End Of The Magic Era Chapter 926

Chapter 926 926 Heaven Rank Puppe

926 Heaven Rank Puppe

After a few seconds, another wisp of Heaven Rank aura appeared, and a ten-meter-tall humanoid puppet rushed out of the black hole. That puppet had eight arms, but only one head, which had a huge amber crystal in the shape of an eye.

It was also a Level 40 puppet that had awakened wisdom but had yet to complete the last step of its transformation.

Two Heaven Ranks!

Lin Yuns expression became very grave. Anyone else would already have cold sweat trickling down their back.

"Sir Merlin, what should we do? We definitely cant defeat two Heaven Rank Puppets"

Two Heaven Rank Puppets along with over seven thousand low-level puppets would be too much for them to handle.

"Enderfa, Reina, Xiuban You guys coordinate with the mage army and the patched puppet to handle that two-headed puppet. Ill take care of the one-eyed one. You must deal with it as fast as possible because more Heaven Rank Puppets might appear as time passes."

No one had expected that the real position of the Planar Path was in the center of the Nile Canyon, and in such a conspicuous location. This showed how powerful the concealment was.

The Planar Path had already been opened, but it had been forcibly opened from the Puppet Planes side. Because of that, they couldnt send any more puppets for now. The two Heaven Rank Puppets without Extraordinary Power and the hordes of weak puppets should be the limit of what the Planar Path could handle at the moment.

If a true Heaven Rank power came, the passage might end up collapsing from the Extraordinary Power, and no more puppets would be able to sneak in.

But these two Level 40 puppets squeezed their way through, slowly increasing the size of the passage. Once it stabilized, even more powerful puppets would be able to pass through the Planar Path.

And it wouldnt take long

That black hole was continuously fluctuating for now, but once it stabilized, the situation would be irredeemable.

That large puppet tide was given to the puppet army to handle. It didnt matter if they couldnt completely annihilate it. As long as the others dealt with the two Heaven Rank Puppets and closed off the Planar Path, the huge puppet tide would only be a small matter.

Lin Yun held his Draconic Staff and instantly used Fire Elemental Incarnation to turn into a Flame Elemental. He kept using Flame Flash within the sea of flames and moved through the puppet tide towards the black hole.

Behind him, Xiubans skin was crimson red. He brandished Carnage and pierced his way through the puppet tide like a sharp arrow, opening a path for the others.

Those two Heaven Rank Puppets were standing on both sides of the black hole and were resolutely guarding that location. When they saw Lin Yun rushing over, the two-headed puppet shot four Fusion Bolts from its four eyes again.

The crimson bolts lanced several hundred meters over and sliced a dozen puppets in half.

Lin Yun transformed into a ball of flames and kept flashing through the sea of fire, zigzagging his way forward to rapidly approach.

When he was still over a hundred meters away, Lin Yuns body suddenly flashed and emitted powerful mana fluctuations.

Then, as the four bolts intertwined, Lin Yuns Fire Elemental Incarnation was torn to pieces, and even Lin Yuns body scattered into fire elements.

The two-headed puppet was slightly stunned. Apparently, it hadnt expected that it would be able to tear Lin Yun apart so easily, let alone that he would turn into elemental flames after being torn apart.

At that time, Lin Yuns body was floating in the air several dozen meters in the air with his Fire Elemental Incarnation already scattered. He had just used a Fire Elemental as a substitute.

In front of his body, a two-meter-wide Four-Element Bomb had already been condensed.

A loud sound echoed as the Four-Element Bomb instantly disappeared, leaving behind a white trail spanning over a hundred meters. That Four-Element Bomb didnt attack the two-headed puppet; it targeted the one-eyed puppet instead.

The rapid Four-Element Bomb instantly appeared on the chest of that one-eyed puppet.

That one-eyed puppet didnt try to dodge. Its amber-colored eye transformed into a vortex that formed in front of its body.

The Four-Element Bomb disappeared into the amber vortex as if a monster was devouring that 8th Tier Spell.

Then, the Four-Element Bomb unexpectedly rushed back out of the vortex, flying in the opposite direction, towards Lin Yun

Lin Yuns eyes widened slightly before he left a mirror image while using Earth Elemental Incarnation to disappear underground.

Almost at the same moment, the Four-Element Bomb pierced through the mirror image that Lin Yun left behind and flew several hundred meters away before exploding on the battlefield.


The explosion loudly echoed, and a mushroom cloud slowly rose up as a terrifying shockwave swept across the land.

Over a hundred puppets fighting in that location were instantly torn apart, and as the shockwave expanded, several hundred more puppets were turned into components

Whether it was Lin Yuns puppet army or the puppet tide, none of them were able to escape

Lin Yun calmly looked at the one-eyed puppet. He couldnt have expected that the enchantment on the eye was actually an elemental passage rather than any sort of offensive spell.

Whether it was a small fireball or an 8th Tier Spell, as long as it was an elemental spell, it could be devoured by the elemental passage and sent back.

Lin Yuns sneak attack failed, and the one-eyed puppets eye kept flickering as if mocking Lin Yun.

A puppets power greatly increased after they awakened wisdom. They would no longer be inflexible and stuck with the same attack patterns. Once they gained wisdom, they would be like a real lifeform. Theyd understand how to hide, how to sneak attack, and how to display their power to have the greatest impact

Since the sneak attack was unsuccessful, Lin Yun floated into the air and started going all-out. The Purple Dragons phantom flew out of the Draconic Staff and turned into a huge Dragon behind Lin Yun. The Purple Dragon displayed noble elegance as it slowly hugged the wheel shadow.

In an instant, the four-colored lights on the wheel multiplied.

The Book of Death in Lin Yuns left hand automatically flipped itself to the Elemental Chapter, and a four-colored radiance suddenly appeared and covered that hand.

The next moment, endless spells of the four elements erupted like a volcano, turning into a ten-meter-thick flood that flowed towards the one-eyed puppet.

The elemental passages defensive effectiveness could be considered unequalled, but it had a clear weakness: It could only stockpile one spell. The elemental passage would be useless against this flood.

The one-eyed puppet lifted its four arms, and numerous runes appeared on them.

At the same time, the same four elemental spells kept appearing and ferociously clashing against Lin Yuns Elemental Storm.

The fierce clash threw the several-hundred-meter-wide area into chaos as it was devastated by a storm of destruction born from the clash of power.

It was like the mountain range had experienced countless millennia of erosion in a few seconds. The peaks were rapidly weathered away, and layers upon layers were shaved off of the mountains.

After ten seconds, seven to eight meters of the ground had been forcibly sheared away.

As the clash of spells continued, two fifty-centimeter-thick cannons extended from the puppets legs.

Light converged, and glaring flames blossomed from the pitch-black cannons.

Then, two fifty-centimeter-thick lasers shot out and instantly appeared before Lin Yun.

Lin Yun opened his mouth and chanted three runes, making the earth rise up in an instant, forming three metallic brown walls.

Then, he activated his Runic Shield, Elemental Shield, and Mana Shield, his triple-shield defense. He even added layers upon layers of Fire Shields.

The fifty-centimeter-thick laser instantly pierced through the three Earth Walls and the dozen Fire Shields before attacking Lin Yuns triple shields.

The Mana Shield was shattered almost instantly, unable to withstand the immense impact.

As for the Elemental Shield of the four elements, its defensive power had sharply increased ever since Lin Yun had established the foundation of his Law, but it could barely resist the two lasers for one second.

The remaining power of the lasers fell onto Lin Yuns strongest defense, his Runic Shield, greatly agitating its runes. There were even runes jumping out of the Runic Shield.

The two thick lasers forced the Runic Shield back.

After three seconds, the lasers disappeared, and Lin Yun had also been pushed back more than three hundred meters. His face was extremely pale, and he was almost unable to maintain the flood of spells

Heaven Rank Even without Extraordinary Power, it far exceeded the Archmage realm. Any ordinary Archmage would have been torn to pieces by the attack.

Lin Yun had barely managed to stop the attack, yet he was still faintly suppressed. However, the situation on the other side was even worse.

Xiuban, Reina, Enderfa, the patched puppet, and the mage army were fighting the two-headed puppet, but they were suppressed to the point that they couldnt raise their heads.

That two-headed puppet had formidable spells enchanted on its four arms. The number of spells that could be enchanted onto those huge, eight-meter-long arms was astronomical.

There were at least ten thousand densely packed runes.

By relying on the huge number of spells, it was able to thoroughly suppress Enderfas Elemental Storm and the patched puppets spell flood to the point that they couldnt even move.

If Enderfa or the patched puppet even slightly faltered, they would inevitably be overwhelmed by the onslaught of spells.

Xiuban was swinging Carnage around and using it as a shield, but he simply couldnt approach the two-headed puppet. Each time he rushed forwards, he would be sent flying out by a laser. If not for Carnage directly blocking the spells, Xiubans powerful body might have evaporated.

That fifty-centimeter-thick laser had already exceeded 8th Tier Spells. It just didnt have Extraordinary Power, so it could still be blocked.