End Of The Magic Era Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Wait And See


The layer of white flames burning on the palm didnt seem to radiate any heat, while the ice hand didnt seem to emit any cold aura.

Lin Yun indifferently looked at Dephew, who had been captured by that large hand, but he didnt seem angry at all.

At this time, Harren was hurrying over. He had ultimately killed one more Beastman Warlord and let the last one escape. Harren couldnt bother to chase. Before he even arrived, he was already shouting, "Sir Merlin! Please be lenient!"

Harren transformed into a black light that stretched across the battlefield. The berserk mana that he released knocked away the Beastmen that tried to block his path as he rushed over with a twisted and anxious expression.

Harren landed a few dozen meters away, and just as he wanted to get closer, Lin Yun coldly looked over while the mana emitted from his body continuously flickered.

When he saw this reaction, Harrens heart suddenly skipped a beat and his footsteps stopped. He didnt dare to get too close to Lin Yun at this time.

A trace of worry appeared on Harrens face.

Merlin is truly furious The calmer he looks, the angrier he is, and the angrier he is, the more likely he is to make a firm decision and just get rid of Dephew. If I get close, he might think that I want to stop him by attacking.

From the power Merlin just displayed, we should be more equally matched. If we fought now, Im not sure who would win. Moreover, Merlin has yet to use that wheel-shaped True Spirit Magic Tool

Harren looked in the distance and saw Enderfa continuously releasing spellwaves, and the berserk snakes of the four elements were continuously oppressing the Beastman army. Enderfa simply didnt have time to pay attention to what was happening here.

As for Dephew, who was being held within that huge ice hand that was covered with a faint layer of flames, he was naturally not feeling great. His Runic Shield had shattered from the grip, so his body was being directly grabbed by that lifelike icy hand.

Dephews expression was extremely pale. The mana coming from his body was surging, but how could he struggle free from the hand? He wanted to cast, but even the most basic Mana Shield wouldnt come out.

A layer of ice slowly covered Dephews eyebrows and hair, making it look like he had been walking in a blizzard overnight. His body was also slowly covered in ice.

Harrens scrunched his face. He remained a few dozen meters away as he anxiously shouted, "Sir Merlin, please be lenient! Please dont be impulsive!

Lin Yun was expressionless, acting as if he hadnt heard Harren at all.

But Harren saw that Lin Yun didnt immediately kill Dephew, so he slightly relaxed. He then pondered for a moment before he started trying to persuade Lin Yun.

"Sir Mafa, Ive seen everything Dephew has been excessive, and he actually did such a thing to an ally. But there is no need for you to do anything, as I wont let him off either. Its not just me. The Black Tower absolutely cant allow such things, as it would jeopardize our Black Towers reputation.

"Rest assured, Ill definitely make sure that you are satisfied and that the Black Tower will give you an account."

Harren looked very serious. He didnt directly try to persuade Lin Yun to let Dephew go, and instead acknowledged that Dephew was in the wrong. It could be seen from his speech that although Dephew would be ruthlessly punished, he couldnt be killed.

It was the same meaning, but a different way of phrasing it, making it sound more like he was standing on Lin Yuns side.

Meanwhile, although Lin Yun didnt react, he also didnt immediately got rid of Dephew.

Harren slightly sighed in relief. Since he didnt kill him yet, it must mean that this can still be discussed.

"Sir Merlin To tell you the truth, I also want to tear that moron to pieces, but I cant do so. There are many matters you might not know about.

"Dephew has been targeting you because the person you suppressed before has the same teacher as Dephew, and their teacher is a Heaven Rank powerhouse of the Black Towers Holy Land. Hes probably the one that the Black Towers Holy Land will dispatch to help with the war.

"That fool, Dephew, did something so foolish, and no one can defend his actions. After returning to the Black Towers Holy Land, he will definitely suffer a cruel punishment, and even if he wont die, it shouldnt be far off from that.

"After all, we are allies at the moment, and moreover, it was at a critical juncture of the general attack. We are at a disadvantage in the bet with the Odin Kingdom, and trying to entrap ones ally is a huge taboo.

"He is already finished, and even his teacher wont be able to protect him from his punishment.

"But Sir Merlin, if you kill him, the outcome would be completely different. His teacher is a very overprotective person. He might not even think much before taking action. And acting yourself for someone thats already finished isnt very profitable.

"Our three forces have formed an alliance, and the Cloud Tower has also seen what happened. With so many witnesses, trying to conceal this matter is impossible. If this matter isnt handled properly, I believe the Cloud Tower absolutely wouldnt let go of such a good opportunity to justify attacking the Black Tower.

"Thus, Sir Merlin, you dont need to worry, I can guarantee that starting now, Dephew wont be able to stand before you. Just wait, hell inevitably suffer a very severe punishment."

Harrens tone was not too fast and not too slow, making his words sound calm and measured

Hearing that, Lin Yun knew that Harrens words made sense.

Indeed, this wasnt the time for this They were allied and in the middle of a war against the Raging Flame Beastmen. Whether they would win or not was still unknown.

Moreover, the Andlusa Kingdom had always been at a disadvantage in the bet against the Odin Kingdom.

At such a crucial time, Dephew actually made a move against an ally, and an ally Commander, at that. This was very vile, and if the Black Tower didnt have the resolve to handle Dephew, they would have to give an explanation that satisfied not only Lin Yun, but also the whole Andlusa Kingdom. Otherwise, the Black Towers reputation would be thoroughly smeared, and no one would dare to cooperate with the Black Tower in the future.

Especially since the Black Tower wasnt the only force here; there was also the Cloud Tower, and the relationship between the two forces had never been peaceful. The conflicts between the Black Towers Holy Land and the Cloud Towers Holy Land were even worse.

If the Black Tower didnt handle this properly, Lin Yun wouldnt even need to say anything and the Cloud Tower would absolutely personally pursue the issue with the Black Tower.

Even though this was a special period in which they were cooperating, that information would certainly be used at a suitable time to launch a fatal strike against the Black Tower.

If the Andlusa Kingdom reigned victorious, that could make the Black Tower lose a large part of their benefits, while if they lost, most of the blame would be placed onto the Black Tower. When the time came, the furious forces of Andlusa would blame the Black Tower for violating a taboo.

As the equal opponent to the Black Tower, the Cloud Tower would naturally take the lead on this.

Standing against a Heaven Rank powerhouse for a guy that would inevitably be punished by the Black Tower anyways wasnt something a smart man would do.

Lin Yun knew that Harrens words made sense.

But just as Lin Yun was frowning while contemplating it and Harren was anxiously waiting with high expectations, Dephew sneered at Lin Yun and shouted, "Mafa Merlin, my teacher should have already reached the Raging Flame Plane. I advise you to let me go and Ill let bygones be bygones, acting as if this never happened!

"I can also speak to my teacher regarding you suppressing my fellow disciple. As long as you let him out, everything that previously happened will be fine.

"Hurry up and release me! Otherwise, as soon as my teacher appears, hell make you die miserably, and not only you! Your Family will also suffer retaliation."

Hmpf, that foolish Mafa Merlin, he dared to attack me! If not for Harrens reminder, I would have forgotten that Teacher should have arrived at the Raging Flame Plane by now. That guy dared to attack me, so Teacher definitely wont let him off.

Just you wait You can be arrogant for now, but once Teacher arrives, the humiliation that you forced me to suffer will definitely be returned a hundredfold! Ill make you die an unsightly death!

We are at war, anyway. If that Mafa Merlin dies, no one would dare to say anything.

And there is that Harren guy who dares to help outsiders and even wants to punish me. Just you wait! Once Teacher arrives, youll be reduced to a mere soldier!

Dephew shuddered from the cold, his face becoming pallid as his mana was encroached upon by the cold. His eyebrows and hair had turned white, but he was still sneering in arrogance.

He had been really frightened earlier, thinking for a moment that hed be killed, but when he heard Harrens words, Dephew felt at ease, sure that Lin Yun wouldnt dare to kill him.

As soon as Dephews words echoed, Harrens expression suddenly changed as he ruthlessly glared at Dephew, his eyes wide opened.

Now, Harren hoped he could directly choke Dephew to death.

That fool! I barely managed to calm Merlin, and then he went ahead and provoked him again! Does he really think that Merlin, who is as bold and courageous as a Dragon, would fear him?

Damnit, I almost saved him and then he went ahead and asked to be killed!

Harren opened his mouth, hoping to pacify Lin Yun once again. "Sir Merlin"

But Lin Yun had already changed his line of sight from the worried Harren to Dephew.

The flames of that lifelike palm holding Dephew suddenly sharply intensified.

In an instant, the seemingly gentle white flames wrapped around Dephew while the terrifying cold aura erupted like a volcano. It felt as if an entrance leading to the depths of an ice plane had suddenly appeared.