End Of The Magic Era Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Calm Thinking


It was already to be expected that the Quicksand Towers points would start to catch up to the Burning Tower and the Sky City.

The Odin Kingdoms strongest Sky City, Burning Tower, and Quicksand Tower were topping the standings, but their other forces were also doing well. The Henry Family, Shadow Tower, Jackson Family, and the Maxwell Family had all stormed the top ten.

Facing such circumstances, the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower couldnt sit still. They immediately contacted Lin Yun to convene a crystal conference.

Lin Yun was sitting in an empty meeting room with a blossoming crystal ball placed on each side of the table projecting Jouyi and Harrens figures.

"The Odin Kingdom is really too powerful, especially Sky City. Its powerful to the point of disbelief. Although I knew that Sky City was especially good at war, I hadnt expected them to be so strong.

"Ive seen a recording of Sky Citys attack on a fort. Their air assault unit was simply made for war. It floated over, and no matter how the Beastmen attacked, they simply couldnt affect the war fortress. The Beastmen warriors were pretty much completely useless, just waiting to die.

"Moreover, I didnt expect that Sky City would actually send a 300-meter war fortress into the Raging Flame Plane. Facing this tool of pure mass destruction, only a Heaven Rank powerhouse could resist.

"And we know that the Burning Tower and the Quicksand Tower are also stronger. The more they move towards the center of the Raging Flame Plane, the dryer the environment will be, and the stronger the power of fire will be. The power that the Quicksand Tower and the Burning Tower can display just keeps increasing.Especially the Quicksand Tower! They already caught up to us and became 3rd.

"And thats not mentioning the other forces of the Odin Kingdom. It will be too difficult to overtake them"

Deep worry could be seen in Jouyis eyes. He looked helpless and exhausted. These days, the Cloud Tower had been going all-out on their assault expeditions, but they had been unable to gain more points than the Quicksand Tower

So when the Sky Tower and its exaggerated hoard of points, it made the Star Sage, this powerhouse who had been in control of the Cloud Tower for many, many years, somewhat despair.

Harren also had a sullen expression, and his worries could hardly be covered up.

"We have to think of a way to overtake them with our power. We have to make the other forces in the rear go all-out and coordinate with the assault. If it continues like this, even if we end up conquering the Raging Flame Plane, we will still lose to the Odin Kingdom"

Jouyi and Harren were very worried, but Lin Yun was unperturbed by these circumstances.

"Sir Merlin, do you have an idea?" Harren couldnt help asking when he saw Lin Yuns calm attitude.

Lin Yun indifferently pointed out, "Can we solve the problem by worrying? We can just accelerate our pace. The difference in points might look big, but the true powerhouses are still in the back. Who will end up winning has yet to be decided.

"We can fall behind in terms of points, as long as we dont fall behind in the assaults"

Harren and Jouyi glanced at each other, getting the gist of what Lin Yun meant. The gap in points at the current stage wasnt something unbreachable, because the further along in the war they were, the more points they would earn. The deficit wasnt yet something they couldnt catch up with.

But the disadvantage was too great now. When comparing the points of the Andlusa Kingdom with the Odin Kingdom, the latter had at least a few times as much as the former.

That gap wasnt easy to breach, it would be very difficult for the Andlusa Kingdom to win, extremely difficult, and the chances were slim.

The crystal conference didnt discuss the outcomes. They only exchanged information and kept at it with their assaults.

The Cloud Tower and the Black Towers people seemed like their pants had been set on fire. Their attack power had been raised to the extreme and the Heaven Rank powerhouses would occasionally appear.

Meanwhile, on Lin Yuns side, they were still moving at a fixed pace, neither slow nor fast.

Sword puppets were charging forward while casting puppets were forming waves of spells that crashed down.

The offensive was completely left to the puppets, and even if they met a powerhouse, it would be the patched puppets turn. Lin Yun rarely had Reina, Xiuban, or Enderfa attack.

The mage armys mission was to clean up the battlefield and gather the loot.

Each time a fort was attacked, the mage army would survey the surrounding resources, which would then be gathered by the puppets. If they found some ruins, Lin Yun would lead his group to unearth them.

Things like arranging the defenses and running the forts would be left to Lin Yuns three cousins. Their strength had rapidly increased recently, and their abilities had also improved very quickly. The three most promising youths of the Merlin Family were now taking care of logistics.

Everything was proceeding in an orderly manner, and Lin Yuns points remained at the 10th spot. Occasionally, after attacking a fort, he would jump to the 9th spot, but he would soon be overtaken.

Time quickly passed, and soon, half a month had already gone by.

And after attacking a small fort, Lin Yun found a quiet place to meditate as he always did.

Recently, Lin Yun had barely made a move. All his focus was on sensing the Laws.

After the foundation of his own Laws had been established, all that was left was to constantly feel the Laws and comprehend them.

As time passed, no matter how much insight one gained, they would continuously progress. It wasnt like before when they couldnt deepen their understanding without having made the first step.

Now that he found the way, how could Lin Yun still waste time?

As his comprehension deepened, his understanding of the All-Encompassing Chapter also started changing.

He spent a good month of almost constant meditation before a trace of change appeared on the Book of Death.

An indescribable aura appeared in the blank space, and apart from the wordsAll-Encompassing Chapter, a wisp of gentle light appeared.

In an instant, Lin Yun felt his understanding of the All-Encompassing Chapter increase to a new stage. His comprehension of the Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water Laws had reached a whole new realm.

Lin Yun slowly opened his eyes, and the four elements surrounding him dissipated.

Using the Element Chapter to assist the comprehension was truly effective!

At the same time, using the four elemental Laws as a foundation was a lot more powerful than he had thought. It was far more powerful than having one kind of Law as ones foundation, or it could simply be said that it wasnt comparable at all.

But the difficulty of gaining insight had greatly increased.

If he hadnt had the Elemental Heart as one of his Core Meditation Law Sets, the Magic Array as his Magic Conducting Rune, and the Element Chapter as a supporting tool, he wouldnt have been able to progress so quickly.

He silently calculated his peak usable power now and sighed. Obviously, his mana hadnt changed much, but he had gained more insights regarding his Laws, and his fighting power had undergone a complete change.

Using Dubois as a reference, before, he would have been able to use all his strength to retreat and barely flee.

And now, Lin Yun could already feel that if he went against Dubois once again, he would be able to resist him for a bit. He wouldnt need to go all-out just to barely be able to escape.

Time continued to rush along, and a month soon passed.

The Raging Flame Planes attack was still methodically moving forward. Lin Yuns points stabilized at the 10th spot, while the Odin Kingdom still far exceeded the Andlusa Kingdom.

During that month, Lin Yun had had no control over how his armies developed, attacked forts, plundered resources, and excavated ruins. These matters had all been left to his subordinates.

During that time, Lin Yun had stayed in the Demiplane to gain insights into his Laws. The more insights he gained, the greater his comprehension, and the more he understood. Endless mana couldnt compare with a wisp of Law Power. Gradually gaining wisps of insight actually increased his strength, and that was a stronger boost than gaining one rank.

And the four elements of the Demiplane had started stabilizing a long time ago. Now, following Lin Yuns increase in comprehension, the speed at which the Demiplane evolved was becoming faster and faster. The Laws were even linked to Lin Yun and formed a sort of resonance.

Not only did it deepen Lin Yuns connection to the Demiplane, but it also made Lin Yun feel the entire process of the four elements slowly accumulating, stabilizing, and evolving. This was an extremely rare benefit.

And at the same time, the Demiplane was evolving faster and faster due to Lin Yuns new insights, and there was no deviation in the elements. They formed a perfect equilibrium.


Thunder boomed in the Demiplane as the Mana Vine started frantically swaying. In an instant, a dozen Mana Vines germinated, and they then quickly absorbed mana to grow. Mana Vines would pierce through the void, absorb the chaotic mana within, and replenish the Demiplane.

The Demiplane, which originally spanned two hundred to three hundred kilometers, once again expanded, and the earth became bigger and thicker. Many ore veins were slowly being formed, and mountains grew taller and taller. A snowy mountain had appeared, and waves were surging from a spacious river.

There were even some fiery volcanoes rising up in some areas, with gales in another region. In one corner, rain clouds filled the sky and an expansive ocean started forming. There were even some simple lifeforms being nurtured within.

Gale storms, lightning bolts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. Everything felt like the end of the world.

But as the Demiplane shook, the world became bigger and bigger, and these apocalyptic scenes had completely subsided. And the mana that Mana Vines had torn through was rapidly consumed, causing the level of mana in the entire world to drastically fall.

It took no less than half an hour before everything calmed down. The gales and the rain turned into a breeze and a light drizzle, while the rivers surged and filled the entire world with vitality. Some simple lifeforms were growing on the continents and in the water.