End Of The Magic Era Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Power Of The Heaven Rank 3


But immediately afterwards, the runes on the Runic Shield frantically revolved. All the runes were roaming around the surface of the shield due to the enormous pressure.

As for that profound Mana Shield that looked like an inverted starry sky, it was also fiercely fluctuating. Dubois pressure made the Mana Shield start to whirr rapidly and consume Lin Yuns mana as if it was water pouring out unhindered.

Amazement flashed in Dubois eyes. He was surprised that an Archmage was actually able to withstand his aura. The Runic Shield was actually so powerful, able to last so long without shattering, and his mana reserves were also outstanding.

But an ant is an ant. He is just a special ant at best, a daring ant.

Dubois narrowed his eyes as he looked down on Lin Yun. He didnt care that the latter could actually fight against that momentum.

And on the ground, Lin Yuns complexion was extremely red. Blue veins could be seen twitching on his forehead, as well as on his arms. He was gritting his teeth as his body was resisting the pressure of a mountain.

Apart from the Runic Shield and the Mana Shield, no other defensive measures would have the slightest effect in this situation.

Even now, the Elemental forces had been suppressed, and the difficulty of casting had been increased several times.

This was Extraordinary Power!

The power of the Heaven Rank!

Just the aura alone was that powerful. The aura alone could suppress a 9th Rank Archmage and make him unable to budge, closing his eyes while waiting for death.

This was a true Heaven Rank powerhouse!

Lin Yun gritted his teeth and tightened his fists as he slowly raised his head to glare at the floating Dubois.

Dubois sneered, and his pressure became even more powerful. Within the shadow behind him, boundless lightning bolts were madly dancing, and thunderclouds were churning in the air like the roars of a God.

The pressure kept increasing, and the cracking sounds of Lin Yuns bones echoed. But he didnt lower his eyes. He only glared at Dubois with an unyielding gaze.

Duboiss eyes flickered with coldness. There were many people in the surroundings witnessing an ant daring to look straight at him, unwilling to surrender.

"Kneel! Repent for my disciple!"

A wisp of strange power descended within his voice, and it surpassed the previous Extraordinary Power and ruthlessly pressured Lin Yun.

By this point, Lin Yuns shields looked like bubbles ready to burst.

Lin Yun controlled the Runic Shield and Mana Shield, slowly making them shrink. The shields kept shrinking, which consolidated their defensive power, until they were ultimately sticking to Lin Yuns body.

But that Extraordinary Power made Lin Yun feel as if he had fallen into the depths of the sea, surrounded by overwhelming pressure.

And it wasnt just his body. His soul was also getting pressured, and the pressure was getting stronger and stronger. Not only was his mana crazily being consumed, but so was his mental stamina.

Lin Yun gritted his teeth, completely pale. His body stood upright, emitting fierce mana fluctuations, but these fluctuations were suppressed at the surface of his body.

His eyes were cold and his head still raised as he stared at Dubois, tenaciously glaring at him.

Lin Yuns neck stiffened as his Magic Array was already roused to its pinnacle and his mental power was also flaring up, working at an unprecedented speed.

Annoyance flickered in Dubois eyes as he wondered, How could an Archmage actually dare to look at a Heaven Mage with this kind of expression? Even if I kill him now, it would be humiliating for me

I have to make that damned youth yield. Only when he yields can I kill him. Killing him like this would make people praise him after his death.

After I made him yield, Ill cripple him and make everyone think that Im magnanimous by sparing him.

Dubois originally didnt care, but his thoughts had changed. Just now, he had wanted to kill him to avenge his disciple, but now it concerned the dignity of a Heaven Rank powerhouse. He valued his pride very highly

Dubois didnt directly attack Lin Yun. He only used Extraordinary Power to form a terrifying pressure that suppressed him from all directions, making Lin Yun feel as if he was falling deeper and deeper into the depths of an ocean of pressure. The deeper he got, the stronger the pressure was.

That was the power of Laws, something that mana couldnt block. Only Laws could withstand Laws, and other powers were useless.

Lin Yuns mana was as vast as an ocean, but it was nothing more than a pile of cotton in front of Extraordinary Power, which in comparison was like steel. There was no room for resistance. No matter how much cotton there was, it simply couldnt stop steel.

Lin Yun strenuously persevered, and the sound of cracking bones echoed. His Runic Shield and Mana Shield were already stuck to the surface of his body, and if they shattered, Lin Yuns body would be directly exposed to the Extraordinary Power. At that time, his body would be like a brittle glass bottle It would instantly shatter.

Dubois Extraordinary Power was focused on Lin Yun, so the pressure on the rest of the battlefield had dissipated.

Reina, Xiuban, Kurumu, William,

All of Lin Yuns subordinates started crazily charging towards him, not caring that the enemy before their eyes was a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Reina leapt into the air and instantly turned into a hundred-meter-long Frost Dragon. Rays of icy blue light frantically gathered in her mouth, and boundless ice aura permeated through the air as she used her strongest Frost Breath!

But before Reinas Frost Breath even left her mouth, Dubois casually glanced in her direction and a few runes flickering with lightning vanished. At the same time, a cyan lightning bolt fell from the sky and instantly struck Reinas body.

Arcs of lightning flickered on Reinas back, and she let out a mournful roar as she fell to the ground. Not dying from that was already fortunate.

As for Xiuban, he rushed towards Dubois like a humanoid monster as he loudly roared.

"Damn b*stard, let go of Sir Merlin or Ill shatter your skull!"

Xiubans eyes were deep red as his bloodline was completely roused. Mist was transforming into a sinister Dragons head that lingered above Xiuban.

Dubois only raised a finger, and a few cyan lightning runes flew out, causing several thick lightning bolts to fall onto Xiuban in rapid succession.

The brilliant flash disappeared, only to reveal a blackened Xiuban lying on the ground with blood continuously leaking from his mouth. He had been seriously injured in an instant.

Kurumu formed a formation with the three cousins and the 50-mage army, but he didnt have time to attack before a several-meter-thick lightning bolt crackled among them.

The lightning bolt was like a huge river that swept over at the mage army.

Kurumu used Elemental Incarnation to turn into a Flame Elemental, and everyones mana combined through the array to form a large Flame Giant that viciously clashed with the huge lightning bolt.

In an instant, half of the Flame Giants body was torn apart, and the lingering power seriously injured all of them.

In three seconds, Lin Yuns subordinates had all been seriously injured. The puppets had all been standing motionless, as if dead, due to Lin Yun being suppressed so severely. They couldnt react to Lin Yun, and Lin Yun couldnt control them.

As for Lin Yun himself, he tightly clenched his fist as he saw what happened, but he didnt say a single word. His eyes were completely red, and if not for the Extraordinary Power restricting him, Lin Yuns mana would have already flared up and burst out of his body.

Lin Yun fiercely raised his head, his bloody red eyes glaring unwaveringly at Dubois, his Magic Array roused to its peak, and his mana revolving to the extreme. A storm had already started blowing in the Demiplane as the Mana Ponds water transformed into a waterspout that rose up.

Light crazily flickered atop the Draconic Staff, and Lin Yun wildly poured mana into the Book of Mantras and the Book of Death.

"Kneel! Repent for my disciple! You have three seconds. Every three seconds, Ill kill one of them." Dubois mercilessly declared the fate of Lin Yuns subordinates.

This was his plan to make Lin Yuns surrender.

Suddenly, Lin Yuns face became serene. His expression had become indifferent, and he was giving Dubois that familiar look that he seemed to give people before they died.

He looked at the seriously injured Reina, the burnt Xiuban, the mages of the mage army covered in blood whose fate was unknown, as well as his three cousins.

Lin Yun looked more and more at peace. His Magic Array was already overloaded, and his mana wasnt wasted on the Mana Shield, but rather poured into the Book of Death. The Demiplanes mana was being frantically extracted by Lin Yun and poured into the Book of Death with no regard for the consequences.

As he looked at Dubois, Lin Yun grinned.

I already died twice, but Ive never yielded! Heaven Rank?

Haha, Ive seen the end of the Magic Era, but unfortunately, I couldnt go further. But taking this Heaven Mage down with me in death should be considered pretty good. I have yet to kill a Heaven Mage.

A wisp of terrifying power started rising from the Book of Death. Lin Yuns three Core Meditation Law Sets showed signs of collapse, as if some sort of power there was transcending the limits and shattering the Equilibrium Law.

At that time, spatial fluctuations rose in the sky as a sun-like flame appeared. It truly felt as if the sun itself had descended to the earth.

It had terrifying power like a scorching sun, but it clearly wasnt berserk. It was like a sunrise, yet the faint light and warmth were irresistibly dispersing the darkness.

Following the appearance of that scorching sun, Dubois pressure was instantly dispersed, just like the dark clouds were scattered by the sunrise.

Heaven Rank!

Another Heaven Rank powerhouse had appeared!

Dubois frowned, and the Extraordinary Power suppressing Lin Yun instantly dissipated.

With the pressure dissipating, Lin Yun became extremely pale, and his Mana Shield and Runic Shield suddenly scattered and exploded open.