End Of The Magic Era Chapter 910

Chapter 910 Capture


The casting puppets stood in the back, all lined up in a row. They released an outpouring of spells that washed over the group of monster puppets, instantly tearing them to shreds.

As shattering sounds echoed, the sword puppets formed up and immediately turned into a storm of blades. Swordlight flickered, and they sliced through the monster puppets bodies.

The charging sword puppets simply couldnt be stopped by these Level 20 monster puppets.

On the first charge, over three hundred puppets were turned into a pile of scrap. At this rate, they would be able to destroy half of the puppet monsters if they just charged back and forth a few times.

The Grey Beastmen kept roaring angrily, but they couldnt do anything. If they eased their pressure towards the mage army, it wouldnt take long for those blazing Elementals to breach the gap. With the Grey Beastmens delicate bodies, they simply wouldnt be able to withstand it for a long time, as their powerful casting abilities wouldnt make up for their vulnerability.

Their casting technique was different from humans, and it was also different from the Dark Elves one-spell-per-magic-pattern casting. It was mostly similar to the Beastmen with Abyssal bloodline.

If they didnt cast spells to suppress the puppet army, more than half of the monster puppets would be destroyed in the next ten minutes, and at that point, they would have no way to escape.

The puppet army and the mage army kept pressuring them from both sides, turning out to be too much for the Grey Beastmen and their monster puppets to handle.

The Grey Beastmen angrily shouted as the large group of monster puppets started being pushed back, but they also understood that they couldnt win the battle and that retreat was their only option.

The large group of puppets started falling back, switching from full attack to full defense, reducing the speed at which the puppet army and the mage army were destroying them.

With some of the Beastmen directing them, the puppets were no longer brainlessly attacking. Instead, they were coordinating with each other, which made even their appearances and characteristics seem different. And after working together, their strong points were maximized, making it even harder for the sword puppets to pin them down.

Lin Yun calmly floated in the air, looking down. He hadnt made a move yet, and neither had Enderfa and Reina. But as he saw those Grey Beastmen about to retreat, Lin Yun glanced at Xiuban.

"Xiuban, go and destroy their formation. Then, grab some of them, but dont kill them."

Before he even finished his words, Xiuban had already rushed out like a cannonball, instantly disappearing. He charged towards the monster puppet army like a berserk T-rex and left a long cloud of smoke behind him. The earth was fiercely shaking under his feet, and each of his steps would loudly echo and leave large holes in his wake. It only took a few seconds before Xiuban reached the battlefield.

Xiuban swung Carnage and created a burst of air pressure, making the space feel as if it was distorting.

Loud cracking sounds echoed as the shockwave sent ten monster puppets flying before they turned into a bunch of components hurtling through the air.

And this wasnt over Xiuban swung to another side in less than a second.

From a distance, Xiuban looked like a white wave rushing into the puppet army in a domineering way, as the puppets in his path kept turning into piles of components.

That body, which was even more terrifying than Dragons, made those inferior puppets unable to even get close. With Xiubans terrifying physique, which allowed him to recover from being hit by a Heaven Tier Spell in just two days, even if he stood still, those level 30 puppets wouldnt be able to get through his thick skin.

These few monster puppets without any casting abilities were as harmless to Xiuban as a group of Pig Beastmen. Apart from having a large number, there was nothing special about them.

Xiuban swung Carnage and only took a handful of seconds to charge into the center of the monster puppet army, obliterating even the Level 30 puppets without giving them a chance to resist.

The Grey Beastmen continuously casting spells from the rear became alarmed as they saw Xiubans shocking momentum, and all of them started fleeing before they even knew it.

What else could they do?

Many Level 30 monster puppets, as well as a Kodo-like puppet specialized in defense, were unexpectedly destroyed in one blow, and when the puppets attacked that Beastman, they werent even able to scratch him.

If that terrifying Beastman arrived before them, these delicate Grey Beastmen would die tragically.

The Grey Beastmen that were riding on monster puppets drove their puppets away, but the puppet army and the mage army had already made their own preparations. They took advantage of Xiubans disturbance to circumvent the monster puppet army and stop the path of those Grey Beastmen.

After ten seconds, Xiuban was like a sharp spear that pierced through the center of the monster puppet army, creating air pressure and lightning sparks with his attacks as he ruthlessly swung at the Grey Beastmen.

This created a sweeping shockwave that even distorted space, making the Grey Beastmen on the puppets sway and sending a few of them flying out.

Xiuban laughed as he rushed over and used Carnage to block spells before slapping the head of a Grey Beastman only for a loud bang to echo as half of that Beastmans body was flattened.

Xiuban looked at his hand, and then at the corpse, before looking back at his hand, stunned.

"Damn, so weak! I only wanted to make him pass out, how can I tell Sir Merlin"

After rolling his eyes, Xiuban promptly swung Carnage and fiercely hit the ground. The earth shook and deformed around him, and the shockwaves were transmitted underground, causing waves of earth to spread around. Dust rose up as the ground within a few dozen meters had turned into sand.

The Grey Beastmen that had fallen in that area ended up dizzied, even if they had their magic shields on. As for the one that had mistakenly been killed by Xiuban Xiuban had dug out a hole in a very short time and immediately tossed him in there.

By the time the dust had cleared up, Xiuban was proudly smiling with a few Grey Beastmen tugged under his shoulder.

He only managed to catch a few Grey Beastmen, while the rest had already escaped under the protection of the monster puppets.

The puppet army and the mage army tightly chased from behind, and they could be seen going further and further away.

At this time, Lin Yun led the others over.

Xiuban threw these few Grey Beastmen on the ground before bitterly smiling.

"Sir Merlin, I only captured so few of them because you requested them alive, I wasnt slacking"

Lin Yun ignored Xiuban and chanted a few runes, which entered the bodies of these Grey Beastmen. At that time, the magic patterns on their bodies dimmed and turned foggy.

This was temporarily sealing their casting abilities, and it wasnt something that would dissipate in a day.

"William, take these Grey Beastmen to the Radiant Fort and hand them over to Lord Shawn."

Two labor puppets came out and carried the Grey Beastmen into the fort.

Although the Grey Beastmen that came to attack were leading several thousand monster puppets, the strongest of these Beastmen was only at Level 35, and most of them were below Level 30.

It wouldnt have been as troublesome if he wanted to eradicate them, since those puppets with no spell casting abilities were just like cannon fodder. Apart from having large numbers, they didnt have much going for them.

Xiuban alone wasnt something that those puppets could block, and while the Grey Beastmen did have formidable casting ability, when they were pinned down by the mage army and the puppet army, Xiuban alone was enough to kill them all. He could pinch three of these delicate Beastmen to death with two fingers, so if he burst out with all his power, he would have been able to kill them all within ten minutes.

But this wasnt Lin Yuns goal

He wanted to capture those Grey Beastmen.

The foundation of that race was alchemy, especially puppeteering. This was the first thing they ever came into contact with.

Even the Grey Beastmen that specialized in battle would have a strong understanding of puppeteering. The worst one would still be better than the average human Apprentice Alchemist.

A large number of alchemists were currently needed in the Radiant Fort, especially those specialized in the puppeteering field. In the entire Raging Flame Plane, there was no group more suitable than the Grey Beastmen.

Or it might be better to say that in all of Noscent, there wasnt a race like the Grey Beastmen who were so closely involved with puppets.

Every single Grey Beastman was a talented valuable alchemist. How could Lin Yun kill these guys?

They would be delivered to the Radiant Fort after being captured, and with Lord Shawn there, how could these Beastmen refuse to cooperate?

This would be an insult to Lord Shawns abilities.

Lin Yun followed behind the escaping Grey Beastmen, chasing them back to their fort.

From a distance, they could see two rivers flowing around the fort and converging together.

When he saw the fleeing Grey Beastmen entering the fort, Lin Yun became lost in thought.