End Of The Magic Era Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Score Change


There had been no pause as he used the crystal pen, as if he didnt need to ponder over anything.

After restoring the array, Lin Yun took out the Book of Mantras, and a raging flame came from it.

Lin Yuns hand pierced through the flames and grabbed an ancient scepter, and the ball of flames attached itself at the end of the scepter, with countless runes revolving within.

This was the other shape of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras: the Raging Flame Scepter!

Lin Yun held the Raging Flame Scepter and inserted it into the center of the array.

The weather instantly changed as endless clouds swirled in the sky and a huge vortex appeared. A pillar of light could be seen falling down from the mouth of the vortex into the center of the array, which activated it completely.

The light beam slowly focused and distorted as it turned into a large circular gate. The gate of light then rapidly expanded, and after a few seconds, it was more than fifty meters tall. Around the gate, there was a huge circle of light over forty meters in height that formed a deep membrane emitting wisps of spatial power.

That huge Teleportation Gate stood there and kept emitting spatial ripples.

This was one of the reasons that the Sunset Fort was so important: This major fort contained a large-scale Teleportation Gate that connected the entire Raging Flame Plane.

Once it was activated, any place in the Raging Flame Plane could build a Teleportation Gate leading to the Sunset Fort, provided they had the coordinates.

This also meant that the entrance of the Raging Flame Beastmens hinterlands had been thrown wide open. The Andlusa army could arrive there in very little time, and from there, they could kill their way through the Raging Flame Beastmen, giving them no hope of retaking the Sunset Fort.

And the important key to activating this array was the Raging Flame Scepter shape of the Book of Mantras. This was something the Raging Flame Emperor had set up early on.

The Raging Flame Scepter was not only the key to activating the large-scale Teleportation Gate, but it was also the most important part of the Teleportation Gate itself. If there was no Raging Flame Scepter, not even a Saint Alchemist would be able to activate it.

As the large-scale Teleportation Gate activated, the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower were impatient to send their armies to advance.

Lin Yun also brought out the mage army, Reina, Xiuban, and the others from the Demiplane, and they were soon followed by the puppet army.

These three major forces would separate, fighting their way towards the center of the Raging Flame Beastmens hinterlands. Behind them, the other forces of the Andlusa Kingdom would come one after another to the Sunset Fort before joining in on the attack.

This time, whoever took the lead would get far more opportunities than before.

Lin Yun led his army to charge forward without taking a break. Whenever they met Raging Flame Beastmen, he wouldnt even need his mage army to make a move, as his puppet army would just burst out with terrifying power.

Although some of the puppets had been damaged in the previous battle, there were still close to eight hundred remaining.

These puppets were all mass-produced from the standard designs of Bill Georges base, and their combat power was equivalent to someone of the same rank.

But if the puppets fought by themselves, they would find it very difficult to defeat a mage of the same rank. After all, puppets used fighting sequences and were a lot less flexible than mages. In a duel, most of the puppets wouldnt be worthy opponents for a mage of a similar level, especially those kinds of mass-produced puppets.

But once there were several hundred of such puppets, they would become a very frightening tide of puppets. They coordinated with each other perfectly and had no weak points. As long as an injury didnt affect their battle performance, it could completely be disregarded.

A few hundred sword puppets would transform into a terrifying tide of metal that swept across the battlefield. And there simply werent any Beastmen that could resist it.

And while those puppets fought up close, the remaining casting puppets were overpowering their opponents with spells. Their frantic waves of spells used a completely skill-less way of cleansing through their obstacles.

After sweeping through a few Raging Flame Beastmen, Lin Yuns points crazily rose. He was gaining a few times more points than before.

After all, this was the center of the Raging Flame Plane controlled by the Beastmen. The power of the forts here wasnt something those forts on the outskirts could compare to.

The Raging Flame Beastmen within the hinterlands could be thought of as citizens living in a city, while the Sunset Fort was the city gate, while the Beastmen living outside the area were living in the suburbs.

The Radiant Fort was a good example. It was the most remote place from the city.

Attacking a fort in the suburbs was naturally different than attacking a part of the city. With regards to the military campaign, the meaning behind it was completely different, which caused the number of points to increase significantly.

After attacking for ten days in a row, Lin Yuns points had already risen from bottom of the pack to the top ten.

As for the ranks shown in the crystal ball, they also changed.

In the top ten, seven of the forces were from the Odin Kingdom, while only three were from the Andlusa Kingdom, including Lin Yun.

The Cloud Tower was 3rd, the Black Tower was 5th, and Lin Yuns points had recently reached the 10th spot.

The score showed that the Cloud Towers reinforcements had been somewhat better than the Black Towers.

Particularly the Heaven Rank of the Cloud Tower, Butler. He might be better than Dubois, at least in terms of points.

But seven of the top ten were from the Odin Kingdom!

The 1st and 2nd spots were both from the Odin Kingdom, while the gap between the Quicksand Tower and the Cloud Tower, which were respectively the 4th and 3rd spots, was negligible. But it could be said that the top three forces were all from the Odin Kingdom!

And the first name was unexpectedly not the Burning Tower, but the Sky City.

The points of the Cloud Tower were now at 3 million, while the points of the Sky City were already past 7 million!

They had more than twice as many as the Cloud Tower. This gap was simply despair-inducing. It was like the other side had twice the power of the Cloud Tower. If this continued, overtaking them would simply be impossible, as the gap would keep on growing.

Through the constant influx of news, Lin Yun also knew that floating air teams had been dispatched by Sky City. The miniature war fortresses floated in the air and used tyrannical power to flatten anything in their way.

Most of the forts they breached were directly destroyed, and their floating fortresses didnt even stop. They didnt want the forts and didnt need to defend them, so they were just attacking endlessly.

The air battles kept on carrying forward, while their ground troops, which could already compare to the Black Tower or the Cloud Tower, could only sweep the battlefield, clean up the loot, and excavate natural resources.

It was said that as they moved forward, the Sky City had already released a large floating fortress that was several hundred meters in size. There was no suspense in their battles. The only thing holding them back was that their aerial forces couldnt teleport. Otherwise, half of the Raging Flame Plane might have already been swept under their hands.

The second name was the Burning Tower, and they had over 5 million points!

Their mage army was like a ball of fire. Wherever they went, only ashes would be left. They had over a thousand mages in their army, and they also had a huge army of swordsmen and a logistic corps. Everything they went through became the territory of the Burning Tower, and everything, including the ruins, resources, and loot, would be plundered.

And there was mention that the Heaven Rank powerhouse of the Burning Tower had reached a high comprehension of his Burning Law, a bit better than some higher-ranking Heaven Mages.

An army of over 10,000 Beastmen with two High Priests and an Ancestor Soul attacked, but the land within several kilometers turned into a hellish ocean of flames, burning them all alive. Moreover, the two respected High Priests and Ancestors were also incinerated.

When the flames stopped burning, the land looked like hells scorched earth. The ground had been burnt black and seemed to have sunk down.

The Quicksand Tower only had around 3,000,000 points, and they were having trouble breaking away from the Cloud Tower in points. The gap between them and the two frontrunners was huge, but that was because of the direction they chose to attack. The terrain had been very unfavorable.

The path they attacked was covered in lush vegetation and vigorous water, which greatly suppressed their fighting power. It was likely that they were fighting at not even half of their peak potential.

It was also because of this that the foolish Raging Flame Beastmen felt that they had a chance to bully the Quicksand Tower and let them go through two rivers and a lake before ambushing them.

Close to twenty thousand Raging Flame Beastmen, with an accompanying army of powerhouses, ambushed the Quicksand Towers thousand people.

If they could only display half of their full power in such a place, they would surely be in for a bitter struggle, and they might even suffer terrible losses.

But at that time, the Heaven Rank of the Quicksand Tower, who rarely appeared, used his own power to divert the river and make the silt at the riverbeds rise up to form land!

Then, a one-sided slaughter ensued

In the most unfavorable environment, they first drew out a large number of Raging Flame Beastmen, and then the Quicksand Tower exposed their hidden fangs, creating tidal waves of sand.

After the battle, almost twenty thousand Raging Flame Beastmen had disappeared, not even leaving corpses behind. The lake and the forests had disappeared, while the river had been forcibly diverted.

Only a desert was left behind, where all their enemies had been buried.

And now, since the Quicksand Tower had already made it through the area with heavy humidity and dense vegetation, they wouldnt meet such an environment again for the rest of their route. The deeper in they went, the more suitable the environment was for the Quicksand Tower.