End Of The Magic Era Chapter 890

Chapter 890 Warning Signs


The blow just now had been terrifying. Meteor was originally a 6th Tier Spell, but that one had clearly been stronger than the 6th Tier. Most terrifyingly, Lin Yun clearly felt that the Meteors sweeping power was comparable to a 9th Rank Sword Saints all-out attack!

And it was similar to a full-strength attack from Xiuban!

After all, the more pure power, the more trouble it would be, especially when it reached such an extent.

It was just like Xiuban. Xiuban had relied on his excessively powerful physique to fight people one or two ranks above him.

And at the time, the gap between ranks wasnt huge. Now, as he progressed through ranks and finally reached the 7th Rank of the Sword Saint realm, powerhouses on the same rank as him simply couldnt handle a single one of Xiubans blows.

Only a 9th Rank Sword Saint could rely on his powerful Aura to fight Xiuban, and he still wouldnt be able to clash with Xiuban directly. Under the Heaven Rank, no one could compare with Xiuban in terms of physique.

That kind of difference brought about by pure power would widen with each rank, and the opponents Xiuban could hold his own against would be at higher ranks.

That Meteors sweeping power was the same: It was fueled by pure physical strength!

That Ancestor Soul didnt have Aura. It only relied on its huge body to create pure power. This kind of power was completely irrational.

And when that power was combined with the Meteor spell, it wouldnt just be an addition It would multiply.

Under the Heaven Rank, only a few people could resist this power, and they would have to pay a price to block it. It could be seen from Lin Yuns struggle.

In an instant, he had burst out with half of his mana, and his mana reserves were definitely stronger than a 9th Rank Archmages!

Even with the addition of the Elemental Chapters spell enhancement and the Magic Array working at full capacity, he had only been able to slow the speed of that Meteor before having to use the two Ultimate Spells stored in the Sage Chapter as well as the Runic Shield that he usually always kept for emergencies.

He had been able to block it, but the price he had paid in order to do so had been too costly.

Lin Yun slowly sighed before looking at the Ancestor Soul walking over with large strides. He then glanced over at the sneering and disappointed Dephew.

With the Magic Array working at full capacity, Lin Yun calculated the trajectory of the attack.

Combined with Dephews obvious expression, Lin Yun easily understood.

Why did the Ancestor Soul that had been fighting so far in the distance suddenly attack him? It was obviously because of Dephew. Dephew looked like that because he had led the Ancestor Soul over, hoping for it to eliminate Lin Yun.

Lin Yuns mana surged as he coldly watched Dephew. He casually released several dozen spells to restrain that Warlord that had gotten a brief respite.

"Dephew, this is a battlefield. Ill give you one chance to explain yourself."

Killing intent surged in Lin Yuns mind. If they werent embroiled in a battle with the Beastmen, Lin Yun would have already gotten rid of Dephew.

Dephew looked miserable. His robe was in tatters, and when faced with Lin Yuns blame, Dephew sneered.

"Mafa Merlin, I need to explain to you? Explain what? I was getting chased by the Ancestor Soul. You didnt come to help me, yet you are asking for an explanation? Is your brain faulty like these stupid Beastmen? Filled with lava and muscles?

"Do you think this Ancestor Soul is listening to me? That I sent him to attack you? If it could, that damned Ancestor Soul would kill everyone here! Why shouldnt it attack you? You were attacked, yet you want to blame it on me?

"We are allies! When Im in a crisis you are welcome to help. If you dont help, its fine, I can look at the big picture and will be magnanimous enough not to blame you Yet you still want to blame me!?

"You getting attacked is well-deserved! Maybe that Ancestor Soul felt that you werent pleasing to the eye, how does it involve me?"

Lin Yun coldly looked at Dephew.

"So you didnt draw that Ancestor Soul over to attack me?"

Dephew contemptuously explained, "Mafa Merlin, I cant defeat this Ancestor Soul, yet it suddenly targeted me. What should I do if I dont run? Waiting for death isnt a good option. Him chasing me here is out of my control. Hmpf, youre truly lucky that you didnt die from that attack You might not be so lucky next time.

"You managed to survive, yet, as an ally, you are criticizing me. Why not go and handle that Ancestor Soul? Really, I can see that you are craven and cowardly and only chase after points."

Harren, who was fighting in the distance, saw the entire scene. He had seen Dephew being chased by that Ancestor Soul. He naturally couldnt watch Dephew get killed by the Ancestor Soul and wanted to rush over to help, but he couldnt break away from his own fight.

Naturally, he had also seen Dephew drawing the Ancestor Soul towards Lin Yuns location, as well as how Dephew had purposely planned to have the Ancestor Soul attack Lin Yun. He even saw Dephews arrogant expression.

At that moment, two words appeared in Harrens mind.

Oh no

Dephew, you idiot, you are creating big trouble

That damned b*stard! I already told you countless times not to provoke Mafa Merlin. Mafa Merlin is far more terrifying than you think! He is not only an Artisan, he is a true powerhouse!

And he is already powerful enough to make people ignore his identity as an Artisan. Why else would Jouyi and I choose him as our partner among the seven forces?

That moron Do the Holy Lands people really think that the Black Tower is unequalled?

Mafa Merlin simply cant be compared to ordinary mages. Just how long has it been? A few years? In a few years, he turned into such a frightening powerhouse from a small Mage. His rate of progress is far more than just terrifying.

Mafa Merlin can no longer be seen as just a genius. He is already a peak powerhouse! Damnit, even that group of barbaric Gaugass Battlemages are very polite towards Mafa Merlin. Especially that old fox, Deloy. Whenever he faced a mage from Okland, he only kept to the most basic manners, even with Jouyi and I! Yet he had apparent respect for Mafa Merlin.

Are those the circumstances of an ordinary powerhouse?

Dephew, you fool, trying to trick Mafa Merlin Do you have the brain of a Pig Beastman? No, you might not even compare to a Pig Beastman in terms of intelligence. Sure, you were skeptical about Mafa Merlin being such a powerhouse, but how could you have not paid attention to the battlefield?

Hell, that seemingly 8th Rank Sword Saint Beastman Warlord had beheaded three Archmages in half a minute. Did you not notice how powerful he is? The greatsword he is holding clearly carries a wisp of Extraordinary Power. Damn fool, how could you not feel it?

If Mafa Merlin hadnt been personally handling that Warlord, some 9th Rank Archmages might have already fallen! That Warlord is more threatening than a 9th Rank Sword Saint. Did you not notice any of this?

Yet you actually tried to trick Mafa Merlin! Damnit, do you think this kind of thing can kill Mafa Merlin?

You are too naive. This can only infuriate him! Damnit, I warned that idiotic Dephew, yet he actually dared to do this He dared to set up his own ally on the battlefield

Sh*t, thats no good, Mafa Merlin is definitely furious, yet that idiot keeps on challenging his patience.

I have to persuade Merlin. That Dephew is an idiot, but he cant die here

Harren looked absolutely livid. He wished he could kill Dephew, but had no choice but to interfere and save him.

But Harren was fighting three Beastman Warlords by himself. He had been trying to stop them before, but now, he was the one being tied down.

Two Sword Saints and one Warlock. Seeing Harren wanting to disengage, they immediately counterattacked and forcibly piled on with their attacks, stopping him from leaving.

Scarlet Aura Slashes flew over like large sweeping blades, while the Warlock was finally free to go all-out. Flames and Meteors crazily fell towards Harren.

The Curtain of Darkness was torn to shreds, and Harren, who had been hiding in the darkness, was immediately exposed. Facing two 8th Rank Sword Saints and one 9th Rank Arch-Warlock, Harren didnt dare to be careless.

He knew that he wouldnt be able to disengage now, so he could only spare a bit of attention for Lin Yun and Dephew while putting his everything into this fight.

Meanwhile, the anger in Lin Yuns had already dissipated and he was looking at Dephew almost serenely as if he was already looking at a corpse.

Dephew didnt realize it and was still fearlessly criticizing Lin Yun, sure that the latter couldnt do anything to him.

Suddenly, a warning sign appeared in Lin Yuns mind. That sort of tingling feeling that had allowed him to sense danger appeared once again, erupting like a volcano.

He didnt need to think. Lin Yun knew that this was the huge Ancestor Soul again.

He wasnt as passive this time. Earlier, that Meteor had been targeting Dephew and had already travelled halfway before the latter moved out of the way, letting Lin Yun be the target.

Lin Yun tightened his grasp on the Draconic Staff, and mana rushed forth as he was surrounded by a sea of fire. His body was emitting crimson elemental flames, just like an imposing Flame Elemental standing in the center of endless flames.