End Of The Magic Era Chapter 928

Chapter 928 928 Volcanic Eruption

928 Volcanic Eruption

Rocks suddenly appeared in Lin Yuns surroundings. Runes flashed in his eyes, and as he opened his mouth, another rune came out.

In an instant, a dark golden hemisphere appeared in front of him. Those Fusion Bolts struck that hemisphere and created sparks as well as metallic tearing sound.

The dark golden hemisphere was forcibly torn apart, but Lin Yun had already disappeared.

Lin Yun was calmly standing on the ground, and a fireball and a rock were slowly merging together.

Then, the flame and rock seemed to become endless.

The power of the flame and rock was fundamentally made of countless fire runes and earth runes, which were slowly merging together.

The earth slowly melted, turning red. The flames slowly disappeared, leaving boiling lava behind.

The fusion between the Fire Law and the Earth Law was complete

Just now, under the intense pressure, he had continuously switched between Fire Elemental Incarnation and Earth Elemental Incarnation, merging them at times.

This was an opportunity to fuse the Laws!

And he succeeded!

Lin Yun sneered as he looked at the two Heaven Rank Puppets.

"Playtime is over, now its my turn!"

After those words, a layer of mud seemed to appear on Lin Yuns body. That mud instantly turned red, and it was like a layer of lava was covering Lin Yun.

In a split second, Lin Yuns body rose up and transformed into an eight-meter-tall Lava Giant.

Around that area, the earth had turned soft and transformed in a zone of lava, forming a large lava pond.

Lava Incarnation!

He used Lava Incarnation again, but the effect was completely different after fusing the Fire Law and the Earth Law.

The lava under Lin Yuns feet rose in a wave that led his body forward, making him rapidly close in on those two Heaven Rank Puppets.

When facing those thick floods of spells once again, Lin Yuns body transformed into lava and flickered within the pond of lava. Three seconds later, he was just a hundred meters away from the puppets!

The ground surrounding those puppets had turned into a moat of lava, and the scalding lava kept burning their feet.

The two Heaven Rank Puppets kept releasing their spells at full power. Their bodies were covered in shining runes as the floods of spells flowed out and sprayed over the lava pond, creating huge waves that kept surging around.

They were using the floods of spells to destroy the lava pond, but it was different this time.

Before, the sea of flames had been spread over several hundred meters, and Lin Yun had been relying on those flames to dodge attacks using Flame Flash. But the fire elements would completely dissipate and stop burning after being inundated by the puppets spells.

Now, although this lava pond was churning very violently, it only looked like the sea during a storm, and the amount of lava barely decreased.

Lin Yun was willfully flickering within the lava pond, almost completely fused with this two-hundred-meter-wide pond.

Lin Yun was like an extremely nimble fish in the sea within those two hundred meters. He simply couldnt be caught and couldnt be attacked.

Moreover, the lava pond kept moving alongside Lin Yun, continuously spreading. As Lin Yun flickered rapidly, the pond stretched over five hundred meters.

The two Heaven Rank Puppets were sinking within the lava pond, and the runes on their bodies kept flickering, with the ones on their legs becoming particularly bright. Even if this kind of persistent damage didnt seem very significant, it couldnt be averted. It would consume the power of the puppets every second and keep wearing down the power of their enchantments.

After the fusion of the Laws, the situation on the battlefield immediately changed.

The two Heaven Puppets simply couldnt attack Lin Yun. The fusion of the Fire Elemental Incarnation and the Earth Elemental Incarnation formed a true Lava Incarnation, and not only did the power of lava spells increase, but so did their defensive abilities.

Using the power of the Laws made the Lava Incarnation evolve into a pool of lava that the two puppets couldnt destroy.

As long as the pond of lava wasnt destroyed, Lin Yun couldnt be defeated. As long as any part of the pond existed, the pond of lava could reform the next moment.

Lin Yun coldly looked at these two puppets. The Purple Dragons shadow behind him slowly bowed its head, and the four-colored radiance within the wheel shadow disappeared. This was replaced by the colors of earth and fire, which slowly fused until they turned into roiling lava.

Runes came out of Lin Yuns mouth and condensed in the air, all seemingly made of lava.

The moment these runes appeared, the lava within the lava pond started crazily flaring up before forming into long snakes and waves that ruthlessly crashed into the two puppets.

The eight shields surrounding the two-headed puppet covered it like an eggshell as the lava poured onto it.

The huge impact made the two-headed puppets body continuously shiver. As the burning lava collided with the shields, the four Fire Shields slowly started being assimilated, as if the lava wanted to force its way through them.

The four Ice Shields on the sides started emitting a large amount of steam.

The puppet kept casting spells, but the lava was like a waterfall washing down. It wasnt something those spells could block.

The two-headed puppet couldnt leave too far, so it could only passively try to withstand this kind of lava flood, but at the same time, the lava under its feet started moving and spreading towards the two-headed puppets body.

White smoke soared up as the two-headed puppet was temporarily stalled.

Lin Yun kept dodging while continuously spitting out lava runes, rapidly consuming his man. The lava ponds sides slowly closed in, like a reverse tsunami collapsing towards the one-eyed puppet.

The runes on the one-eyed puppets four arms kept flickering as its casting ability was roused to its peak to continuously release all the enchanted spells.

Waves of lava were blasted apart by the explosions and turned into a rain of lava, but even more waves were rushing in from behind.

The lava rose into towering tidal waves that collapsed in from all directions. The one-eyed puppets sole eye flickered as it sensed something.

Countless lava runes roamed in the lava pond under its feet and slowly combined into a huge array.

The earth faintly shook as the lava pond deepened, forcing the puppet to use Lighten on itself to slow down the sinking.

No one knew that this lava pond that was originally a few meters deep was continuously sinking just below the one-eyed puppet. It was as if a passage leading underground was continuously being excavated.

The rock and soil in the depths of the earth were slowly transforming into lava. After a few seconds, the ground under the one-eyed puppet had formed into a deep well, a well filled with lava.

Suddenly, the earth all around shook, as if some terrifying force was trying to rush out from the ground.

The lava well under the one-eyed puppet burst out as dark red lava flew out. It was as if a volcano had suddenly erupted. The lava veins under the earth were roused, drawing out an extremely terrifying power that far exceeded magic itself.

8th Tier Spell, Volcanic Eruption! Lin Yun used Lava Incarnation as a guide as well as a wisp of Fire and Earth Law to extract the flowing lava within the depths of the earth.

The Volcanic Eruption turned into that kind of spell, but it was at least seven to eight times stronger than a pure Volcanic Eruption spell!

It combined the power of nature with magic, and although its might couldnt compare to a natural volcanic eruption and couldnt last as long, its power exceeded that of an 8th Tier Spell. Apart from the fact that it didnt possess Extraordinary Power, its power wasnt any inferior to a 9th Tier Spell!

With the activation of Volcanic Eruption, the terrifying lava turned into a powerful geyser. At that moment, the puppet seemed almost dismissive of the attack, and the amber-colored vortex appeared once again in its eye.

It suddenly jumped up to thirty meters in the air. Its eye then looked down, and that huge amber-colored vortex materialized.

The elemental passage condensed once again, and under the puppet, that huge, thirty-meter-thick lava pillar was already sweeping over with a terrifying aura of destruction.

A sneer appeared at the corner of Lin Yuns mouth.

Does that thing really think that it could be as intelligent as humans after awakening wisdom? Did it really think that I wouldnt know what it was planning to do after sensing the power rising from underground?

Spells without Extraordinary Power could be devoured by the elemental passage as long as they were elemental spells.

But the elemental passage could only devour one spell

The volcano had already erupted, and it would only take an instant for it to rush into the elemental passage.

The elemental passage wouldnt disappear until it completely absorbed the Volcanic Eruption, until it completely devoured one spell.

But at that time, a fire rune suddenly formed within the churning lava. Suddenly, an extremely ordinary Fire Bolt shot out. It was only a bit faster than the Volcanic Eruption and it entered the elemental passage first

The elemental passage could devour a single spell, and it wouldnt be able to absorb another one until that first spell was released, regardless of whether that spell was a 1st Tier Spell or an 8th Tier Spell. This made no difference.

Sensing that the elemental passage had already absorbed a spell, the one-eyed puppets runes were frantically flickering in horror.

Because right as the elemental channel devoured that Fire Bolt, the Volcanic Eruption thoroughly burst with power.