End Of The Magic Era Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Skill


They had been too close to the battlefield

Their hearts exploded due to the sweeping soundwave.

And it wasnt just these few unfortunate people. Everyone within a kilometer had been affected, but not as badly. They only felt their hearts tighten painfully.

Whether they were human or Beastman, they all understood that they had to move far away from Lin Yun and the Ancestor Soul.

That loud sound was just from the first clash between the Ancestor Souls palm and Lin Yuns Feich Tail. That one move was like uninterrupted thunder that swept over the entire battlefield, it was like ten thousand lightning bolts surging and coursing everywhere!

In the first collision, the Ancestor Soul had suffered a great loss. Its palm was almost blown away, but its body was a soul. The three destroyed fingers rapidly regrew, and it stared manically at Lin Yun, completely ignoring the others. It shouted as it rushed over, absolutely wanting to tear Lin Yun to shreds.

Lin Yun sneered and raised his Draconic staff before rapidly chanting incantations. Every radiant rune coming out of Lin Yuns mouth seemed to be physically tangible, and runes raged out of the wheel shadow like a powerful flood.

These runes all gathered in front of the Draconic Staff.

This made the frightening fluctuations appear once again, their ripples spreading and causing the surrounding space to become unstable.

In front of the Draconic Staff, a fist-sized sphere slowly grew and revolved.

Half of the sphere was red, and the other half was blue. As it revolved, the red part started spreading towards the blue part. At the same time, the icy blue parts also started extending towards the red parts.

As they moved, a bursting and dangerous aura like a tidal wave sharply increased, with the mana fluctuations rising exponentially.

It was like a small red and blue sun was being created in front of the Draconic Staff.

The sphere slowly became bigger and reached the size of a humans head in a second. But Lin Yun had a cold expression as he rapidly spat out a rune. That already made it unstable, and the rotating ball of power from converged fire and ice elements suddenly shrank.

It was reduced to half its size in an instant. At this time, the terrifying mana fluctuations made the surrounding space also fluctuate.

The Ancestor Soul, which had almost been flipped over, was already rushing out once again, and it threw four Meteors at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun sneered and softly waved his Draconic Staff.

At that instant, the sphere of fire and ice spun wildly as it shot forward.

It flew out ten meters before a storm of ice and flames spread from it like a rapidly expanding tornado. After going several dozen meters, the tornado had reached ten meters in diameter. Moreover, it was still becoming bigger and bigger.

The surrounding ice and fire elements acted as if they had met their sovereigns No, it looked more like they had encountered a robber who was using force to tear them apart before merging them with that storm of ice and fire.

The small sphere was rapidly whistling along in the eye of the storm. From afar, it looked like the several hundred meters of ice and fire were tearing towards the Ancestor Soul.

The four Meteors that the Ancestor Soul had launched instantly struck the storm.

But something unexpected happened. The storm of ice and fire writhed like a huge snake as it ruthlessly tore through those four Meteors, just like a snake tearing apart a four-legged behemoth that it was tangling with.

The four Meteors were torn apart, and the ice-fire snake broke up into a few smaller segments.

But the small sphere hadnt stopped in the slightest and continued on to landed on the Ancestor Souls left arm.


A shockwave spread as this rapidly revolving sphere exploded on impact.

The ice power and the fire power collided with each other at the same time with their equal amounts of accumulated power.

Given the antagonistic relationship of the elements, the formation of a pure destructive power was the only possible outcome!

There was no embellishment or special characteristic; it was a pure explosion!

The terrifying power instantly exploded the Ancestor Souls left arm before expanding and even swallowing part of its body.

That huge body was like a collapsing mountain as it fell to the ground, sliding several hundred meters back.

Lin Yun exhaled as he roused his wings to chase after it, unhesitantly casting once again.

The fire and ice power could form Annihilation Power if they had the exact same force and collided with each other while compressed into a tiny bit of space. If an Annihilation Space could be formed, then this Ancestor Soul would quickly die miserably.

As an Ancestor Soul, it could be said to have no body, so this seemingly very serious injury didnt have much effect on it. It only used a lot of its power.

After a few dozen millennia of belief, that giants mana reserves had become astonishing. In a normal fight, it would be considered endless.

Moreover, Lin Yun was using fire and ice power as an experiment to see whether he could form Annihilation Power. If he could, he would be able to wipe out a large part of the Ancestor Souls power.

With its power depleted, thoroughly destroying this Ancestor Soul would be a lot easier.

But he wasnt so lucky this time, the Magic Array had done the calculations, yet he hadnt been able to form the Annihilation Space.

That kind of power wasnt something an Archmage could control, and even a Heaven Rank powerhouse might not be able to succeed. This had little to do with direct power. Rather, it relied on calculations and control.

This was what Lin Yun and the Magic Array were specialized in. With the addition of the Ice-Fire Elemental Incarnation and his abilities, he might succeed, even though he would still need to rely on some luck.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and power started to gather in front of him once more.

There was even the faint shadow of his Demiplane faintly discernible behind Lin Yun. The Demiplanes mana was being transferred into Lin Yun.

The mana consumption was too fierce. It had been a long time since Lin Yun felt that he was lacking mana, yet now, he had no other choice but to transfer some mana.

He once again condensed a small sphere and, just as Lin Yun expected, the injured and enraged Ancestor Soul flew into a rage while its broken arm rapidly grew back.

As it shouted, the black clouds above its head crazily churned. Red lightning bolts roamed within the black clouds as they rapidly shrank in size. But the mana fluctuations emitted became stronger and stronger.

A hole was slowly appearing in the center of the vortex, and boiling lava was filling that hole. It was as if the world was turned upside down as it formed a volcano on the verge of erupting above their heads.

Then, a large amount of lava sprayed out from the hole as if there was a volcanic crater in the sky aiming at Lin Yun.

The incandescent lava rapidly condensed into blazing Meteors. It looked as if a waterfall of Meteors was pouring from the sky towards Lin Yun.

The wheel shadow behind Lin Yun spurted out a flood of runes that went upward and rapidly formed into a river of ice in the sky that aimed at the Meteor waterfall.

The Meteors and the ice river kept colliding in the air, and Lin Yuns mana was frantically consumed as 10% or more of it was used up every second!

And Lin Yuns mana reserves were several times bigger than someone of the same rank. He also had two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, making his mana reserves vaster than any Archmages.

His current rate of mana consumption would be enough to exhaust a 9th Rank Archmages mana reserves in one second, after which they wouldnt even be able to release a Frost Spike!

But Lin Yun didnt react as he kept frantically casting.

Not only was the pure spell transformed into a river of ice, but Lin Yun was also multitasking as he condensed one more ice-fire sphere.

The Ancestor Soul disregarded consumption and crazily released spells, all of them targeting Lin Yun.

At the same time, it was taking large strides towards Lin Yun, swatting at him with its colossal hands.

Lin Yun remained expressionless as he softly waved his Draconic Staff, ruthlessly sending the ice-fire sphere flying towards the large hand once again.

This time, the Ancestor Soul actually learnt from its mistakes and bent its arm, turning its body to dodge so that the sphere briefly grazed past its arm.

Lin Yun scoffed quietly at the sad attempt, and just as the ice-fire sphere grazed that arm, Lin Yun controlled the runes within the sphere and had them start colliding.

In an instant, a terrifying explosion emerged.

The power of the fire and ice collided against each other and instantly created a massive explosion. The fist-sized sphere expanded to three meters in an instant.

But at that time, the frenziedly colliding sphere started collapsing towards its center, and all the fire and ice power disappeared, leaving behind a small, pitch-black sphere.

The power of ice and fire quickly dissipated, and the already small sphere became smaller and smaller.

And Lin Yun looked at it expectantly.

Sure enough, the next moment, the fire and ice power completely disappeared, and the pitch-black sphere silently expanded while everything with mana was destroyed.

Annihilation Space!

Finally, some good luck. Even at the peak of Noscent, very few people could use that technique and guarantee a 100% chance of success.

This is neither a Law nor a formidable special power. Its purely skill!