End Of The Magic Era Chapter 927

Chapter 927 927 Breakthrough

927 Breakthrough

Reina turned into a Frost Dragon and kept roaming in the sky, releasing Draconic Spells while looking for opportunities to release a Frost Breath.

The two-headed puppet was surrounded by eight layers of Ice-Fire Shields revolving around its body, blocking almost all the spells falling down. The few spells that managed to strike the puppet ended up exploding like fireworks.

Many mages of the mage army had been injured. The 50-mage army was clustered together, barely resisting. They could barely defend themselves by using the Joint Chant Array, while the few offensive spells they released were hardly better than nothing.

The two-headed puppet stood not far from the Planar Path, refusing to stray away from it. Even then, it could suppress Lin Yuns subordinates on its own.

Xiuban suddenly found an opportunity and got within ten meters of the puppet. That distance was already within Xiubans attack range.

Carnage swept out, creating a shockwave and making the space shake as it ruthlessly fell towards the puppet.

In an instant, the eight Ice-Fire Shields revolving around the puppet were now facing Xiuban as he swung down with his hammer made of the jawbone of an Ancient Poison Dragon.

As one shield was destroyed, the puppet immediately summoned three more shields, but a huge hole appeared in its defenses at this time. Reina, who had been looking for an opportunity from the sky, immediately closed her maw, and wisps of blue radiance started blossoming between her teeth.

The next moment, an icy blue radiance sprayed out from Reinas mouth and instantly passed through that gap in the two-headed puppets defenses.

The puppets body was frozen as the blue radiance hit, and the eight shields surrounding it also dissipated into elements.

How could they miss such a good opportunity?

The patched puppet, Xiuban, Reina, Enderfa, and the mage army Everyone rushed over and released their strongest attacks.

Reina hovered in the air, and numerous ice runes appeared on her huge wings as she chanted an ancient Draconic Spell. A ten-meter-long ice awl rapidly condensed in the sky.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, his three faces distorting as the wheel crazily revolved. Endless spells of the four elements spurted out and transformed into an Elemental Storm.

The patched puppet raised an arm, and the runes on top slowly glowed as all the power contained within the mana reactor gathered there. The numerous runes rushed forth until ultimately, all the power transformed into a thick, white light that fired into the two-headed puppets stomach.

Xiuban had become completely red. His body was emitting steam as he flew out like a cannonball, slamming carnage towards one of the puppets heads.

As for the mage army, they formed an array and summoned that half of the Flame Giant body before turning all of its power into a pure explosive impact.

Every attack fell on the two-headed puppet at almost the same time, and the runes on the puppet kept flickering and dimming one after another.

But it seemed that there was no major damage. Only its surface looked a bit mottled.

Suddenly, the four crystal eyes of the two-headed puppet shone with a glaring light.

In an instant, four thick lasers shot out from its eyes, instantly piercing through the ice layer and striking Xiubans Carnage.

Xiuban flew out even faster than hed charged in. Only a shadow flashed as he disappeared a few hundred meters away, blood spraying in the air.

The freeze effect had been forcibly pierced through by the Fusion Bolt, and the next moment, the two heads sharply turned, sending the four thick Fusion Bolts scything out like a hot knife cutting everything down.

Reinas ice awl was cut through, and a huge hole spanning over a meter appeared on her wing. If not for her prompt dodge, her head might have been pierced too

Reina let out a scream as she fell towards the ground, her wing almost completely cut off

The patched puppet was also hit by the Fusion Bolt, and although its Heaven Rank foundation allowed it to survive the blow, its body still suffered serious damage and it was sent flying into a mountain. Its body crashed into it, pushed deeper and deeper by the Fusion Bolt.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was also touched by the Fusion Bolt, and at such a short distance, the power and heat emitted were terrifying. It far exceeded the power of an 8th Tier Spell.

Enderfa let out a scream and returned to the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, which was sent flying away like a piece of iron.

The 50-mage army cooperated, using Fire Elemental Incarnation to meet the damage of the fire spell, and although no one died, they all spat blood, and their defensive shields collapsed.

Just this one attack was enough to injure everyone. The two-headed puppets four scarlet crystal eyes were filled with mockery and pride.

At this time, everyone understood that it had done this on purpose It had deliberately let everyone approach.

The two-headed puppet was guarding the Planar Path and couldnt move away from it, but if they were too far, the power of the spell would plummet, so it wouldnt be able to annihilate them. Only if they got closer could it use the Fusion Bolts to sweep through everyone at once.

Not everyone here could block a force stronger than an 8th Tier Spell and still be okay.

On the other side, Lin Yuns expression was becoming more and more unsightly. He could barely contend with the one-eyed puppet, and none of them could do anything to the other. But now, that two-headed puppet was no longer pinned down.

This is trouble

Sure enough, the next moment, that two-headed puppet raised its four arms, and an unknown number of spells fiercely flew towards Lin Yun.

And at the same time, the one-eyed puppet instantly increased its attack power, pinning Lin Yun down.

Lin Yun was attacked by floods of spells from both of the Heaven Rank Puppets. The two streams of spells fell together with Lin Yun in the middle, and his casting power simply couldnt compare with these two Heaven Rank Puppets.

His mana burst three times, and three halos appeared around his body and spread outwards.

The two rivers of spells were blocked for a split second, and during that split second, Lin Yun used Earth Elemental Incarnation to instantly disappear from that location.

The spell waves fell on the ground and destroyed the earth, sending rocks fluttering about.

A small mountain was even thoroughly razed, as if that seemingly continuous mountain range had been bitten down by a colossus.

Over several hundred meters away, an ash grey stone shot out of the ground and then disappeared, exposing a pale Lin Yun.

He wiped the blood trickling from the corner of his mouth as he looked coldly at the two Heaven Rank Puppets in the distance.

These two puppets were simply too crafty after having awakened wisdom. Everyone had a certain impression of puppets, feeling that they had fixed patterns, so they were all led by the nose when fighting such crafty puppets.

Moreover, that huge body was simply a cheat.

Those arms alone were eight meters long and about two meters thick. Hundreds of spells could be enchanted on one arm, and there were four of them

The combined casting ability of the two puppets was even fiercer than Lin Yuns, and his was already comparable to a fierce mage army.

Each puppet was equivalent to a mage army with an extremely powerful defense.

Seeing the fluctuations and the distortion of the black hole becoming more and more gentle, Lin Yun used Earth Elemental Incarnation once again and disappeared from his spot. Two seconds later, Lin Yun suddenly reappeared while using Fire Elemental Incarnation.

He started casting with no regard for consumption, releasing a several-hundred-meter-wide sea of flames around his body. Within it, Lin Yuns body kept flickering as a large number of fire spells started shaking the two puppets.

Whenever he was faced with an irresistible attack, he would turn into an Earth Elemental and disappear.

He kept being repelled, the ground kept exploding, and blood kept spraying.

Lin Yun had already drunk three Health Potions, yet his complexion kept paling more and more But strangely, his expression kept becoming brighter and brighter.

In the distance, Reina, who was lying weakly on the ground, was struggling to get up to join the battle and keep fighting.

Xiuban was dyed in blood, carrying Carnage with a sinister expression as he staggered towards the puppets from afar, not managing to take even two steps before he spat out blood and fell to the ground. He then looked at the two-headed puppet as if it was a mortal enemy.

"F*ck, you actually dared to destroy three of Lord Xiubans Health Potions! Lord Xiuban isnt done with you! Lord Xiuban must tear you apart"

Enderfa floated out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and his three faces distorted, with one of them even looking somewhat illusory. He was looking in worry at Lin Yun fighting on his own.

All fifty wounded mages forced themselves to stand up, wanting to help, but they were unable to even use Fire Elemental Incarnation.

Everyone was looking at Lin Yun continuously rushing up and continuously being beaten back.

His Fire Elemental Incarnation and Earth Elemental Incarnation kept being replaced, and the speed at which they were swapped out kept increasing.

After being sent flying out by another explosion, Lin Yun was still in the air when the two-headed puppet shot another four Fusion Bolts that intertwined as they flew towards Lin Yun.

Facing this situation, Lin Yun actually grinned.

A terrifying amount of mana burst out of his body and transformed into invisible flames, sending ripples flying out.

The momentum coming from Lin Yuns body kept increasing without limit.


7th Rank Archmage!