End Of The Magic Era Chapter 925

Chapter 925 925 Puppet War

925 Puppet War

Crowits said it several times He clearly felt deeply worried. The rest of the Grey Beastmen didnt know that this Planar Path led to the Puppet Plane, but Crowits knew this secret and knew what kind of disaster would be brought about if it openedRead more chapter on vipnovel.com

The Four Seasons Plains eight forts were all on guard, and a large number of puppets were delivered from the Radiant Fort. The puppets mining and gathering resources were all recalled to the eight forts, and many fortifications were also built.

The Grey Beastmen hunting outside the fort were called back, and the forts defensive systems were all activated. Anything approaching the fort would be indiscriminately attacked.

The mage army was summoned to the Nile Canyon, and the puppet army was also dragged over and scattered over a stretch of twenty to thirty kilometers.

Within those few dozen kilometers, there would be a Mage Eye at every few hundred meters, surveying the surroundings.

Five days passed, during which the entire Four Seasons Plain was in a strangely silent state. They methodically searched for the Planar Path, but didnt find anything.

At that time, Lin Yun thoroughly gave up on finding it. The Planar Path most likely had been hidden away by Bill George. Without a formidable spatial reaction, or some understanding of the Law of Space, finding it was nearly impossible. They could only wait for the Planar Path to show itself.

On the fifth day, when everyone started their daily meditation, a fierce spatial fluctuation rippled out, as glaring as the sun appearing in the night.

It cut through the Nile Canyon, and atop a side mountain range, the space was forcibly twisted like a piece of fabric, turning into a distorted vortex. A black hole appeared at the center of the vortex.

Gales whistled as the magic elements in the surroundings instantly rebelled, and boundless power was engulfed by that black hole. The black hole was visibly growing larger.

After several seconds, the black hole had expanded to be about seven meters in diameter, and tide-like spatial ripples could be seen spreading in the surroundings.

A sword puppet guarding that location immediately relayed the information, and the Mage Eye sent that scene back to Lin Yun.

Lin Yuns mana suddenly burst out, and he flew towards the vortex without thinking. The mage army was following behind him, while the puppet army also started converging towards that location.

Lin Yun had yet to arrive, but he could see through the Mage Eye that inside the black hole, there were numerous puppets squeezed together like a swarm of flies emerging from a crevice.

Endless puppets burst out from within. Over a thousand puppets had surged out within five seconds, most of which were Level 20, with dozens at Level 30.

But the swarm didnt stop coming out of the black hole. It showed no signs of stopping;

By the time Lin Yun arrived, there were already more than three thousand puppets of various shapes.

Apart from a large number of puppets on the ground, there were several hundred flying puppets, and these were guarding the hole.

Lin Yun calmly took out his Draconic Staff and opened the Book of Death in his left hand. A huge wheel shadow appeared behind him before he unhesitantly attacked.

Lin Yuns body floated in midair, and four-colored light surged from the wheel behind him. In an instant, a fire vortex, an ice vortex, a wind vortex, and an earth vortex appeared.

The four ten-meter-wide vortexes appeared together, and spells of the four elements erupted out of them nonstop, sweeping towards the puppets.

The Level 20 puppets simply couldnt resist the overwhelming power. They fell like dead leaves and were torn into pieces in an instant.

The flying puppets in the sky, fluttering like large birds, let out loud cries before rushing over. As they flapped their wings, Wind Blades started forming a storm that fiercely flew towards Lin Yun.

The sharp sounds turned into an ear-piercing whistle that made space faintly shake.

Lin Yun instantly disappeared and reappeared several dozen meters away. He had wanted to open a path leading to the black hole in the puppet tide, but he had been unable to.

There really were too many puppets

In a dozen seconds, despite the widespread destruction of the puppets, they had actually increased in number by a thousand.

In the back, the mage army, Reina, Xiuban, and the patched puppet had rushed over, and only half of the puppet army was there, with the greater half still on the way.

The mage army turned into a sea of flames and clashed with the several hundred flying puppets in the sky.

The whirling flames and gales kept colliding, and the roaring flames rose up, illuminating the sky.

From time to time, there would be a huge bird puppet falling to the ground, but the mage army would need at least twenty minutes to deal with the seven hundred flying puppets.

Xiuban swung Carnage and charged into the mass of puppets. With his fierce and unimaginably powerful physique, as well as Carnage, these puppets couldnt even hurt him, while he could shatter them in one blow.

But Xiuban was alone, and his efficiency was too low.

Even if he could slaughter these puppets like chickens, he couldnt make a dent in their numbers when faced with such a big tide.

Reina, Enderfa, and the patched puppet went all-out, continuously sweeping these puppets with their spells. With the puppet army continuously rushing over, the speed at which they destroyed the puppets kept increasing.

In ten minutes, over a thousand puppets were torn apart

But what was particularly irritating was that puppets were still surging out of that black hole faster than they could be destroyed. There were over seven thousand puppets by now

These puppets were like cannon fodder, relying on numbers to forcibly tie down Lin Yuns group so that they couldnt reach the black hole.

Suddenly, puppets stopped surging from the black hole, and instead, an oppressive wisp of aura rushed out of the hole.

In an instant, all the puppets started frantically attacking, as if they were launching a kamikaze attack, relying on sheer numbers to stop Lin Yuns group from being able to counterattack.

Lin Yuns expression darkened. He already felt the aura of a Heaven Rank Puppet coming out from the hole.

And sure enough, the next moment, half of the body of a long, two-headed, four-armed puppet came out of the black hole.

Wisps of lightning flickered in the surroundings of the black hole as fierce, unstable spatial fluctuations appeared as if the entrance was collapsing.

After three seconds, the huge puppet that was over ten meters tall fully emerged, emitting terrifying mana fluctuations like tidal waves.

Traces of intelligence could be seen flickering within those four scarlet crystal eyes, and after letting out a roar, it attentively watched the floating Lin Yun.

Seeing this, Lin Yuns frown suddenly accentuated.

That puppet was similar to the one they encountered last time. It had reached level 40 but had yet to complete the final transformation, so it hadnt obtained Extraordinary Power.

But it was definitely stronger than the previous one because traces of wisdom could be seen flickering in its eyes. This Heaven Rank Puppet had already awakened wisdom, and its final transformation was only a matter of time.

Lin Yuns mana started to float around him. The surrounding four elements curled up, and the essence-like mana transformed into flames as deep as the starry sky enveloping Lin Yun.

Suddenly, Lin Yuns eyelids twitched as the Magic Array caught a wisp of a different aura, and he instinctively dodged towards the side.

At the same time, that Heaven Rank Puppets four crystal eyes shot out four glaring red bolts.

The four bolts instantly pierced several hundred meters through the air and crossed at Lin Yuns previous location. A burnt smell spread through the air as a small, almost invisible, spatial crack appeared in the area cut by the lasers.

Lin Yuns expression was somewhat ugly.

That puppet unexpectedly knew how to use tricks. Who would have thought that this puppet had Fusion Bolt enchanted on its eyes, allowing it to instantly attack from hundreds of meters away?

8th Tier single-target spell, Fusion Bolt. It was the strongest fire bolt spell when it came to piercing power, it was also the fastest one, especially when enchanted. When released, it could hit a target almost instantly.

Being able to shoot from seven hundred meters away proved that this puppet had added a compressed Fusion array, which used three to four times the mana to cast the spell.

As the sneak attack failed, the eyes of the puppet flickered, apparently feeling a bit regretful.

The Heaven Rank Puppet stood in front of the black hole after its attack, not making any other moves, while the huge puppet tide crazily attacked Lin Yuns armies, just like hordes of the fearless Undead.

On the ground, the puppet army clashed with the puppet tide and fought a bitter battle. There were no shouts and no blood splatters Only a large number of spells fluttering and sword lights flickering. The clashes of metal echoed, building into a soaring clamor.

Components and broken limbs littered the entire battlefield. This was a true puppet war.