End Of The Magic Era Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Power Of The Heaven Rank 2


The air completely froze, as did everything within over a hundred meters. Dephew also turned into a block of ice, his overconfident sneer still frozen in place.

His mana had also been frozen. All of Dephew, both inside and out, had been frozen.

And the moment that happened, the huge, feminine hand softly squeezed.

Dephew, who had been frozen into a statue, instantly exploded into fragments of ice.

Harren was thoroughly stunned as the pieces of ice covered the sky.

I didnt have time to convince him again

At that moment, he recognized what those seemingly soft white flames were. It was a kind of flame coming from an Ice Abyssal Plane, a variant flame that would congeal and gather a large amount of ice. It looked like a flame but contained extreme frost power.

If it was powerful enough and had a sufficient amount, it could even freeze fire spells.

Now, Dephew had been completely shattered. He was thoroughly dead, as even his soul had been frozen and shattered.

But as he died, a Magic Tool loudly shattered in that palm. The fragments filled the sky, and rays of light soared up.

The glaring light was similar to a huge lightning bolt falling down from the sky.

The lightning bolt swayed and forcibly tore apart the black clouds in the sky.

Then, that lightning bolt, akin to a berserk snake, leapt in the sky and grew much bigger and more imposing.

As the lightning bolt roamed, more and more power appeared in the sky, causing countless lightning bolts to wander within the black clouds. It appeared that the first thick lightning bolt was leading the others.

Then, the huge bolt formed a circle, which the surrounding lightning bolts converged into.

All of this power gathered together and formed a huge gate of light. The gate of light rapidly expanded, and a terrifying power surged from it.

"Who is fearless enough to kill my disciple!?"

A loud roar echoed from that lightning gate. The voice echoed in the air like thunder and instantly swept through the entire battlefield.

Rumbles of thunder kept echoing as everyone felt chaos in their minds.

A dignified, black-gowned figure walked out of the gate.

In an instant, it felt as if that person was the center of the world. Countless lightning bolts condensed in the sky, and the power surrounded him, making him look as if he was a God.

And as thunder echoed, the terrifying aura raged like a tempest and swept the entire battlefield.

The entire battlefield fell silent in an instant.

It had already been filled with chaotic elemental powers, fighting, and blood. All the explosions and sounds of battle suddenly went quiet at this moment.

But no one felt awkward It felt as if this was the way everything should be. The chaotic elemental fluctuations were instantly suppressed, and the people fighting couldnt help stopping their battles.

Even the Raging Flame Beastmen that had already gone berserk somehow calmed down and didnt dare to budge.

The Ancestor Soul that had been repelled by Lin Yun was alarmed and unhesitantly tried to escape, and the huge, black cloud above its head started churning.

It transformed into a huge vortex, and within that vortex, a black hole was rapidly growing. The Ancestor Soul wanted to use that hole to escape.

But the powerhouse that left the lightning gate was a true Heaven Rank. He turned his head to look at the fleeing Ancestor Soul before coldly saying, "Hmpf, the Beastmens Ancestor wants to run?"

He reached out with his finger, and in a split-second, cyan runes flew out of his fingertip like flowing water.

Each rune was like a lightning bolt, and they were all converging together into one point. They left behind a glaring path as they fell into the dark clouds above the Ancestor Soul.

In an instant, the black hole revolving within the clouds seemed to be forcibly torn to shreds. It shattered like a piece of glass, and the power within the black clouds was dispersed, with the flames and the Abyssal power forcibly suppressed.

Lightning bolts roamed within the clouds and formed countless lightning snakes that slithered together into a berserk flood, forming a long, dazzling river that flowed down from the clouds.

The Ancestor Souls body burst out with power. It was frightened and angered as it tried to resist, but it was overwhelmed by that river of lightning in an instant.

That huge, 150-meter-tall body was completely submerged.

Alarmed shouts echoed from the river of lightning, and after three seconds, the river falling from the sky disappeared without a trace.

The huge Ancestor Soul had already completely disappeared. In the distance, the Priest kneeling on the altar was extremely bony, just like an Undead. He spat out blood and stopped breathing.

The invincible Ancestor Soul that was almost unkillable had been killed so easily by this river of lightning.

The entire battlefield turned strangely quiet, but the sound of thunder kept echoing.

Harren foolishly looked at the black-gowned Heaven Rank that appeared in the sky, a bitter smile appearing on his face.

Dubois Charles

Dephews teacher, a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse!

Dubois was floating in the air with an icy expression. Dephew had already died, and even his corpse couldnt be seen. Since there was still a war ongoing, Dubois didnt hesitate before raising his hand once again.

At this time, hurried drumming could be heard from the Raging Flame Beastmens side. All the Beastmen fled in alarm as they heard that signal.

The Raging Flame Beastmen still in battle all ceased what they were doing and used their full strength to run back.

Heaven Rank.

A genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse had appeared. An army of 10,000 already had no meaning against a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Quantity had no meaning in front of a Heaven Rank powerhouse. There was no difference between 10,000 and 100,000.

As the sound of the retreat echoed, the Raging Flame Beastman army fled in disarray, while the human army also started recoiling. No one thought of chasing.

Because a true Heaven Rank powerhouse had appeared in this location!

And he was enraged.

As Dubois raised his arm, the entire sky darkened. This wasnt just the lighting changing, but rather several thousand kilometers of black clouds appearing and covering the sky.

Dubois had one hand behind his back and one hand flickering with lightning. These small, flickering rays of lightning were extremely small lightning runes converging together.

No incantation had been needed. Hed only sent some runes rushing forth to make the black clouds in the sky surround the Raging Flame Beastmen and flicker with bolts of lightning.


Thunder boomed, as thick, python-like lightning bolts churned within the clouds. The glaring rays of light instantly illuminated the ground.

The Raging Flame Beastmen were still frantically running away, but they were like sheep pursued by a large Dragon.

After barely three seconds, a bolt of lightning fell down from the black clouds and struck the ground.

The dozen-meter-thick bolt of lightning illuminated the entire area, and the brilliant light illuminated the faces of those terrified Raging Flame Beastmen.

The lightning bolts falling from the black clouds were akin to pillars connecting heaven and earth, and they looked more like restless lightning snakes that were frantically swaying their bodies. Wherever lightning fell, the earth was shattered, rocks exploded, and Raging Flame Beastmen were turned to ashes that scattered in the wind.

Even the Raging Flame Beastmen who were only hit by fragments of the ground screamed before being blown apart.

And after this first lightning bolt fell, the black clouds seemed to have been ignited.

The clouds crazily churned as countless lightning bolts fell down.

The glaring cyan light shone without interruption. From a distance, it looked as if lightning was raining down at that location, continuously making the ground explode.

Countless Raging Flame Beastmen were sent flying towards the sky by the explosions, and those that didnt die from that were killed by lightning, not even leaving a corpse behind.

The crazy lightning rain prevented people from being able to see what was happening within it. All they could see was the bright, flickering, cyan light.

Half a minute later, that berserk lightning rain came to an end

The black clouds also cleared away, and sunshine could be seen once again. This had been a shocking entrance.

There had been over 6,000 Beastmen within a few kilometers that had survived up till that point, but now, not a single one remained alive.

The smooth earth was filled with blackened rock fragments spread over the entire desolate area. Some light smoke was slowly dissipating, and they could faintly see some sparks of lightning flickering in some areas.

There were corpses and ashes of Raging Flame Beastmen strewn everywhere. Whether they were ordinary Raging Flame Beastman warriors or 9th Rank Sword Saint powerhouses, they now all looked like coal.

And the weakest Beastmen had already turned to ashes that blew away in the wind.

The huge 10-meter-tall Kodo had also fallen. It had been completely charred and couldnt be more dead.

The thick, nauseating smell of burnt flesh was everywhere.