End Of The Magic Era Chapter 924

Chapter 924 924 Break Them

924 Break Them

The Undead of the Undead Plane at least had a weakness. It would be a lot easier if you used Holy Light or Fire spells.

But there was nothing that could particularly restrain them. Moreover, the puppets of the Puppet Plane werent any less numerous than the Undead of the Undead Plane.

With those overwhelming numbers, it was even possible for them to kill a Heaven Mage!

If the Planar Path opened, Lin Yun would absolutely leave the Raging Flame Plane right away.

After pondering, Lin Yun felt that this wasnt good, so he summoned Crowits and Wagner to the fort.

When he saw Crowits, Lin Yun seriously asked about this matter, and Crowits solemnly nodded.

"Thats right, there is truly a Planar Path leading to the Puppet Plane around the fort. This is something my teacher told me. But this information naturally couldnt be shared with anyone.

"If it attracted the sight of a powerhouse, the fort would be destroyed first, and if the Planar Path was opened, the Grey Beastmen would definitely be unable to stop it

This confirmed one of Lin Yuns suspicions. Crowits really knew

"Do you know the specific location of the Planar Path?" he asked.

Crowits shook his head as he replied, "I dont know where exactly it is, but after so many years of not making any progress, I spent a very long time researching it. But from the start, I couldnt find anything concrete. I could only roughly determine that it is near the Nile Canyon, thirty kilometers southeast of the fort.

"Sir Merlin, I advise you not to do anything to this Planar Path Thats not something we can touch, it can only bring about a disaster."

Lin Yun shook his head. "I dont plan on exploring the Puppet Planes Planar Path. In fact, I feel that we might be in trouble and that the Planar Path might open"

Crowits was startled when Lin Yun shared his suspicions, but after thinking about it, he felt doubtful. "Impossible, it has been like this for countless years. The Planar Path wont open unless it is opened on our side"

Lin Yun shook his head again and remained silent.

The next day, Lin Yun took Reina, Xiuban, Enderfa, the patched puppet, as well as Wagner and Crowits and left the fort.

Outside the fort, a large number of Grey Beastmen had left the fort to hunt more and more puppets. From those Grey Beastmens expressions, they clearly felt that this was no different from before. It was just a relatively more exciting harvest season.

They kept meeting random puppets on their way to the Nile Canyon, most of which were at Level 10, while Level 20 puppets were relatively rare.

These puppets were all settled by Wagner. He had recently followed Crowits to learn about puppeteering, and he needed a large amount of material to practice. Although these puppets werent that great, there were various kinds, a lot more different types than in the puppet base.

Lin Yun didnt mind that Wagner took away all the components after dismantling them.

These components would inevitably be studied in the puppet base, and all the beneficial parts of the puppets would naturally be used on the bodies of new puppets.

When they were about to reach the Nile Canyon, everyone clearly felt that the number of puppets they encountered was rising, and their levels were higher and higher.

When they reached the entrance of the Nile Canyon, there were no longer any puppets below Level 20.

"How could this be? This is impossible! There have never been puppets with such a high level before in these puppet tides"

Crowits had a shocked expression as he looked at the components of the dismantled puppets. He knew how serious the consequences would be if there was a problem with the Planar Path to the Puppet Plane

Lin Yun frowned when he heard this, and at the same time, a wisp of spatial fluctuation appeared beside his body as a Level 25 puppet appeared out of nowhere.

Lin Yun only extended his hand, and the puppet turned into a pile of components before it could do anything.

"Isnt it because you guys used that array to summon a Heaven Rank Puppet?"

Crowits mouth remained wide open for a moment. He then lowered his head and bitterly smiled.

The puppets they had summoned in the past clearly hadnt been that powerful. The strongest one had been a Level 39 puppet.

This time, they summoned a Heaven Rank Puppet. Even if that Heaven Rank Puppet hadnt finished its transformation and wasnt able to use Extraordinary Power, it had a huge effect on the Planar Path.

Although the Planar Path hadnt actually been opened, the small cracks had become wider, and the range of the Planar Path increased. The puppet stowaways were now more numerous and more powerful.

And Lin Yun surmised that this wasnt all.

The biggest problem might be the Heaven Rank Puppet that escaped after losing its arm. It might be taking advantage of the situation to try to widen the crack.

Then if other puppets appeared, the gap would become bigger and bigger, until the Planar Path was forcibly opened. This wasnt impossible

After massaging his head, Lin Yuns Magic Array operated at full strength, catching all the fluctuations in the surroundings. He also personally took control of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and used it to start analyzing everything in the surroundings.

Each time there was a spatial fluctuation, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Magic Array worked together to try to deduce the location of the Planar Path using that wisp of spatial fluctuation.

They walked towards the depths of the Nile Canyon but still didnt find the specific location, yet there were more and more puppets. By now, Level 30 puppets had started appearing.

After seeing a handful of Level 30 puppets leading a group of low-level puppets, Crowits knew that Lin Yun might be right

And Lin Yun also knew that this was the most troublesome scenario

The crack was deliberately being made bigger and bigger.

Both sides of the canyon were at least ten kilometers wide, and hordes of puppets started surrounding them. Their way out had also been blocked by a large number of puppets.

There were at least two thousand puppets surrounding them, and they were led by two Level 35 humanoid puppets and over thirty Level 30 puppets.

"Break them."

Lin Yun casually gave his command without any change in his expression.

Xiuban raised Carnage and was the first to rush into the melee like an armored T-Rex, swinging Carnage around and shattering every puppet he hit. Every single attack aimed at Xiuban was blocked by Carnage.

After Xiuban charged out, Enderfa and the patched puppet made their moves.

Enderfas Elemental Storm and the patched puppets spellwave were like two huge rivers that fiercely washed over the puppets.

A large number of puppets fell, like dead leaves against the wind, transforming into piles of scrap in midair.

Since some of the components of the patched puppet had been exchanged for Heaven Grade components, one arm could already display a wisp of the power of the Heaven Rank, though it still didnt have Extraordinary Power,

Its flood of spells tore apart all the puppets in its way, while the wisp of Heaven Rank power made those puppets unable to attack it.

Crowits and Wagner remained with Lin Yun.

Most of these puppets were Level 20, and there were only a few dozen puppets at level 30. They simply couldnt handle this onslaught.

That group of puppets had been completely swept away in ten minutes, and not one remained. Wagner rushed out with a grin to stuff his pockets with components from the ground.

Although he would have to take out some of the valuable components for research purposes, the majority of them would be used by him for practice.

Lin Yun didnt pay attention to Wagner, since whatever happened would only increase the power of his own force.

This time, he had brought Wagner because he wanted to find the Planar Path and needed him to control it.

Last time, he had used Wagners blood to close the crack. This was enough to show that the Planar Path had already been under Bill Georges control.

After dealing with that group of puppets, the puppets of the Nile Canyon had been completely swept away. Occasionally, there would be some wandering over alone, but they still couldnt determine the specific location of the Planar Path.

Without opening the Planar Path, they had no way to discover it. If it had been a Planar Path arranged with a proper array, they would have already found it.

But Lin Yun didnt believe that Bill George would have made the Planar Paths location so easy to find

After three days, everyone had dealt with a large number of puppets in the Nile Canyon, and they even checked the surroundings, but they still didnt find it.

Moreover, the number of puppets had been decreasing.

It had plunged to an almost negligible point.

It wasnt just the Nile Canyon, either. The number of puppets appearing in the entire Four Seasons Plain had greatly decreased, as if this puppet tide was already over.

After three more days, no new puppets appeared on Four Seasons Plain.

Lin Yun felt worried, and so did Crowits.

"Sir Merlin, this isnt normal. This centurys great puppet tide cant end so easily. According to our millennia of experiences, it should have just started. The number of puppets hasnt reached the peak yet. It couldnt have ended in such a simple way This is too abnormal."