End Of The Magic Era Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Feich Tail


He would appear several dozen meters away with every flicker, flickering three times a second.

That endless Meteor Shower also started hitting the ground at this time, but Lin Yun didnt dodge. He just crazily charged at the Ancestor Soul, flickering in a straight line, not taking a single step off-course.

A Meteor fell in front and exploded, sweeping countless fragments and flames towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yuns expression was very cold as he held the Book of Death in his left hand and the Draconic Staff in his right hand. He opened his mouth and a rune came out. A split second later, the sea of fire and the blizzard curling around Lin Yun flared up.

The berserk and impatient runes within Lin Yuns wheel shadow erupted like a volcano.

In an instant, over a hundred fire and ice spells took shape in front of Lin Yun.

An endless number of Fire Dragons, Flame Spears, Frost Lances, and Frost Spikes transformed into a red and blue storm that tore its way forward.

The berserk storm of ice and fire transformed into a flood that washed over everything. It was as if someone tore a hole open in the shockwave of that Meteors explosion. Lin Yuns speed didnt weaken at all as he kept rushing through that opening.

After flickering two more times, a Meteor came crashing towards Lin Yun, but his expression didnt change. He opened his mouth and another rune came out. He didnt even glance at the Meteor that was falling towards him.

A large number of fire and ice runes surged from the wheel shadow, and chilling ice rapidly condensed, turning into a deep blue tail made of ice crystals, just like the large tail of a deep sea monster.

That was the tail of a giant ice creature called Feich. This kind of creature could only be found in the depths of especially huge ice planes. It was similar to an extremely huge whale in terms of length, and it was extremely fierce. A Feich that reached adulthood would inevitably be a Heaven Rank behemoth. They innately possessed Extraordinary Power and completely didnt need to break through the shackles of the Heaven Rank the way many other lifeforms did.

They grew very slowly and needed several millennia, up to over then thousand years until they reached adulthood. But after reaching adulthood, they would inevitably be at the Heaven Rank, and the older the Feich, the more frightening they were.

Even when Noscent developed to its peak, they encountered a ten-kilometer-long Feich willfully exploring the endless void. At that time, it killed half of a fleet with one sweep of its tail, and five Heaven Rank powerhouses fell!

The spell used by Lin Yun was created by a lucky Heaven Mage that survived the Feich and managed to see some magic patterns on the Feichs body when he witnessed the horror of the Feichs tail lash.

Feich Tail, an 8th Tier Spell that could only be cast while using Ice Elemental Incarnation!

The Feich Tail that Lin Yun used was only ten meters long, and that stretch of ice was covered in numerous mysterious runes. When the tail lashed out, it seemed to shake the space all around it, despite looking like a swimming fish was casually shaking its tail.

But at that moment, that Meteor lashed at by the tail exploded, and even the resulting fragments were swept along by that terrifying power, causing them to pelt in the same direction.

The space whipped by the huge tail was like a calm lake that someone threw a stone into, causing visible ripples to appear and spread in the surroundings.

And this wasnt over The Feich Tails power burst to its peak, and boundless fire runes appeared on the Feich Tail. Those fire runes coalesced into a dazzling, sun-like sphere.

The sphere loudly exploded and made the Feich Tail burst out with power that surpassed its limits. Several flaming rays converged together to form a pillar of light that swept towards the front.

Everyone watched in awe as the glaring pillar of flames crossed several hundred meters in the direction of the Ancestor Soul, emitting spatial ripples in its path.

Those falling Meteors were swept away by those seemingly gentle ripples and exploded one by one like majestic fireworks.

The elemental forces within a kilometer had become berserk, while smoke and fragments filled the entire area.

But in less than a second, everyone saw a chaotic ocean of fire and ice forcing its way out of this area with its irresistible power as it rushed towards the Ancestor Soul.

That was a terrifying half-fire half-ice Elemental Giant, leaving fire and ice imprints on the ground as it rushed towards the Ancestor Soul.

The Ancestor Soul angrily roared. No one had dared to provoke it like this ever since it first appeared. Lin Yun blocking its Meteor earlier had already angered it, but it hadnt expected Lin Yun to actually dare to attack by himself!

The Raging Flame Beastmans Ancestor Soul roared, and the black clouds in the sky churned as more and more Meteors fell down, and those Meteors were more than ten meters in diameter!

The flames burning on the surface of the Meteors had also turned crimson, and the terrifying temperature made the air around the Meteors distort. From a distance, it looked as if the Meteors were swaying like flames.

The Ancestor Soul extended both palms and smacked two of the falling Meteors, making them fall faster while adding a terrifying amount of momentum.

"Boom, boom, boom"

Rumbling echoed as the two Meteors instantly broke through the sound barrier and passed several hundred meters in an instant, with two small white lightning trails crackling behind them.

Lin Yuns Ice-Fire Elemental Giant planted its feet against the ground, and the flames and ice filling its entire body soared up. Lin Yun soared after it, flickering twice and appearing over a hundred meters in the air.

At the same time, two Flame Wings appeared on one side of his back, a huge phoenix wing with a smaller wing below.

Elemental flames spilled out as the wings flapped.

And on the other side were two crystal wings covered in numerous ice runes linked together by many flickering patterns. The patterns were constantly flickering, and ice fragments kept falling from the wings.

Lin Yun was pretty nimble as if he flew in the air, easily avoiding two Meteors that rushed past him.

The Ancestor Soul was even more enraged as it missed. A large amount of mana turned solid on its translucent body as it covered several dozen meters in one step and swatted at Lin Yun like one might try to crush an insect.

A glaring light blossomed from Lin Yuns Draconic Staff, and a large number of runes spurted out of the wheel shadow behind him.

Lin Yun opened his mouth and rapidly spat out some runes. These few runes flew towards the wheel shadow in an orderly manner and quickly merged with the runes surging from it.

The sky shook as Lin Yun used 10% of his mana at once to compress the casting time to be instantaneous.

A ten-meter-long Feich Tail appeared out of nowhere with wisps of flames burning along its length as it ruthlessly collided with the Ancestor Soul.

When they collided, not a single sound was made It was silent. At the point of impact, pitch-black spatial cracks appeared.

The terrifying shockwave was like a continuously spreading white sphere. As the airwaves hit the ground, they seemed to cause an earthquake. The ground kept shaking as yawning cracks opened up on the ground.

The collision gave rise to an intense amount of lightning, as if the two of them were opening a Planar Path to a lightning plane.

Lightning surged, followed with distorted multicolored lights.

Another Bursting Fireball fell onto the Feichs tail and caused fragments of ice and flames to spray from the sky.

The Ancestor Souls palm now had a deep gash in it, and three fingers had snapped from the explosion!

It was as if an ordinary person had been holding a powerful firecracker when it exploded.

The frightening force even made its arm convulse, and it had to take three steps back before stopping.

After all, with the build of that Ancestor Soul, three steps covered two hundred meters!

At this time, the sound of that strange collision finally burst out.


A loud and thunderous sound echoed, as if a lightning bolt had fallen beside them. A 3rd Rank Archmage flying in the air let out a groan as blood started seeping out of his ears. His Runic Shield seemed to have suffered and was crazily flickering.

Then, the Archmage took a quick glance back at the fight between Lin Yun and the Ancestor Soul before frantically fleeing into the distance.

As for the three Wyvern Riders fighting that Archmage, they werent so lucky. They didnt have a Runic Shield to reduce the damage from that stifling explosive sound.

The three Wyverns let out miserable shrieks as blood leaked out of their eyes, ears, and mouths before they fell towards the ground.

The three Wyvern Riders riding on their back suffered similar fates. Blood leaked out of their orifices, and the three of them clutched their chests as pain and fear could be seen in their eyes.