End Of The Magic Era Chapter 929

Chapter 929 929 Dismantled

929 Dismantled

The huge pillar of lava soared up and instantly reached a height of several hundred meters. The one-eyed puppet was submerged in the pillar of lava, without any suspense.

That lava pillar swept with a terrifying impact, erupting to such a height in a mere second. That kind of powerful force, coupled with the terrifying heat of the lava, made the runes on the one-eyed puppets body explode on impact, forcibly cleansing away its buffs.

After three seconds, that terrifying lava pillar disappeared, revealing the body of the one-eyed puppet half a kilometer in the air.

The spells enchanted on its body had been completely obliterated, and the power contained within the runes had all faded away. The carved runes were now mere decorations.

The one-eyed puppet fiercely impacted the ground, causing the earth to shake as a huge crater formed.

It had lost its casting abilities, and some of its key control parts were damaged. As the puppet crashed into the ground, most of its joints were damaged.

The surface of the one-eyed puppets body was burnt black, and the components within had exploded.

Lin Yun rushed over and used several dozen Mage Hands to tear apart that puppets limbs in an instant. The layer of heavy armor on its chest was also forcibly ripped off. Having lost the ability to resist, that one-eyed puppets eye was flickering with alarm. A faint fluctuation of consciousness could be felt coming from it, continuously begging for forgiveness.

Lin Yun sneered and controlled ten Mage Hands to rapidly tear open that puppets mana reactor.

A series of runes flew out, and the mana reactor was forcibly sealed by Lin Yun. He then tossed it conveniently into his Demiplane. The light within the one-eyed puppets eye slowly dimmed

Losing its mana reactor was the same as a human losing their heart. Moreover, the mana reactor had been sealed This was death.

That wisp of wisdom would also be destroyed.

After Lin Yun finished dealing with the one-eyed puppet, the two-headed puppet rushed out of the lava waterfall. Four lasers shot out and indiscriminately swept through the surroundings.

In response, Lin Yun transformed into a ball of lava and instantly disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in front of the two-headed puppet.

As if scared by Lin Yuns sudden appearance, the two-headed puppets four arms quickly tried to coil around Lin Yun like it wanted to squeeze that Lava Giant apart.

But the lava had rushed forth and formed the shape of a Lava Giant while Lin Yun appeared behind the two-headed puppet.

The wheel shadow appeared once again, and countless runes could be seen forming a vortex within Lin Yuns eyes.

In an instant, several profound runes spurted out of the wheel shadow. Those runes reached the puppet and rapidly merged with its body.

That wasnt an attack, but an enchantment!

Enchantment runes, the fastest method to give a puppet casting abilities!

This wasnt an offensive spell, so the defensive spells enchanted on the puppets body were simply worthless. They couldnt block that flood of runes.

The Magic Array rapidly operated and kept making calculations based on the runes it caught. It wasnt to strengthen the puppet, but to cripple it!

Each of those enchantment runes was wrong, with huge errors. Every time they were added, they would make the puppet lose more effectiveness. Those runes flooded the puppet, and not a single one of them was useful.

After fusion, the two-headed puppets enchanted offensive spells, defensive spells, and supporting spells had all become useless.

It was as if Lin Yun was passing a test. Trying to get over a thousand questions completely wrong was a lot harder than trying to get everything right.

After two seconds, the Lava Giant in front of the two-headed puppet exploded, and it suddenly discovered what was happening behind it.

Once it turned around, the puppet instinctively wanted to cast a spell, but only half of the runes on its body shone, and no spells appeared.

Some runes even exploded

A series of explosions broke out all over the puppets body, and its enchanted defenses completely dissipated. Only its metallic exterior was protecting it.

How could that defense resist Lin Yuns attack? The lava flowed and followed those small cracks to worm its way into the puppets body, burning the components down.

In less than a second, one of the puppets legs seemed to have suddenly lost its support, and it loudly collapsed to the side.

Lin Yun took advantage of this to flicker to another side of the puppet before once again erupting with runes.

In an instant, several hundred enchantments were altered at key locations, making the spells useless. Not only was it unable to cast, but any mana pouring into its body would make it collapse.

Previously, it had kept Lin Yun from being able to approach, but now that he was able to get up close, the puppet was no longer able to stop Lin Yun.

At the end of the Magic Era, Lin Yun had disassembled so many puppets that he himself couldnt even keep count. Whether it was a low-level puppet or a Heaven Rank Puppet, they were just pieces of metal in the desert that no one would even bother to look at.

This method of disassembling enchantments was something that Lin Yun had refined himself during that period. It looked like he was strengthening the other side, while he was in fact destroying the balance.

As long as he could get close enough, Lin Yun was confident that he would be able to tear even a Peak Heaven Rank puppet into a pile of components.

Naturally, this came with a condition: getting close. Not to mention a Peak Heaven Rank Puppet, even a Heaven Rank Puppet that had finished its transformation wouldnt give such an opportunity to Lin Yun.

After a dozen seconds, the two-headed puppet fell down, the runes on its body in complete chaos. Its movement systems were in chaos, its weapon systems were in chaos Apart from its mechanical system, every system was in a mess

This Heaven Rank Puppet one step away from finalizing its transformation was no different than a beast waiting to be slaughtered.

It took more than ten seconds to open that puppets chest and cut off its mana control system. This made it unable to explode its mana reactor, allowing Lin Yun to dismantle and seal it safely. That two-headed puppet could also be considered dead.

Then, Lin Yun rapidly flew to the back to grab Wagner before flying towards the stabilized black hole.

With a Wind Blade, he cut Wagners arm and let blood spurt out into that black hole.

The originally stable black hole suddenly started fluctuating, and it rapidly distorted before slowly shrinking.

A loud roar echoed from the hole and was followed by Extraordinary Power fluctuations. A huge hand reached through the hole, wanting to keep it open by force.

Lin Yun sneered and started going all-out on that metallic hand. The spellwave and the black holes gravitational force pushed that hand back inside.

The hole shrank, and eventually, only one finger could be seen still sticking out, not letting the hole close. Wisps of lightning and fierce spatial fluctuations crackled around it as the hole tried to close shut. But that spatial power couldnt cut the finger.

Runes burst out of the wheel shadow and kept falling onto that finger like small halos. After three seconds, the runes on the finger started becoming chaotic, and its defenses collapsed. Suddenly, that fifty-centimeter-thick finger was cleanly cut by the constricting space.

As the finger was cut, the black hole loudly closed, thoroughly sealing off the Planar Path.

Lin Yun picked up that thick finger and smiled.

It was the finger of a genuine Heaven Rank Puppet, and not just any kind of Heaven Rank Puppet.

The components contained within werent very important. There was no main system, and he could only gain knowledge from a few scattered runes, so the materials were the only things of value.

These materials were the most top-notch materials, and there was no refining needed, as they were already pure.

After throwing a Health Potion to the pale Wagner, Lin Yun flew over to check on his seriously wounded subordinates.

Their injuries werent light, but they also werent life threatening.

Health Potions were chugged down like bottles of water, and they could all stand up after drinking two, though they would still need time to recover.

After losing the two commanding Heaven Rank Puppets, the puppet tide was taken care of by Lin Yuns puppet army, and many of the puppets escaped.

Lin Yun didnt care about the scattering puppets, as he could let the Grey Beastmen hunt again

The puppet army started cleaning up the battlefield. A large number of puppets had been dismantled, and the usable parts were left while the destroyed parts were treated as materials and brought back.

Lin Yun personally dismantled those two Heaven Rank Puppets.

Besides that Elemental Amber with the enchanted elemental passage, Lin Yun also took out the two-headed puppets four crystal eyes. As for the rest, it was all completely dismantled into parts and given to Crowits.

To Crowits, a Heaven Rank Puppet was like a golden mountain put in front of him.

Lin Yun had barely said a few words when Crowitss old body burst with more power than a teenager as he rapidly scooped up the remains of the two Heaven Rank Puppets.

Lin Yun didnt mind and only chuckled.