End Of The Magic Era Chapter 921

Chapter 921 921 Envoy

921 Envoy

Larieth smiled and promptly nodded.

"Rest assured, Sir Dubois, Ill personally take care of this matter. That damned clown definitely wont dare to disobey your command."

Larieth immediately rushed to the Teleportation Gate after leaving the room.

The Four Seasons Plain is such a good place That damned Mafa Merlin, the Merlin Family has put such little strength into the Raging Flame Plane, yet he unexpectedly dares to occupy the Four Seasons Plain.

He is truly lucky. I dont know how he attacked the Grey Beastmen and made them serve him. Those grey-skinned midgets are useless for anything else other than alchemy, but they have so many puppets, and even a low-level puppet can be used for mining

Hmpf, that Mafa Merlin was lucky last time and wasnt killed by Sir Dubois, but that experience should have destroyed his courage. Now that Sir Dubois gave an order, would he still dare to disobey?

Larieth obtained Duboiss nod of approval and promptly rushed to the Four Seasons Plain.

When he left the Teleportation Gate, Larieth specially picked a fort outside the Four Seasons Plain instead of entering the place directly. He used Flight the entire time to reach the Grey Beastmens fort. That way, he could study the situation of the Four Seasons Plain.

The Four Seasons Plain had a gentle climate and was covered with rivers. Just by rushing along, he discovered many forests rich in magic plants and medicinal herbs, as well as many ore veins buzzing with activity. A large number of puppets were tirelessly working to extract all these resources.

Seeing that, Larieths eyes turned red

As a 9th Rank Archmage, although he came from the Black Tower, he didnt have a great background, and he wasnt particularly powerful for his rank. If he hadnt recently advanced to the 9th Rank, he might not have gotten involved in the Raging Flame Planes events.

He had been gathering wealth and exchanging many precious materials for a while now. He wanted to look for one of the Artisans of the Andlusa Kingdom to forge a True Spirit Magic Tool that could suit his own Meditation Law Set, but his Magic Conducting Rune and Meditation Law Set were relatively unknown. The materials he needed were all precious and valuable.

Until now, he had yet to gather enough materials and hadnt bonded with a True Spirit Magic Tool. That was why his strength was leaning towards the weaker side within his rank.

Looking at the captured Four Seasons Plain, as well as the wealth gathered there every day, Larieth was very displeased.

Moreover, with the grievances between Lin Yun and the Black Towers Heaven Rank powerhouse, Dubois, Larieth immediately took this opportunity to push the matter. And sure enough, Dubois was very shocked and unhesitantly wanted to take away the Four Seasons Plain.

He flew all the way to the Grey Beastmens fort, and from afar, Larieth saw a rune floating above the fort.

That was a Nesser Rune indicating that it wasnt possible to fly over the fort.

This rune would appear in some human cities, but it was useless against anyone at the Heaven Rank. Only those below the Heaven Rank would be unable to fly above such a city.

Larieth noticed the floating rune, but he didnt take it seriously.

In human cities, that rune was a warning sign because there would be a Sky-Sealing Array set up within the city. Anyone below the Heaven Rank that wanted to fly in an affected area would not be able to.

And the Grey Beastmens fort definitely wouldnt have something like the Sky Sealing Array. With only a warning rune, how could Larieth mind it? He had come to show his power to intimidate Mafa Merlin into giving up the Four Seasons Plain, so he had no intention of backing down.

But when Larieth rushed over, the anti-air magic towers set up on the city walls all changed direction.

Within three seconds, at least twenty of those magic towers aimed at Larieth.

In an instant, twenty purple lights shot out, with fire and ice curling around each of the lights.

Larieth widened his eyes in shock and he immediately cast his Runic Shield before rapidly flying towards the ground.

The purple lights were like bolt spells, closely followed by the characteristic radiance of fire and ice magic as they exploded at Larieths previous location.

Suddenly, spatial fluctuations filled the air, quickly followed by a shimmering flash that swept across several hundred meters.

Larieth was affected by it and felt his Flight spell being forcibly scattered as the huge explosions kept pounding against his Runic Shield.

Larieths face paled as he fell down. He didnt even dare to use Featherfall right away, letting himself fall near the ground before quickly casting a Featherfall at the last moment, allowing him to slowly float down.

He looked very unsightly as he glared at the anti-air magic towers on the city walls.

He hadnt expected the Grey Beastmens fort to have so many anti-air magic towers. Every single one of those magic towers was an anti-air magic tower, and they all truly dared to attack him!

Im clearly wearing a robe with the design of the Black Tower, and Im obviously a human! That damned Mafa Merlin, he actually dared to shoot before asking anything!

If not for my quick reaction, that explosion would have left me at the brink of death!

Larieth landed and gnashed his teeth as he looked at the forts entrance before furiously walking over.

The main objective of the anti-air magic towers was to stop enemies from attacking from the sky. The most common spell used by them was Chaotic Space, a purple beam that could cover a few hundred meters and make any flying-type spells within that range lose their effectiveness.

The remaining two beams of fire and ice were true offensive spells, though their power was only comparable to 6th Tier Spells.

But high in the air, after losing the support of ones flying spell, a 6th Tier Spell was enough to handle most Archmages.

When Larieth was falling, that group of anti-air magic towers had stopped attacking. As he approached the entrance, it opened wide, and a large group of puppets rushed out like a tide.

Over a hundred Level 30 sword puppets surrounded Larieth, and there were also over a hundred casting puppets raising their arms, the patterns on the surface of their bodies shining as they were ready to cast at any time.

Larieth was deathly pale and was shaking, but it wasnt from fear; it was from anger.

F*cking Mafa Merlin, he actually dares! This is a provocation! He is provoking the Black Tower, provoking the Holy Land! Provoking Sir Dubois!

He is finished, finished! Even if he hands over the control over the Four Seasons Plain, itll still be the end for him. I must report to Sir Dubois after returning and make sure that damned Mafa Merlin dies without a corpse. I must make his soul suffer in the darkness!

Facing this large group of Level 30 puppets that had no feelings and only knew how to act based on procedures, Larieth wisely chose to remain silent and not make any sudden movements.

A few hundred Level 30 puppets were surrounding him. If he dared to provoke them, he would be doomed.

After a few minutes, a mage of the mage army slowly walked out.

"Im Larieth of the Black Tower, I come bearing Sir Dubois order. What are you doing, hurry up and get those lumps of iron to f*ck off!"

Seeing a living person, Larieth immediately started shouting.

That mage remained expressionless. He said a few words to scatter the surrounding puppets and sent them back to their patrolling tasks, not saying a word to Larieth.

Larieth remained calm as he silently followed that mage into the fort, up until he saw Lin Yun. At that moment, Larieth immediately pointed at him and roared in anger, "Mafa Merlin, take a look at what you have done! You actually dared to attack me! Im the Black Towers envoy, Larieth! Sir Dubois envoy! You actually dared to attack me! Damnit, those stupid things have to be punished!"

Lin Yun put down the book in his hand and said in a dull tone, "The defenses of the forts are in the hands of the puppets, theyll attack anyone on sight. I suppose Sir Larieth didnt see the warning rune? I can teach those puppets a lesson if Sir Larieth wishes."

Larieth felt as if he was choking. What else could he say? That was a group of brainless puppets following orders. So what if they were torn apart?

That damned Mafa Merlin, he simply doesnt care! What is the meaning of this? Is he mocking me for being foolish?

Just you wait, I want to see what you will say later!

Larieth sneered and raised his head before coldly glaring at Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, I come bearing Sir Dubois order. He orders you to immediately take your subordinates and leave for the front lines. The Black Tower will take over the Four Seasons Plain."

Lin Yuns eyelid twitched.


Larieth sneered while scowling at Lin Yun as if he was looking at an officer being court-martialed.

"Mafa Merlin, dont you know what you have done? Look at what you are doing, did you forget what the situation is? The entire Andlusa Kingdom is doing its best to fight, everyone is constantly attacking the Raging Flame Beastmen, attacking one fort after another in order to chase after the Odin Kingdom.

"Our points are still lagging behind the Odin Kingdoms, but its not as if there is no hope! Everyone is doing their best to catch up in order to barely keep pace with the Odin Kingdom.

"But what about you? What are you doing? You actually took advantage of the situation to plunder the wealth of this area, simply not caring about the war!

"We are at war!

"Damn you, you are taking advantage of everyone to make a fortune! This is everyones blood, the blood of our entire Andlusa Kingdom!

"Are you not thinking about winning that battle at all? Are you not planning on winning the bet with the Odin Kingdom? So you just gave up and started wantonly plundering the wealth of this place?

"This is your final chance! Hand over the Four Seasons Plain and lead your people to the front lines, and Sir Dubois will forgive your mistakes and give you a chance to atone.

"Otherwise, you can just wait for your trial!"