End Of The Magic Era Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Undead Predator


‘This Sounds a bit unreasonable’

Everyone knew that the undead didn’t fear death and couldn’t succumb to fatigue. Even if they knew that a deathly trap awaited them, they would still jump in with both feet. Only stronger undead lifeforms could instill fear in an undead creature.

But did Lin Yun look like an undead lifeform?

‘Could it be caused by the Sage Chapter? No, that’s wrong’

The Sage Chapter had been in his pocket all along.

This wasn’t an ordinary pocket. It was one of the things that had been useful to him during his life back at the end of time, so when he transmigrated, one of the first items he personally enchanted was this black robe, and more importantly, its pockets. He used a total of three alchemy arrays on them. Besides temperature regulation in order to preserve potions, it also had the effect of sealing mana fluctuations.

The Sage Chapter had been in his pocket earlier and had been unable to absorb the Soul Fires, so how could it have affected the Skeleton Warriors?

In order to confirm his hypothesis, Lin Yun had to do a test. He first put the Sage Chapter on the ground and then used a delayed exploding Fire Bomb to lure in a Skeleton Warrior.

When one of them passed by, it completely ignored the Sage Chapter, not even giving it a passing glance.

After dealing with it by tossing out a Flame Spear, Lin Yun stooped down and retrieved the Sage Chapter. This test confirmed his previous hypothesis, that the Skeleton Warriors’ fear was unrelated to the Sage Chapter.

‘But if it’s not the Sage Chapter, what is it?’

Lin Yun carefully recalled his recent adventures. The only matter related to the undead was the prince tomb in the Poison Fog Canyon, and the Death Garden contained within was the most suspicious.

But the only thing he did at the Death Garden was retrieving the Sage Chapter…

‘Hold on!’ Lin Yun was startled as he thought of something. ‘What if the Sage Chapter wasn’t the only thing that came out of the Death Garden?’

‘It’s an ability! An ability I received from the Death Garden!’

As he started thinking of it that way, Lin Yun remembered one person.

After the Sovereign of Death Sandro, there was the 2nd powerhouse to conquer the Undead Plane, the Heaven Mage who withstood Sandro’s Undead Legion by himself, Charles the Conqueror!

When he was 8 years old, his entire family was killed by Sandro’s Undead Legion. Luckily, Charles had managed to escape and survive for ten years as one of the dregs of society. Clinging onto his hate of Sandro, he managed to become a Mage at the age of twenty. In reality, a 20-year-old Mage wasn’t that special, and at the time, Charles could only enter a 2nd-tier mercenary group.

But it was within that 2nd-tier mercenary group that Charles soared. He became a Great Mage at 21, High Mage at 25, and he managed to enter the ranks of Archmages at 30.

Charles’ legend started from that point on.

Charles took that 2nd-tier mercenary group and conquered several dozen planes in a hundred years. Through glorious achievements, he earned the title of Conqueror.

Ultimately, Charles entered the Undead Plane alone and used his own power to crush the Undead Legion that Sandro had left behind, cleansing the entire Undead Plane of its undead inhabitants. That battle shook all of Noscent. Charles was deified, but despite having conquered so many planes, he didn’t hesitate and he followed Sandro’s footsteps, entering the Endless Plane through a floating spatial distortion. Not a single communication was sent back to Noscent since then.

These two men were legendary existences in the entire magic era.

Lin Yun had read that Charles the Conqueror had also entered a Death Garden. Moreover, he had publicly admitted to receiving a reward from it, an ability known as Undead Predator.

In those days, the Undead Predator ability allowed Charles to naturally exude a sort of pressure when facing the undead. Even Elder Ghost Dragons and Skeleton Titans, those kinds of legendary existences, would shiver in front of Charles because he had slaughtered thousands upon thousands of the undead. Every undead lifeform would be instilled with a deep fear when facing him.

Although both Sovereign of Death Sandro and Charles the Conqueror entered the Endless Plane, the legends they left in Noscent didn’t disappear. Who knew how many powerful mages were looking for Death Gardens, all because of the Undead Contract and Undead Predator abilities.

Especially Undead Predator.

Because all mages would agree that even though Charles’ greatest pride was that he had fought the undead all his life, the greatest regret was also that he had fought the undead all his life.

If there had been some other types of lifeforms among Charles’ enemies, he might have found out that his ability affected more than just the undead.

Unfortunately, it could never be proved, as the Undead Predator ability disappeared alongside Charles.

But Lin Yun might have the opportunity now.

He was fairly certain that the ability he possessed was most likely the Undead Predator ability that Charles the Conqueror had possessed.

It was no wonder that he didn’t feel it. Undead Predator was different from Undead Contract. Undead Contract was an active skill while Undead Predator was a passive skill.

In other words, Undead Predator would remain in effect as long as he was alive and wouldn’t bring any change to his body.

As for the reason that he got that ability, he could more or less guess.

‘That unlucky Master Craftsman wasn’t wrong Every choice made in the illusion might affect the rewards.’

Lin Yun had been worried at the time. He had kept casting in the illusion, always fighting, not making any choice, only fighting. He had been worried that he would gain nothing because of that.

But Lin Yun finally understood.

Continuously casting, continuously fighting This was also a choice.