End Of The Magic Era Chapter 891

Chapter 891 Flicker


The moment he used Fire Elemental Incarnation, Lin Yuns body transformed into flames and fused with the sea of fire. He used two Flame Flashes to move several dozen meters, and the sea of fire seemed to move alongside him.

In less than a second, Lin Yun saw another Meteor surrounded with white mist as it broke through the sound barrier, and it tore right through the place where hed just been standing.

A loud sound echoed as the Meteor exploded, leaving behind a gray cloud of smoke and dust. The terrifying shockwave of the explosion transformed into a translucent air blast that turned much of the area into fine powder.

Several dozen meters away, the shockwave caused by the impact reached Lin Yun, and it felt like many minute blades were slicing at his Runic Shield. The runes slowly moved within the shield seemed to have gone out of control. Every rune started emitting glaring light as they all kept moving around the Runic Shield, creating dense ripples across it.

Lin Yun didnt care about the power of these shockwaves. This kind of power couldnt tear through his Runic Shield. Apart from Extraordinary Power, very few people under the Heaven Rank could tear through his Runic Shield.

As the most powerful defensive means of an Archmage, it would rarely be seen in a fight. If someone was forced to use Runic Shield, they had to be suffering a huge crisis.

Because once the Runic Shield was shattered, the runes used would be in disarray, and they would have to be recollected to use Runic Shield again.

And that time would be fatal!

Even a mage with the greatest comprehension of Runic Shield and the deepest understanding of his own runes would need more than ten seconds to recast his Runic Shield!

Ten seconds was enough to die a few times. The outcome of a battle could be decided in an instant, let alone ten.

Lin Yun possessed an enormous number of runes, which made it harder for him to recover the runes if his Runic Shield was destroyed. Even with the Magic Arrays help and his comprehension of Runic Shield that was far superior to ordinary spells, he would still need at least three seconds to recast a Runic Shield!

Thus, Lin Yun didnt care about the air pressure. He just had to avoid being hit directly by the Meteors impact.

The Ancestor Soul was already three hundred meters away and was focused on Lin Yun. This Meteor was only the beginning. A layer of black clouds covered the sky, and a large number of Meteors fell from them like rain, crashing towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun didnt even try to dodge them. A purple light appeared on his Draconic Staff, and the Purple Dragon Incarnation flew out before transforming into a huge shadow that appeared behind Lin Yun. The shadow full of majesty and mystery slowly extended both hands and grabbed the huge wheel shadow behind Lin Yun.

Wisps of mysterious aura circulated between the two. At that moment, whether it was the Purple Dragon Shadow or the extremely complicated wheel shadow, they both felt real.

The countless runes full of abstruse aura on the Purple Shadow Dragons body moved towards the wheel shadow, and at that time, the runes within the slowly rotating wheel shadow became frantic. Every single rune was slowly pulsating, as if they already wanted to burst out of the wheel shadow.

The pages of the Book of Death in Lin Yuns left hand slowly turned, and four-colored lights sparkled. It was like Lin Yun was holding a sphere of light. There wasnt a single rune within the sphere, but there were strands of light wandering around, and the trajectory of these wandering lights carried a very mysterious aura.

Strands of red and blue light flew out of these four-colored lights and entered the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun. That wheel, which gave the feeling of a starry sky, blossomed with red and blue lights.

Without any spells, terrifying fire and ice auras started to spread. As if they had received the summons of their ancestor, the surrounding fire elements and ice elements from across the entire battlefield started converging towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun emitted an extremely vast amount of mana, pressuring even the air in the surroundings and creating waves of gales around him that spread outward. At the start, they were like breezes, but they sharply rose in intensity.

The earth kept shaking as elemental flames formed in the air, while raging ice kept condensing, disintegrating, and condensing again.

The rubble on the ground started floating up, and the air started being suppressed until it couldnt circulate. The rubble didnt seem influenced by gravity.

This scene shocked Dephew. This pressure alone could scare people witless. This was absolutely the burst of power of a first-rate 9th Rank Archmage!

It was a lot more frightening than an average 9th Rank Archmage. The deep and mysterious pressure was similar to a sleeping God slowly awakening.

Dephew kept falling back, his eyes overwhelmed by shock. He could see that everything around Lin Yun, including space itself, was twisted.

Then, Lin Yun, who was bursting with power, slowly raised his head. The left half of his body was burning with flames that were becoming darker and darker. Ultimately, the dark red flames were brimming with oppressive berserk power.

The boundless fire elements in the surroundings were slowly being attracted by those flames, and they seemed overjoyed as they merged with Lin Yuns flames.

As for Lin Yuns right side, it was bursting with icy blue flames. Ice fragments were continuously condensing, and after they fell down, boundless ice elements would turn into a blizzard that converged towards Lin Yuns right half.

Then, his left sides dark red flames and his right sides icy blue flames started expanding.

His red flames spread to the left, forming a sea of flames that burned everything in its way, while to his right, the sky was filled with snow, and the ice seemed to have frozen even space.

Dual Elemental Incarnations!

This was an advanced application of Elemental Incarnation. This ability didnt exist in this era!

Elemental Incarnation was an untiered spell in his era. Everyone believed that the power of Elemental Incarnation depended solely on their own overall level of power and that the spell itself had no tier.

But Lin Yun never neglected his comprehension and study of Elemental Incarnation. In the future, when the strongest mages fought, they would use various Elemental Incarnations.

Under normal circumstances, Elemental Incarnation would be comparable to a 7th Tier support spell when used by a Low Rank Archmage. But in Lin Yuns hands, the most ordinary Fire Elemental Incarnation was equivalent to an 8th Tier support spell!

Dual Elemental Incarnation was an ability that could upgrade this hidden tier spell once the comprehension of Elemental Incarnation had reached a certain degree.

Lava Elemental Incarnation was a powerful Incarnation formed by the fusion of Earth Elemental Incarnation and Fire Elemental Incarnation!

As for the Ice-Fire Elemental Incarnation, it was even stronger than the Lava Elemental Incarnation!

The fusion of two kinds of completely opposed elemental power formed the most berserk Elemental Incarnation.

The Elemental Incarnation that Lin Yun was currently using was in an incomplete state, with half his body using Fire Elemental Incarnation and the other half using Ice Elemental Incarnation. This was only the preliminary use of the Ice-Fire Elemental Incarnation.

Only after they were completely fused, like Lava Elemental Incarnation, could he truly display its terrifying power.

But it was enough for the moment.

One eye of the Ice-Fire Elemental Incarnation was made of scarlet flames with boundless fire runes frantically revolving within, while the other eye was icy blue and similarly had boundless ice runes revolving within.

Lin Yun burst out with power and his terrifying aura spread through the entire battlefield. A sea of fire was covering the hundred meters on his left, while a blizzard was raging in the hundred meters on his right. It looked absolutely terrifying.

Lin Yun had just completed his Ice-Fire Elemental Incarnation when the Ancestor Souls Meteor Shower was about to reach Lin Yun.

Several dozen Meteors emitted loud rumbles as they hurtled down and exploded in the surroundings.

Faced with such a Meteor Shower, no matter who it was, anyone on the battlefield could only dodge away from it beforehand. Even Harren and Jouyi absolutely wouldnt let themselves fall into the range of this Meteor Shower.

But at this moment, Lin Yun didnt have time to dodge. These several dozen Meteors were spread over a few hundred meters, and the fastest Meteor was going to hit the ground one or two seconds later.

Lin Yun moved at this time. The sea of flames and the blizzard flared up as Lin Yuns body glimmered with light before he started flickering around within the fire and the ice as fast as a Sword Saint that specialized in speed.