End Of The Magic Era Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Entering The City


The explosion made the gate disappear, exposing a hole that gaped several dozen meters wide, through which it was possible to see the Beastmen in the city. These Beastmen clearly knew that they couldnt let their opponent charge into the fort. Half of the Wolf Riders riding Flame Wolves rushed out, followed by a dozen thick-skinned Kodos.

A few hundred sword puppets dragged their bladed arms as they transformed into a flood of steel, unhesitantly rushing over to engage.

In an instant, boundless blades flickered. The swordlights became glaringly cold as they ruthlessly collided with the Wolf Rider army.

An endless torrent of blades swept over. At the front, an 8-meter-tall Kodo opened its big mouth to devour the sword puppets in front, but the flood of swords washed across its flanks, causing several hundred long and narrow gashes to appear on its sides.

The huge Kodo was torn apart. From a distance, only blood splatter could be seen as the blades danced upon its skin.

Following the gruesome shower of blood, an angry roar and a blood-curdling screech could be heard in the back. It looked as if the sea of blades was clashing with a bloody river. A large amount of blood sprayed everywhere as the sea of blades sliced its way forward.

The first wave of the puppet onslaught didnt flinch as they rushed into the fort. Meanwhile, the remaining half of the Wolf Riders saw over two hundred casting puppets raising both arms in front of them, as if they were opening a portal to a place full of all kinds of spells.

The chaotic spells formed a wave that ruthlessly submerged the remaining Beastmen and Kodos, and it continued for three seconds until no more Wolf Riders were left. The ground there had been cleansed of everything, leaving behind a long gorge that spanned over a hundred meters.

The casting puppets were walking in an orderly fashion, following the sword puppets into the fort.

Suddenly, a huge scarlet Aura Slash flew out, and two sword puppets were sent flying.

That 9th Rank Sword Saint had appeared.

Xiuban grinned and put Carnage on his shoulder. He tensed his body just like a nocked arrow, and with a loud, explosive sound, the ground caved in around Xiuban as he leapt a few hundred meters high, falling towards the fort.

That 9th Rank Sword Saint had a malevolent face covered in decorative patterns. He saw Xiuban falling towards him and unhesitantly rushed over to engage. His waraxe was covered in searing flames as it ferociously slashed towards Xiubans waist, seemingly wanting to cut him in half.

Xiubans face was flushed as he emitted steam. He held Carnage with both hands and didnt bother to dodge or parry. He just let out a loud roar and ruthlessly smashed Carnage down.

The collision between Carnage and the waraxe let out a thunderous sound, and white waves of wind fiercely whipped around them like sharp blades.

From a distance, it looked as if a white ring had instantly expanded from them for several hundred meters. That berserk power forced the air out of the area, and once the air was sucked back in, the collision formed a large lightning cloud, which sent out several crackling lightning bolts.

Within that cloud, a shadow hit the ground at a speed exceeding human reaction times.


In an instant, a hole more than ten meters in diameter appeared on the surface of the fort with large cracks spreading from it.

And within that hole, that 9th Rank Sword Saint laid there, his eyes wide open. His body looked like crushed porcelain as cracks were spreading all over his chest. His limbs were twisted into a strange shape, and his waraxe had already exploded into fragments.

He died with his eyes wide open.

Even in death, the disbelief could be seen on his face. He hadnt been able to understand why it had turned out like that.

Xiuban wielding Carnage was like a T-rex. He fell into the fort, inside a three-story house, completely trashing the building as he landed.

In the ruins of the house, Xiuban lifted Carnage and walked out, baring his fangs towards the other Raging Flame Beastmen. When he reached the hole he had made, he disdainfully scolded, "Moron, a broken axe actually dared to clash with Uncle Xiubans Carnage, which transcends Extraordinary Magic Tools? Apart from the great Sir Merlin, Uncle Xiuban is unequalled. Well, no, there are still those Heaven Rank monsters"

Shouts echoed within the fort, and at that time, Enderfa and the patched puppet walked towards the fort together.

These two magic fortresses entering the fort were like two Dragons joining a flock of sheep. Whenever they found Raging Flame Beastmen, they used completely tyrannical moves to pressure them with bursts of offensive spells, razing even buildings to the ground.

Reina floated in the air and calmly looked across the fort. There was still a 9th Rank Arch-Warlock inside, and it still wasnt known whether he had fled or if he was still hiding.

Suddenly, a flaming black cloud appeared above Reinas head, and a blazing Meteor appeared from it, rapidly falling towards Reina.

Reina blinked; her eyes looked as if they had been carved out of ice. Her pupil had shrunk into a small dot, and as she raised her finger, a massive hailstorm took shape. Terrifying ice runes revolved, and it faintly felt as if there was a huge Dragon mumbling in Draconic.

Reina pointed at the falling Meteor and the boundless ice runes swirled together to turn into an icy blue radiance.

That chilling glow floated over and collided with the huge meteor.

It only took an instant for that flaming Meteor to be covered in a layer of ice, like something had swept over its entire surface.

In less than a second, that 10-meter-large Meteor was turned into a sphere of ice. Even the flames and the trail of smoke behind it were frozen.

The falling Meteor had turned into a frozen snowball. At this time, Reina looked at a distant building and pointed at it, making the oversized snowball change course and ferociously crash into that building with huge sweeping power.

The ten-meter-tall building was instantly destroyed by the snowball, but a shadow managed to jump out.

Reina extended her palm and softly blew into it.

A handful of ice slivers flew out, instantly piercing through several dozen meters before hitting the shadow and freezing the startled Raging Flame Beastman.

The three Ice Walls that followed had yet to leave the ground when the statue shattered.

And in the sky, the fifty mages had turned into a cloud of fire as they chased a group of Wyvern Riders. The usually arrogant Wyvern Riders only looked like stray dogs as they were chased around with nowhere to escape to. Fire elements gathered to form several-hundred-meter-long whips that lashed at the Wyvern Riders.

From time to time, a Wyvern would be shot down, and its rider wouldnt even have time to hit the floor before being burnt to ashes.

There had been over a hundred Flying Riders, but there were now only a bit over sixty left. As they saw how one-sided the battle was, with no chance of repelling the invaders, these Wyvern Riders became worried. If they couldnt defeat their opponents, then they could only flee. But they couldnt get away, so they would have to defeat the mages pursuing them in order to flee.

At the lead of their commander, the sixty Wyvern Riders turned around and charged at the mage army.

Poisoned javelins were sent flying towards the mages, giving off piercing whistles as they flew through the sky.

Kurumu sneered and raised his Dragonscale Staff. At that moment, elemental flames rose in the sky, and a cloud of fire covered everything within a few hundred meters.

The mage army scattered and dodged the poisoned javelins.

And at that time, the Wyvern Riders seemed to see a chance. They rushed over, apparently thinking of breaking up the mage armys formation to buy time to escape.

By the time the Wyvern Riders were thirty meters away, when they had almost reached the mage armys formation, Kurumus Dragonscale Staff suddenly shone with a crimson radiance.

Then, the seemingly scattered mage army actually formed a bowl-shaped encirclement, which the Wyvern Riders had just flown into.

The endless cloud of flames spread and wrapped those sixty Wyvern Riders within its embrace.

It was like a hollow flaming ball covered with golden-red patterns and runes, with the fifty mages on the surface of the ball.

"Purgatory!" Kurumu shouted.

The fifty mages simultaneously raised their staves, and at the same instant, six flaming vortexes appeared on the surface of that hollow sphere of flames: at the top, at the bottom, in front, in the back, and on the sides.

Boundless flames flew out of the vortexes, filling the hollow sphere in an instant.

The sixty Wyvern Riders didnt have the opportunity to resist. They were instantly submerged by the flames, and they didnt have anything like Fire Elemental Incarnation, so they could only rely on their Aura to defend themselves.

But the mage army had used Hellfire

The screams only lasted a few seconds before dying down. When the flames disappeared, nothing could be found No bones, no ashes.

The fight concluded in ten minutes.

Lin Yun, who had been making calculations and drawing inferences after getting to test his spell, stopped what he was doing and stepped into the fort.

Xiuban was looking at Carnage as he dragged a mage from the mage army around to brag about his feats, about how he killed a savage and terrifying 9th Rank Sword Saint with one hit of his hammer.

The three cousins were together with Kurumu, happily plundering the resources and wealth of the fort

Enderfa was floating in the air, one face laughing heartily, one face scolding those Beastmen for being too weak and not being enough of a challenge, and one face bragging about the past

The puppet army was over there, metallic sounds continuously echoing as some puppets specialized in maintenance were replacing the damaged components of the other puppets while the scrapped puppets were disassembled for parts.

Everyone was very happy, as the attack on the fort had been extremely easy.

At this time, Lin Yun stepped in.

Xiuban immediately released the annoyed mage and ran up to Lin Yun.

"Sir Merlin, Ive been injured! Ill die soon, please give me a Health Potion!"