End Of The Magic Era Chapter 901

Chapter 901 World


When facing a Heaven Rank powerhouse, his strength was still far from enough. He had thought that after directly feeling Extraordinary Power as a mortal, he would be able to use Noscents best Magic Conducting Rune for calculations and simulations, the Magic Array, to experiment on Extraordinary Power.

But everything had been correct, yet he failed at the final step while running the simulation.

"Could it be that Extraordinary Power truly isnt something a mortal can grasp?" Lin Yun mumbled.

It was unknown when Enderfa had appeared behind Lin Yun, but he faintly sighed, "Merlin, when doing simulations, wouldnt it better to use your own power?"

After Enderfas words, Lin Yun felt a spark light up in his mind. He didnt capture it fully, but his eyes shone for a while.

Lin Yun left Enderfa and walked down the mountain, minding his own business. He decided to take a leisurely stroll through his Demiplane.

From the lush forest to the plain, from the snow mountain to the lake. He finally reached the edge of the Demiplane and looked at the chaotic void outside. As he looked at the chaotic earth, fire, wind, and water, his eyes shone even brighter.

An indescribable fluctuation started spreading from Lin Yuns body.

The harvest on that trip had been too varied. There had been too many things, and he had yet to comprehend everything.

But now, Lin Yun felt that he had started to comprehend and digest his own knowledge. The process had already started.

Step by step, he had walked through the Demiplane and observed and appreciated this world. And as he explored, he felt that a trace of what should be his own Law had started forming.

The fastest Archmages would be at the 5th Rank when they first started comprehending a trace of Law. This was the most important preparation needed to reach the Heaven Rank, and the moment when their Law was completely formed would be when they advanced to the Heaven Rank.

Before, Lin Yun had kept suppressing his own Rank since hed insisted on advancing only after fusing with Constances Wisdom Skull.

It was because after advancing to the Archmage realm, one could start forming a trace of their own Law.

But after advancing to become a 1st Rank Archmage, Lin Yun truly felt that what seemed to be his own Law was already in the process of forming. He was a lot faster than ordinary Archmages, in part because of all that he had amassed.

Before now, it had yet to properly, it hadnt even reached the embryonic stage!

But now, he truly felt it.

And it wasnt just one kind, but rather four Elemental Laws at once!

Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, he had four Elemental Laws as his foundation!

Lin Yun walked around in the Demiplane, observing and appreciating everything while doing calculations. From the Core Meditation Law Set to the True Spirit Magic Tool in his hands, everything was first-rate.

Elemental Heart, Elemental Chapter along with this Natural Demiplane where the Four Elements had already stabilized. Nothing among these had placed a particular emphasis on one element, and everything congregated around the Four Elements.

And now that he felt the embryonic form of the Four Elemental Laws, Lin Yun knew why it hadnt appeared before!

As his understanding got deeper and deeper, Lin Yuns eyes shone brighter and brighter.

He felt earnest surprise in the depths of his heart.

Because as he sensed all the different things that he walked past, his understanding of this Demiplane reached a whole new realm.

The Four Elemental Laws were his foundation, but even if they were only in the embryonic form and had just started growing, Lin Yun could feel that it was completely different.

In the past, Lin Yuns mind had always been filled with worries because only he knew about Noscents destruction.

And at the end of the Magic Era, the decaying library had contained the books with the greatest achievements in Noscent, and they were all in his mind.

In that era, Lin Yun had never doubted that he would reach that height, never doubted that he would reach or even surpass the Heaven Rank.

This was only a matter of time.

And after reaching that step, he would have surpassed mortality, lifespan would have lost its meaning, and time would have also lost its importance.

A few dozen millennia later, he would inevitably face the end of the world, with mana dissipating and the world reaching its end.

The final outcome wouldnt change. The only difference would be that hed live much longer, but he would still follow Noscent to its inevitable doom.

There had been no method to solve that crisis, but now, Lin Yun found hope. A crazy thought rose up in his mind.

Since he would form four Elemental Laws, he could use all four of them as a foundation and fuse them together. That way, there would be hope for this Demiplane to become a complete world!

As this Demiplane kept growing, following him and maturing into a complete world, it might become even bigger and more complete than Noscent!

When the time came, all of Noscent could be squeezed into that plane!

So what if it was unconventional? There was no need for convention in front of total annihilation!

Everything was meaningless in front of the end!

After coming to this conclusion, Lin Yun couldnt help smiling. He even loudly laughed.

It was only when he took an entire trip around his Demiplane that Lin Yun felt the foundation of his Law reaching an embryonic form, and its aura became stronger and stronger.

And the Book of Death also changed, as a wisp of subtle and obscure aura suddenly appeared.

Lin Yun took out the Book of Death, and it automatically flipped itself open, passing by the Sage Chapter and the Elemental Chapter.

Ultimately, it turned out that a new page had appeared, covered with boundless runes. All the runes were extremely small, and the runes were linked together into chains that slowly fused with that page.

Slowly, three characters appeared on the page. This was a kind of character Lin Yun didnt recognize, but with a single glance, he knew the meaning of these characters.

All-Encompassing Chapter!

Apart from these few characters, the page was entirely blank. There was no content, and it was clear that this was a headline.

Lin Yuns eyes shone and he unhurriedly closed the Book of Death and left the Demiplane with one step.

Three days had already passed outside, and both Dubois and Butler had left the Sunset Fort.

As Heaven Rank powerhouses, their appearance in the Raging Flame Plane wasnt to serve the two forces. They came here only to help the Andlusa Kingdom win this military campaign and beat the Odin Kingdom.

This time, there had been a crisis at the Sunset Fort, so they were hastily rushed over. The Sunset Fort was too important, after all. Not just to the allied human armies, but even more so for the entire Andlusa Kingdom. It was because they were holding that place that they could hope to catch up to the Odin Kingdom in terms of points in the next battles.

Dubois and Butler left to help others after sorting everything out at this location. They took advantage of the opportunity to beat down the Raging Flame Beastmen and obtain a lot of points, and plundering points to defeat the Odin Kingdom was the most important matter.

Because Heaven Rank powerhouses had also appeared on the Odin Kingdoms side, they had no choice but to hurry up and couldnt specifically serve the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower.

As Lin Yun arrived at the Sunset Fort, he didnt go to Harren or Jouyi. He left the Sunset Fort on his own and took a walk in the Raging Flame Plane.

He felt the difference between the Laws of this plane and the Demiplane but also noticed that the foundations were the same. It was just that the Raging Flame Planes Laws were a bit stronger.

This wasnt a complete world. It was only a plane, and Noscent was much more complete than this plane.

Lin Yun slowly walked on the ground of the Raging Flame Plane, and no one knew where he went.

Sunsets, moonrises, Lin Yun walked day after day without stopping, not stopping to rest. His robe became filthy, his boots dilapidated, his hair a mess, but his eyes shone brighter and brighter.

Over a week later, Lin Yun was wearing a simple robe, his long hair was once again arranged and tied, and his beard had been shaved. His surging mana had also calmed down and was even more cryptic. All in all, he looked like an ordinary mage.

But Lin Yuns temperament had become completely different. His edge had been curbed and he clearly looked ordinary, yet he somehow gave an indescribable lofty feeling to others. A sensitive person might feel as if they were being pressured by an ancient mountain.

Lin Yun slowly walked towards the Sunset Fort, neither fast nor slow. The distance he crossed with each step far surpassed an ordinary persons step. It was as if the earth was dragging him along with each step he took while the wind was gently aiding him.

It looked like he would soon be at the Sunset Fort when he suddenly felt a fierce fluctuation coming from a patch of tall brush. A dozen-meter-long Aura Slash instantly tore through the underbrush and shredded its way towards him.

Lin Yun slowly turned and glanced over, only to see a Raging Flame Beastman hidden in the brush, an 8th Rank Sword Saint.

This was still a few kilometers away from the Sunset Fort and was a very suitable spot for spying. As long as the Beastman was very careful, he shouldnt be discovered.

This was clearly a scout; there was no need to think to understand that. They must have thought that a weak scout would have been easily discovered. That army had been completely wiped out before with not a single person coming back alive. Even the Ancestor Soul had been killed, which had been enough to alarm those Raging Flame Beastmen.

Lin Yun had been unlucky, just happening to walk too close to that Raging Flame Beastmans hiding place. At such a distance, the probability of being discovered was too great, so the Beastman could only attack first to avoid the possibility of being discovered and chased down by the powerhouses of the Sunset Fort.

Thoughts were flashing in Lin Yuns mind. They were only a dozen meters away, and at this distance, an Aura Slash would reach its target almost instantly.