End Of The Magic Era Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Planar Path


Seeing that this was effective, Xiuban sighed in relief. He had been afraid of the short Beastman dying because he used too much strength.

The ranged attacks of the Grey Beastmen on the city walls werent too useful in this chaotic melee. Only those box-shaped things emitting thick Fire Bolts were somewhat useful, but the frequency of their attacks was too low. They could shoot only one Fire Bolt per minute, and although they would destroy one of Lin Yuns puppets every time, they didnt have too much of an impact on the battlefield.

Xiuban cooperated with the mage army to quickly harvest Grey Beastmen. In less than ten minutes, over two hundred Grey Beastmen were caught

Facing these circumstances, the remaining Grey Beastmen wanted to flee back to their fort, only to find out that Xiuban was like a fierce, unshakable monster. He would clench his teeth and take on a thick Fire Bolt before continuing to fight as if nothing happened. Anyone chased by that monster would be finished.

The remaining few dozen Grey Beastmen gave up on fleeing and took the remaining puppets to launch the final assault.

But it had no effect. All the Grey Beastmen were captured within three minutes.

And at this time, Lin Yun gave the firm order to withdraw, ignoring the monster puppets.

They captured over two hundred Grey Beastmen at once, and although Xiuban had miscalculated his strength, killing a dozen and injuring more than half, it didnt matter. After returning, some Health Potions would be enough to be lively once again.

This time, there were relatively more people. Lin Yun put them all in his Demiplane, and seeing that the battle was over, he left for the Radiant Fort in person.

After delivering over two hundred Grey Beastmen to Shawn and grabbing a large number of newly produced puppets into the Demiplane, Lin Yun rushed back to the Grey Beastmens fort without taking a single pause.

A large number of puppets appeared, even more than hed had at the start. And these puppets were more powerful.

After several clashes, the Grey Beastmen understood that Lin Yuns side was too strong for them. Not only were the enemies too powerful for a force of monster puppets and mechas to defeat, but Lin Yuns side also surrounded them and captured some Grey Beastmen every time.

If this continued, they would be slowly eaten away.

"We cant go on like this! Those humans encircled us and severed our water supply in order to capture us. They are slowly engulfing us while spending very little. We have to counterattack, we have to use everything we have and counterattack! That is the only way to repel these humans and avert this crisis!" A high-ranked Grey Beastman officer was loudly shouting within the forts war hall.

"Those humans have more and more puppets, and they are all elite puppets. If this continues, the fort will definitely be breached."

"Yeah, we have to repel them. We will be done for if the fort is breached," a voice echoed.

They could all see Lin Yuns plans now.

"Okay. Open the gates, counterattack with everything we have, and repel these repulsive humans," the worried leader of the Grey Beastmen commanded.

An hour later, the entrance of the Grey Beastmens fort was wide open. Several types of unknown monster puppets rushed out like a flood and crazily charged towards Lin Yuns location.

Over a thousand Grey Beastmen, all outfitted with mechas, were following that puppet army. Moreover, a large number of Grey Beastmen rode puppets and followed behind.

No less than eight thousand cannon fodder puppets were crazily rushing over, making the earth tremble.

Lin Yun frowned and noticed something different. Did these Grey Beastmen unexpectedly start their all-out counterattack?

The battle started, but it was completely one-sided. Lin Yuns replenished puppets were Level 30 at the lowest and formed an inexorably advancing tide of steel. The opposing puppets, which could only be regarded as cannon fodder, were unable to resist.

Soon, the puppet army and the mage army started to fight against the mechas.

The Grey Beastmen gave up on the high ground and were now frantically charging towards Lin Yuns front line but it was useless.

A large number of Grey Beastmen were knocked down and captured, while the frantically casting Grey Beastmen in the back were stunned in groups from one of Xiubans attacks, easily allowing him to capture them in large quantities.

Soon, Xiuban alone had captured almost eighty Grey Beastmen, and those captured were delivered to the back. More and more Grey Beastmen were captured, yet Lin Yuns army only slightly moved back.

Over three thousand of the monster puppets had been torn apart, over a hundred elite puppets had been destroyed, and over four hundred Grey Beastmen had been captured.

They were staking everything on the attack, but suffering a defeat was only a matter of time

Xiuban burst out in laughter. "Silly Guys, do you really think you can escape with Lord Xiuban personally taking charge? Obediently present your heads, and Lord Xiuban will guarantee that youll only faint, I definitely wont break your neck"

It wasnt just Xiuban, as the mages were also very happy. This was too easy.

Did those Grey Beastmen decide to just throw away their lives because they realized they were no match for us?Read comics on our Wuxiaworld.live

No one thought too much about it. They just took advantage of the opportunity to capture a large number of Grey Beastmen. Everyone was cheerful, and only Lin Yun was frowning, with mana fluctuations emitting from his body.

The Grey Beastmen kept throwing away their lives. Every second, there would be at least a few dozen cannon fodder puppets destroyed, and almost every second, there would be a Grey Beastman captured.

But those Grey Beastmen appeared fearless, not caring about their losses at all, only going all-out to pressure Lin Yuns army into mutual destruction.

Sure enough, it didnt take long before Lin Yun suddenly raised his head with a flash of understanding. A fierce spatial fluctuation rippled above the Grey Beastmens fort. The space was like a pond in which someone had thrown a rock, causing waves of visible ripples to spread around.

The origin of the fluctuation was the space underneath. A dozen cannon fodder puppets were swept by the spatial fluctuations and were unexpectedly torn to shreds. Their steel bodies were like mud being molded into strange shapes.

The next instant, the calm sky that looked like a smooth cloth had a big hole forcibly torn open in it. A pitch-black crack appeared, from which gales surged out. The elemental power near it became berserk, and a void storm escaped from within. A completely different aura flooded the battlefield from within.

Four thick arms stretched out of this spatial crack and firmly pushed against the sides as if trying to widen it. Blinding lightning appeared as the palms collided with the spatial crack, making the originally unstable rift even more volatile.

Then, those four arms tore both sides apart and forcibly enlarged the crack.

The next second, a ten-meter-tall humanoid puppet with four arms rushed out of that crack. The earth shook violently as it hit the ground, and a shockwave with a trace of fierce Heaven Rank power spread in the surroundings.

It was like the cannon fodder puppets had met their sovereign as they remained at a distance, not daring to approach.

Heaven Rank Puppet!

Lin Yuns puppets were like magic beasts that met a high-level magic beast. Their fighting strength was suppressed, as were their movements. The puppets control procedures and fighting procedures had been unexpectedly affected, and they simply couldnt approach this Heaven Puppet.

Everyone had been cheerful earlier, but they couldnt smile now. No one had expected the Grey Beastmen to actually be able to summon a Heaven Puppet.

The army decisively withdrew, and the puppet army was also called back. Reina, Enderfa, and the patched puppet, who had yet to act, started making their own battle preparations.

As for the Grey Beastmen, the moment that Heaven Puppet appeared, they immediately retreated towards the fort, only leaving that Heaven Puppet outside.

Lin Yuns expression instantly became heavy. The way he looked at that spatial crack wasnt good.

The Magic Array instantly caught the aura of the Heaven Puppet and started fully analyzing it. After a short moment, Lin Yun sighed in relief.

No wonder these Grey Beastmen were crazily charging over. It turns out that they were opening a Planar Path! Although it isnt very stable, it still summoned a Heaven Puppet

The only fortunate part was that although this Heaven Puppet had already reached the Heaven Rank, it didnt possess Extraordinary Power. Its strength already far surpassed Level 39, but it hadnt truly reached Level 40 yet.

Advancing to the Heaven Rank was different for puppets. They could first advance to Level 40 before undergoing their final transformation, when they would obtain Extraordinary Power and truly become a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Most puppets who got this far were stuck at that last step and couldnt complete the transformation, thus being unable to become a genuine Heaven Puppet.

The one before their eyes was a typical example. It was at the Heaven Rank but didnt possess Extraordinary Power, making it a lot weaker than a true Heaven Rank. It couldnt inherently pressure lifeforms below the Heaven Rank.

But even then, that Heaven Rank Puppet could suppress any puppet below the Heaven Rank through a natural pressure that had no effect on humans. It couldnt make these puppets lose all their fighting power, but it could prevent them from exerting all their strength.

That Heaven Puppet stood on the ground, its crystal eyes constantly flickering scarlet lights, and its head turned to check its surroundings.

Then, the Heaven Rank Puppet raised its four arms, shooting out countless laser spells and indiscriminately hitting puppets within two hundred meters.

Red Fire Bolts instantly pierced the power core of each cannon fodder puppet while blue Frost Bolts froze puppets into statues, freezing their mana sources.