End Of The Magic Era Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Giant Hand


The Annihilation Space spread rapidly and swelled to the point of touching the Ancestor Souls right shoulder in an instant. The big black hole looked like the mouth of a giant creature as it devoured a large chunk of the Ancestor Souls shoulder.

In an instant, the right arm of the Ancestor Soul fell down.

The Ancestor Soul had only become more enraged when its right arm had been torn to shreds earlier. It hadnt felt fear. But fear could now be seen on its face.

Because the power contained within the destroyed part had been completely annihilated!

In other words, its power had been completely devoured and had forever disappeared.

At this time, the Ancestor Soul completely gave up on attacking Lin Yun and turned to run.

Lin Yun turned pale as the Ancestor Soul started fleeing. This kind of all-out attack consumed too much mana, and if it had continued, it would have been impossible for him to destroy that Ancestor Soul without having to pay a disastrous price.

With his Natural Demiplane, Lin Yun didnt have to worry about mana consumption, because it could continuously supply his mana in battle.

But Lin Yuns body couldnt support it. Completely depleting his mana in ten seconds and then crazily replenishing it wasnt something Lin Yun could endure more than a few times.

The mana wildly coursing through his body put a lot of pressure on him. If this kind of pressure was spread across enough time, Lin Yun could fight forever, but if the time was compressed to just a few seconds, the pressure on his mind would cause him to collapse.

To be frank, it wasnt his body that was exhausted, but his mind.

When faced with Lin Yuns burst of power, Dephew was bewildered.

He had been standing far in the distance watching Lin Yuns fight. He completely didnt expect that Lin Yun was so powerful, to the point where he could compete in a direct clash with the Ancestor Soul. At the start, Dephew had thought that Lin Yun was just going to get himself killed, but he was thoroughly shocked by the result. That young Archmage forced the Ancestor Soul to flee

At this time, Dephew recalled all that Harren had told him. He hadnt believed it, but now that this happened in front of his eyes, he was stupefied.

And not only was Dephew stupefied, but everyone seeing that huge Ancestor Soul retreating was also stupefied.

After all, that Ancestor Beastman was one of the protectors of the Raging Flame Plane. It was not only because its terrifying power was unmatched under the Heaven Rank, but also because an Ancestor Soul was extremely hard to kill. Because it was the convergence of the beliefs of the Raging Flame Beastmen for several dozen millennia, it was a pure soul without a body. It could be said that it had no weak points, as even its head could recover after being destroyed.

Any injury could be recovered using some of its power and it was too powerful to kill in one hit, making the Ancestral Soul almost immortal. Moreover, its mana reserves were enormous, basically infinite when compared to mages. Not a single mage would be able to win a war of attrition against it.

The Ancestor Soul taking the initiative to flee explained one thing: Lin Yun had the power to completely kill that Ancestor Soul, which had scared it off.

In the distance, Harren, who was still fighting, had a somber complexion as he cursed.

As soon as he saw Lin Yun unhesitantly rush to attack the Ancestor Soul, Harren knew that this wasnt good.

Its over, its truly over

Merlin is someone who can calculate the perfect amount of strength needed for every battle. He never wasted power. To handle a High mage, he definitely wouldnt use the power of an Archmage.

Yet, he now went all out and didnt care about mana consumption at all when dealing with the Ancestor Soul. Merlin is truly angry this time.

That fool, Dephew, just what has he done? He made Merlin, who always used the smallest possible expenditure to get the most benefits, handle the Ancestor Soul in such a tyrannical manner. If he isnt completely angry, then what is he?Read latest chapters at vipnovel.com

Foolish Dephew, you are actually still standing there! Dont you know how to run?dont know what Merlin used in order to deal with that Ancestor Soul so fast, but what are you doing, dont you know whats going to happen?

Its over, this time its truly over

Merlin is actually a very good talker. He wasnt resentful when I slightly took advantage of him when we first met, but once he is angered, no one is able to block his path.

That foolish Dephew will die miserably this time Merlin might not stay his hand. No, Merlin definitely wont be lenient.

Refraining from getting rid of Dephew last time was already showing a lot of consideration for me, yet that foolish Dephew kept on provoking Merlin

Aaaah, whats to be done? Although Dephew is a moron, he is ultimately someone of the Black Towers Holy Land. Moreover, he was leading the reinforcements from the Holy Land. Regardless of the situation, I cant let him get killed. But what can I do? Merlin definitely wont stop just for my sake this time. And if I intervene, considering Merlins nature, Im afraid I would be suppressed.

Merlin is too strong right now! He is no longer something a 9th Rank Archmage can compare to. I might not be his opponent in battle.

If I do something, there will be no going back. Falling out with Merlin for an idiot like Dephew would be stupid

But, Dephew cant die! Although he is stupid, his teacher is a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse, and the person Merlin suppressed last time was the disciple of that Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Because that person didnt die, there was still some leeway. But if Dephew dies, that Heaven Rank powerhouse will be incomparably furious, and there will certainly be a lot of trouble then.

Moreover, the current Raging Flame Plane is at a critical juncture. It currently seems that the Heaven Rank coming to support us should be Dephews teacher

If Dephew is killed by Merlin, then that existence will definitely retaliate.

Although Mafa Merlin is strong, he shouldnt be strong to the point that he could stand against a true Heaven Rank, right?

If Merlin died, it would be truly troublesome. At that time, bitter internal strife would occur, and thatd be in the midst of handling the Raging Flame Beastmen and the bet with the Odin Kingdom.

Although the Merlin Family has been low-key over the years, in those past days, that Merlin was a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse and stunned all of Okland. He saved the declining Merlin Family, and it is unknown how powerful he is now.

If the time comes, it might really create a civil war. The Andlusa Kingdom wouldnt care about the other matters in the Raging Flame Plane There could be an unprecedented war in the Andlusa Kingdom.

And every single one of Merlins subordinates is far from being a weakling. If Merlin dies, they might not want to take care of the Raging Flame Plane, and what would the Andlusa Kingdom do?

Not to mention Merlins huge warship. No one knows where it went. If Merlin dies, wont his subordinates avenge him? Such a loss

As he considered what could happen, the always calm Harren turned a bit pale, and the more he thought, the worse it got.

Dephew cant die, and even if he does, he absolutely cant die at Mafa Merlins hands

The anxious Harren ground his teeth as he burst with power and crazily attacked the three Beastmen surrounding him, trying to break away from them and stop what was about to happen.

Harren had started bursting with power the moment he saw Lin Yun confront the Ancestor Soul. He completely disregarded any consumption as he attacked those three Beastmen.

But he couldnt finish his fight fast enough.

He had already killed one of the Sword Saints and was about to get rid of the other two Beastmen when Lin Yun repelled the Ancestor Soul.

Harren was frustrated, but he couldnt do anything.

And on the other side, Lin Yun had yet to pacify his mana when he directly turned his head and looked at the distant Dephew.

Lin Yun fanned his Ice-Fire Wings and flew to Dephews location.

Dephew was startled. Lin Yuns fighting strength had clearly frightened him, but Dephew stood on the spot and sneered, not at all planning on escaping.

Damn b*stard, so what if you are powerful? Would the Merlin Family dare to set themselves against our Holy Land?

Hmpf, let alone the Holy Land, you arent even equal to the Black Tower. So what if I made a move against you? Idiot, will you still dare to kill me?

Dephew felt safe in the knowledge that he had a powerful backer and completely didnt care about Lin Yun. Instead, he raised his head and was about to double down, unwilling to admit that he had been wrong.

But Lin Yun scattered his Ice-Fire Wings just as he landed and indifferently glanced at Dephew, as if he was looking at a corpse.

Before Dephew had the chance to say his piece, a rune had already jumped out of Lin Yuns mouth.

In an instant, the ground under Dephews feet shook.

A large, earthen hand stretched out of the ground to grab Dephew.

Dephew was slightly startled and flew up immediately while activating his Runic Shield.

But Dephew didnt have time to criticize Lin Yun, as an icy flaming hand had already caught him.

A giant lifelike hand reaching up to eight meters and emitting a blue glow had appeared. It looked like the hands of a woman that had maintained them well.

If one ignored the white flames on top of the palm, one might even believe that it was a living beings hand.

The palm was holding Dephews Runic Shield, and it looked like it could easily shatter the sphere if it wished. It looked light as a feather and wasnt using any power.

But even so, the runes on Dephews Runic Shield were frantically flickering, and the ripples kept flashing. The Runic Shields shape was constantly distorting, and it looked like it would shatter anytime.