp of Extraordinary Power gave it absurd properties that made it incredibly effective. Powerful single-target spells already had no effect on him because he could just slice them away.

Therefore, Lin Yun could only keep planning, continuously using fire spells to raise the density and activity of fire elements in the surroundings in order to lead that Beastman into a deadly trap.

Once the fire reached a certain degree, Lin Yun would suddenly burst with power and use the runes he had laid out to devour all the fire elements in the surroundings and condense them into more than a hundred Bursting Flames.

The Bursting Flames wouldnt just explode in front of the Warlord; they would hit him from every angle, hitting his entire body.

The power of over a hundred Bursting Flames exploding at the same time That was pure power. The explosive power would all squeeze towards the center forming a crucible of fire that the Sacred Tooth Sword wouldnt be able to block.

It would be pure pressure, pure physical strength reaching a point where that 8th Rank Sword Saint would be crushed to death. Even if he held the Sacred Tooth Sword, he wouldnt be able to do anything against that extreme force.

Just as Lin Yun was about to release over a hundred Bursting Flames, he instantly felt a tingling sensation at the back of his head and his sense of danger suddenly reacted. It was like a volcano suddenly burst in his mind, making his entire being shiver.

The next moment, Lin Yun felt a terrifying power rapidly flying towards him from behind. He turned and felt numb.

A Meteor was hurtling at him with frightening momentum. The usual long black trail behind it had been replaced by a long white aura, as well as a circular part just like a white skirt.

Lin Yun was too familiar with that kind of airwave, recognizing it with a single glance. It was a sonic boom cloud!

It meant that the Meteor had already broken through the speed of sound!

How could Lin Yun still care about the Beastman Warlord now? He put all his energy into attacking that Meteor.

Mana exploded out from his body, so rich Lin Yun was even weaving it, forming what seemed like an illusory piece of gauze in front of him.

And at this time, the Book of Death appeared in Lin Yuns left hand, opening on its own and flipping itself to the Elemental Chapters page, which emitted an icy-blue light. In his right hand was the Draconic Staff, which also blossomed with a glaring radiance.

A huge wheel shadow appeared behind him. Every circle of the wheel shadow had small grids of runes, and they all combined together.

Now, these circles started spinning crazily, and the runes within seemed to come alive. The runes rapidly assembled, forming several spells in a split second.

Boundless runes continued to spurt out of the wheel shadow, and the mana bursting out of Lin Yuns body erupted, instantly transforming into several dozen spells.

Every spell carried berserk power as they all charged towards the Meteor. And it wasnt over yet. Lin Yun was quickly flying back as the wheel shadow kept spouting out runes.

Several dozen spells were flying out every split second, seemingly crowding together as they morphed and combined to enhance their power.

When the terrible flood of spells struck, the speed of the Meteor started decreasing at a rapid pace.

But it wasnt enough because the speed of the Meteor was too fast. If he had three seconds No, just one more second would have been enough for Lin Yun to tear that Meteor to pieces.

But its fearsome speed brought incredible power. There was a layer of invisible power on the surface of the Meteor deflecting most of the spells.

In less than a second, the Meteors impact speed had been slowed by half, but it was still at the stage where it couldnt be resisted.

Lin Yun still remained calm. The pages of the Book of Death flipped on their own until it reached the page of the Sage Chapter, and two of the slots started shining brightly.

Lin Yun recklessly poured his mana into it, and a ten-meter-wide Lava Shield appeared in front of him.

The Lava Shield had already condensed into dark red essence, and there was a dense pattern on its surface with lava-like flames slowly flowing about.

Behind the Lava Shield rose an even larger gate that was deep brown, flickering with a metallic luster. And at the top of the gate, there were statues of earth-attributed magic beasts that specialized in defense, while the front had the face of a simple Rock Giant.

Earth Gate!

These two spells were Ultimate Spells that Lin Yun had prepared in advance.

Simple defenses comparable to Lin Yuns Runic Shield!

It had to be known that the biggest restriction of the Runic Shield was the quantity of runes, and Lin Yuns absolutely surpassed this eras Archmages. Even those that recently advanced to the Heaven realm couldnt have more runes than Lin Yun.

Lin Yuns Magic Conducting Rune, the Magic Array, required several times more runes than the most demanding Magic Conducting Rune in this era!

Thus, Lin Yuns Runic Shield could absolutely compare with an 8th Tier Defensive Spell, and it was instant!

Also, those two Spells he had used from the Sage Chapter were genuine Ultimate Spells. They werent pseudo-Ultimate Spells used by relying on tricks!

Although their Tier had only risen by two, their defensive power was frightening!

But even so, when facing the Meteor, which had already been slowed by half, the Lava Shield shattered, only managing to further slow the Meteor.

As for the Earth Gate, it only stopped the Meteor for a split second before being turned to shreds.

But this time, the Meteor also exploded.

The exploding Meteor turned into shrapnel akin to the arrows of Divine Archers, ruthlessly shooting towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun opened his mouth and a rune came out before rapidly condensing Ice Shields, which were soon torn apart by the fragments of Meteor.

They were shattering far faster than Lin Yun could cast them.

It wasnt until Lin Yun flew over a hundred meters away that the power of these fragments had weakened to an acceptable degree.

The remaining fragments impacted Lin Yuns Runic Shield, causing the runes on it to frantically move around.

Cold sweat trickled down Lin Yuns forehead as he finally let out a relieved sigh, though not looking very pleased.