End Of The Magic Era Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Frost Breath


It took two seconds for the three-hundred-meter area around the Heaven Rank Puppet to be cleared. But the puppet didnt continue attacking after this It just remained motionless next to the unstable Planar Path. Its scarlet crystal eyes were continuously flickering, vigilantly checking the surroundings.

Lin Yun furrowed his brows as he controlled a sword puppet to slowly move towards the Heaven Rank Puppet.

After approaching within three hundred meters, that sword puppets mana core was instantly pierced by three Fire Bolts.

Seeing this, Lin Yun was sure that this Heaven Rank Puppet wasnt planning on fighting, but guarding the Planar Path like a defensive vanguard.

Apart from the famed Puppet Plane, Lin Yun couldnt think of any other plane that would use a Heaven Rank Puppet as a vanguard, even if it was still a step away from becoming a genuine Heaven Puppet.

Lin Yun turned to William and told him, "Bring Wagner over here as fast as possible, regardless of what he is doing!"

After giving that order, Lin Yun took out the Draconic Staff and the Book of Death. He instantly used Fire Elemental Incarnation, and his body turned into a swaying flame as it flew towards the Heaven Rank Puppet.

As Lin Yun got on the move, Xiuban, Reina, Enderfa, the patched puppet, and the mage army followed behind him.

Even if that Heaven Rank Puppet hadnt completed its final transformation yet, it wasnt something that the mage army and the puppet army could handle.

The Purple Dragon Incarnation came out of the Draconic Staff and transformed into a huge shadow behind Lin Yun. The purple dragon shadow opened its arms and slowly embraced that profound wheel shadow that shimmered like the starry sky.

Countless four-colored rays of light roamed in the center of the wheel shadow while several runes kept revolving.

The Book of Death flipped itself to the Element Chapters page, and the four-colored rays of light surged, transforming into a translucent four-colored magic robe covering Lin Yuns body.

Terrifying mana surged, and within a second, Lin Yuns burst of power exceeded that of a 9th Rank Archmage.

Lin Yun flew up, and four huge vortexes of various colors appeared behind him, just like volcanoes erupting with four different kinds of spells.

The chaotic spells of the four elements were piled up together. It was like spells were squeezed into one another, and as they were compressed, they became a four-colored flood in which the spells kept clashing, squeezing, and collapsing

As it approached the Heaven Rank Puppet, the spells became unstable, turning into a destructive, four-colored spellstorm. If a 9th Rank Archmage was caught in that storm of elements and spells, they wouldnt last more than three seconds before their soul was torn into pieces.

The Heaven Rank Puppets scarlet eyes were flickering even more crazily as it raised its four arms and opened its palms. Its hands instantly transformed into a huge shield covered in numerous runes and magic patterns.

Then, layers upon layers of Elemental Shields frantically covered the surface of that metal shield, taking only a moment for ten layers to appear.

The berserk storm of four elements poured down and instantly tore apart eight layers of Elemental Shields, but even more layers kept appearing.

It took a full three seconds for all the Elemental Shields to be torn apart. Then, the chaotic storm hit the metal shield, but just like waves hitting a reef, the storm was split in two, scattered to the sides.

The Heaven Rank Puppet was pushed back three steps, and the earth under its feet loudly caved in, sinking more than twenty meters.

It had to be known that the ground was a huge lump of granite. It was incomparably hard and solid, yet it seemed unable to withstand the weight of the puppet at this moment.

As the two scattered streams of the storm hit the ground, the hard rock could be seen melting. It felt as if the grounds decay over countless years had been accelerated.

Two ten-meter-wide ravines took shape in the ground, and as the storm of destruction followed these ravines, it fiercely hit the forts city wall.

The silent city wall seemed to have been ignited in an instant. The defensive plates within several hundred meters had been activated, and as the remnants of the storm collided more intensely, more and more defensive metal plates were activated.

This alarmed the Grey Beastmen within the fort.

The aftermath alone was enough to activate hundreds of meters of defensive metal plates.

Earlier, the mage army and the casting puppets working together had only activated seven hundred meters of defensive plates!

Yet, the aftermath of that one attack activated five hundred meters of defensive plates!

The Heaven Rank Puppet was slowly forced back, and after five seconds, its legs started deforming. As if to brace itself better, four thick metal thorns pierced into the ground, and its body became a bit shorter. Then, two huge cannons appeared where its legs had been.

Blinding light condensed, as radiant as sunlight converging. A fifty-centimeter-thick burning white ray instantly pierced Lin Yuns four-element storm and flew towards Lin Yun.

As Lin Yun hovered in the air, he instantly formed a Runic Shield, four thick Elemental Shields, and a Mana Shield. That terrifying bolt instantly pierced through the Mana Shield and tore apart the four Elemental Shields in one second before the remaining power struck the Runic Shield.

A ripple could be seen spreading from the center of Lin Yuns Runic Shield, while the runes on it were crazily moving about.

After two seconds, that blazing bolt dissipated, but Lin Yuns shield didnt seem to have recovered from the devastating attack as the runes kept scattering around.

Lin Yun slightly frowned. That Heaven Rank Puppet was not only able to cast spells from the fire and ice elements, but it could also use spells from the light element.

Among bolt-type spells, Light spells were the strongest and highest-ranked ones. Their power was far greater than any other such spells.

That Heaven Rank Puppet had released a 7th Tier Spell, Purification Bolt. Upon striking a lifeform, it would instantly purify it into the smallest particles. If the target was Undead, it would even have the might of an 8th Tier Spell.

But usually, Purification Bolt was only as thick as a human arm. How could it be fifty centimeters thick? This was already comparable to some 8th Tier Spells.

Moreover, Purification Bolt had very strong piercing power, and its attacking range was huge. Under normal circumstances, its max range would be two kilometers, far exceeding an ordinary Archmages attack range.

Lin Yun instantly made a series of calculations and came to the conclusion that if he was hit by three of those Purification Bolts within two seconds, his Runic Shield would be unable to handle it.

The flames covering his body swayed as he chose to use Flame Flash to move several dozen meters away to avoid other Purification Bolts.

At this time, Reina, Xiuban, Enderfa, the patched puppet, and the mage army arrived in succession.

The patched puppet had been a genuine Heaven Rank Puppet before, so even though it couldnt display its power because of part restrictions, it couldnt be passively suppressed by that four-armed puppet.

The patched puppet stood in the distance, continuously dodging bolt spells while pressuring the Heaven Rank Puppet with spell storms.

Enderfa was even more unrestrained. He floated behind the patched puppet, using it as a shield as a flood of spells sprang forth from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Xiuban swung Carnage and used it to deflect bolt spells, looking for an opportunity to rush towards the four-armed puppet.

The mage army combined their power to summon half of a Flame Giants body before using the Joint Chant Array to release High Tier Spells.

Reina, in her Frost Dragon Shape, was casually releasing some ice spells, waiting for an opportunity to make a decisive move.

In less than ten seconds, the four-armed puppet was completely suppressed, but it wasnt leaving the spatial cracks area, still obstinately defending it.

Seeing this, Lin Yuns expression became even more unpleasant, and he attacked with even more vigor.

In less than thirty seconds, the four-armed puppet was no longer able to release any ordinary bolt spells and could only defend passively. Only the two parts that fired Purification Bolts could still attack.

But even then, the puppet didnt withdraw or dodge, only resisting the attacks. No visible damage could be seen on the puppet, and none of its components were destroyed

That was a frighteningly tough defensive power.

After ten minutes of being in this deadlock, Lin Yuns group was still unable to harm that four-armed puppet. Instead, a few mages of the mage army had almost been disintegrated by the Purification Bolts.

At this time, Lin Yun saw Wagner hurriedly rushing over.

"Reina, Frost Breath!" Lin Yun shouted.

He then stopped all his casting and rapidly condensed a fireball and an ice sphere in front of him.

Countless fire runes and ice runes appeared, and their power was forcibly compressed together, forming two unstable spheres of ice and fire.

Then, a large amount of metallic earth condensed around the two spheres, forming into a conical awl shell wrapped around the fire power and ice power.

At this time, the defending puppet suddenly turned towards Lin Yun and aimed its two barrels at him as blazing white Purification Bolts condensed.

It had clearly sensed that the spell Lin Yun was casting was a threat.