End Of The Magic Era Chapter 916

Chapter 916 916 Siege

916 Siege

At that time, the flying Reina opened her mouth and breathed out blue light. It was like a shooting star that crashed into the four-armed puppet in an instant.

Everything within ten meters froze within a second, and even that four-armed puppets half-released Purification Bolt had been frozen.

The spells that had been fired at the four-armed puppet were also frozen when getting close to it. It was as if time was frozen in this area.

And in the sky, Lin Yuns Four-Element Bomb was successfully released. This one was even more unstable than before, and it was also bigger.

There were numerous runes and patterns on the originally simple surface. Its shape was even more graceful, looking like an art piece crafted by a Pureblood Elf.

Even the cyan wind that was originally wrapped around the Four-Element Bombs outer shell had become a cyan rune inscribed on the surface of the bomb.

After being condensed, four-colored radiance lit up the sky.

The four elements were crazily converging, transforming into fairy-like shadows that fluttered in the air. The shadows seemed to cheer as they flew down and merged into the Four-Element Bomb, making the spell grow stronger and stronger.

In the distance, Butler, who had just traveled through space, looked in the direction of the Grey Beastmens fort while looking amazed.

"Someone created a new spell? Incredible, it must have just been created, yet its already an 8th Tier Spell. When did such a terrifying powerhouse appear in the Raging Flame Plane? There definitely isnt such a person in the Andlusa Kingdoms side, so that must be someone from the Odin Kingdom. Troublesome, I have to make some preparations" After mumbling to himself, Butler opened a Teleportation Gate and left with a serious expression on his face.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun couldnt help smiling.

This self-created spell could be considered fully formed. Although it was still crude, in terms of power, it was already an 8th Tier Spell, and a relatively powerful one at that! As its creator, there would be a series of benefits every time he used that spell, such as power increase, casting time reduction, and mana consumption reduction.

After being successfully cast, the Four-Element Bomb instantly disappeared. Only a white trail was left in the air as it instantly collided with the frozen puppet.

This kind of spell, which had no merit apart from pure destructive power, was bursting out with all its energy at this moment.

The explosive power turned into pure spatial destruction, and even a mushroom cloud could be seen rising up. That puppet with terrifying defense turned into a shadow as it was sent flying, fiercely crashing against the Grey Beastmens wall.

At this moment, the metal plates of an entire wall started to shine as the city wall firmly shook.

An arm of that frighteningly powerful puppet was blown away.

And the instant that the puppet was finally sent flying, Lin Yun immediately carried Wagner to the spatial crack, and with a Wind Blade, he opened a long and narrow cut on Wagners arm.

A large amount of blood fell towards that spatial crack in an instant, and it looked as if there was a terrifying existence kneading that spatial crack.

The spatial crack rapidly distorted and then transformed into a pitch-black vortex. The four-armed puppet suddenly seemed to have received some sort of summons, and it quickly flew up from the ground before rapidly entering the vortex.

The vortex rapidly spun, becoming smaller and smaller, until it finally disappeared and the sky regained its original appearance.

Lin Yun sighed in relief and put the startled Wagner down on the ground before casually giving him a Health Potion.

Wagner was pale, and as he promptly drank the Health Potion, the wound on his arm could be seen healing at a visible rate.

He still didnt understand what was happening

Lin Yun picked up the arm that had been blown off, and his expression didnt look too good.

After discovering the base Bill George had left behind, Lin Yun knew that this matter wouldnt be that simple.

The entire base had been made into a complete puppet, and even the Radiant Fort had been turned into a huge array that stole power from the Abyss.

If this happened in Noscent, it could still be understandable, but it had happened in the Raging Flame Plane, and in the Radiant Fort, a place that even slimes would avoid. This was too abnormal.

Bill George was a peak Heaven Rank powerhouse, and not only was his puppeteering skill at the peak of Noscent, but he could also even be regarded as one of the few top-notch existences in the entire history of Noscent.

Such an existence absolutely wouldnt run to the Raging Flame Plane just to build a base at the Radiant Fort.

Lin Yun thought for a while before coming to a conclusion. The only way that the Raging Flame Plane could have specifically attracted Bill George was if there was a Planar Path leading to the Puppet Plane in this place!

And the most likely place for that Planar Path should be the surroundings of the Grey Beastmens fort, or maybe inside the fort!

Just now, he had been able to confirm his guess. Sure enough, there was a Planar Path leading to the Puppet Plane. But there was something different The Grey Beastmen shouldnt have known about that Planar Path, or the Planar Paths specific position.

But it could be seen from the current situation, that Bill George had already controlled that Planar Path and might have even established a force in the Puppet Plane. Perhaps the base at the Raging Flame Plane had been a bridgehead of sorts? It might have only been the tip of the iceberg.

That unstable spatial crack clearly wasnt a true Planar Path. Instead, it had been some unknown method used by the Grey Beastmen, wasting a large amount of power to open a path to the Planar Path.

Strictly speaking, this was similar to a back door. Not only was it unstable, but it also couldnt bear too much power.

That four-armed Heaven Rank Puppet was at the highest level of power that was able to come out of the passage, and after it appeared, it obstinately stood guard there. Lin Yun reasoned that a powerful puppet of the Puppet Plane had discovered this place and wanted to use that crack to open a complete Planar Path. Thus, it had made this four-armed puppet guard this location.

During the previous attack on the Grey Beastmen, Lin Yun had always paid attention to not force their hands too much He always gave some hope. Capturing the Grey Beastmen for his puppet production was secondary, mainly because he was afraid that if he was too ruthless, they would risk their own destruction and try to open a Planar Path to the Puppet Plane.

The Puppet Plane was an advanced plane, and the puppets there were innumerable. If the Beastmen opened a Planar Path, closing it would be impossible.

Once the Puppet Planes powerful puppets rushed into the Raging Flame Plane, they would simply be unable to stop them here. The Odin Kingdom, the Andlusa Kingdom, as well as the Beastmen, would be swept aside.

At that time, the Raging Flame Plane would inevitably be seized by the Puppet Plane, and if they didnt flee on time, they might be chased back to Noscent.

Fortunately, these Grey Beastmen didnt grasp the true Planar Path and only used a large amount of power to open a crack.

This also meant one thing: The Planar Path leading to the Puppet Plane was near the Grey Beastmens fort.

Staking it all to open a crack should have been the last card of these Grey Beastmen. They had thrown away many lives before in order to stall for time.

After confirming this, Lin Yun relaxed. He had been truly afraid that the Grey Beastmen controlled a genuine Planar Path and would decide to take everyone down with them.

After making his subordinates guard the surroundings of the Grey Beastmens fort, Lin Yun took his patched puppet and the arm of the four-armed puppet with him as he returned to the Radiant Fort.

That arm had fallen from a genuine Heaven Rank Puppet, and it was an arm armed with a weapon system. Aside from the Heaven Grade components, the weapon system was the most valuable part.

Once exchanged with the puppets components, it would be able to exert much of that four-armed puppets power with one arm. Even if there was no Extraordinary Power, it would still surpass Level 39.

The weapon system was dismantled and given to the alchemists to study.

Even if they couldnt duplicate it, it would still give them some enlightenment. And if they could reproduce some of those, although they might not be equal to the original, they would be able to include it in the puppet production

Time passed.

With the newly acquired weapon system as a reference, the entire puppet production lines weapon system production had gone up by a rank, and the puppets that came out were clearly stronger than before.

The control system was taking the longest time. Using the production line for it was impossible, and they could only be specially crafted in small production rooms. Now, the weapon systems crafting time had been cut down, and completing a puppet was a lot faster.

A large number of puppets were once again manufactured, and they were used to beef up the forces appearing outside the Grey Beastmens fort once more, further worrying the Grey Beastmen.

Their last trump card had no effect, and they were no match for their enemy in a direct battle. Even their water supply was getting cut off. Sooner or later, they would die.

The Grey Beastmen started quarrelling with each other. Some wanted to surrender, while others wanted to fight until death. The leaders of both factions were arguing.

But Lin Yun just kept manufacturing puppets and upgrading his puppets.

After a week, the patrols on top of the Grey Beastmens walls became listless. Less and less water entered the fort, and the factories had already stopped.

After returning from the Radiant Fort, Lin Yun looked at the Grey Beastmen and raised his Draconic Staff.

In an instant, the puppet army started charging. Every casting puppet, as well as the mage army, started casting towards the entrance of the fort.