End Of The Magic Era Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Bloodstained Clothes


‘This is a pleasant surprise.’

Lin Yun had thought that his only reward from the tomb was the unknown stone tablet, but he then had some fortuitous surprises over the course of the past ten days. First, he learned that the stone tablet was actually the Sage Chapter of the Book of Death, and now, he figured out that he gained the Undead Predator ability.

In Lin Yun’s eyes, Undead Predator was far better than Sandro’s Undead Contract.

After all, Undead Contract was tailored for Necromancers. If a non-Necromancer like Lin Yun obtained that ability, they would only be able to summon a few extra lifeforms. Without Necromancy spells to strengthen them, the summons wouldn’t be that powerful.

But Undead Predator was different.

Lin Yun was now sitting on the entire Bone Plane, so the existence of the Undead Predator ability would allow him to conquer the entire Bone Plane faster. Once the Book of Death was in his hands, with the addition of the Sage Chapter, Lin Yun’s fighting strength would be able to reach a shocking level. Even a High Mage wouldn’t be Lin Yun’s match.

Moreover, the Undead Predator ability still had secrets that could be researched. Those mages from the peak of the magic era all believed that the Undead Predator ability wasn’t merely limited to the undead.

Lin Yun would be the first to question the merits of an unproven theory, but he now had a lot of time to experiment with Undead Predator and see whether that theory was correct.

Lin Yun was more relaxed after the fight thanks to the Undead Predator.

What he wanted to do now was to find the place with the largest amount of Skeleton Warriors and use his highest ranked spells to bomb them indiscriminately, not having to worry about a potential counterattack due to the fear created by the pressure from Undead Predator. As he put his plan into motion, they often rushed at him initially but then froze foolishly or tried to escape.

‘This is simply a harvest’

In a quick two hours, the Sage Chapter absorbed over a thousand Soul Fires, and aside from the high mana consumption, Lin Yun hadn’t met any troubles or threats. The Ice Fire Shield hadn’t been breached at all.

Lin Yun still had about one hour left. He prepared to go harvest another group of Skeleton Warriors but then he suddenly discovered that he had unconsciously approached the Nether Iron Vein.

Last time he came to the Bone Plane, it was night time, and his Light spell had only been able to illuminate a ten-meter area, so his only choice had been to rely on a half-solidified Mage Eye. Naturally, he hadn’t been able to see everything clearly. This time, although the sky was covered by a sea of clouds, it was still daytime, so after casting a Mage Eye, Lin Yun was able to clearly observe the Nether Iron Vein.

The Nether Iron Vein was on a plain surrounded by Skeleton Warriors, with a dense death aura being emitted from underground, and the Bone Devil was slumbering at the densest part of the death aura. The Nether Iron Vein was over a hundred meters away, completely exposed to the surface, the kind of vein that miners loved most. Hardly any effort would be needed to easily exploit it.

Moreover, the resources contained in that Nether Iron Vein were very shocking. Even from this distance, Lin Yun could feel the powerful mana fluctuations. Some came from the Nether Iron Vein itself, and some came from the magic gems born from it.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to provoke the Bone Devil right now, and he forced himself to look away.

But as the Mage Eye flew across, Lin Yun discovered a dark cave at the end of the Nether Iron Vein with some bloodstained clothes at its entrance.

“Fuck” Lin Yun’s eyes suddenly widened at the unexpected sight.

What did that mean…

Those clothes proved that Lin Yun wasn’t the first person to enter the Bone Plane!

Naturally, that human was already long gone. Being wounded in the Bone Plane was no different from death. Under the assault of endless death energy, a small prick on one’s finger would be deadly.

In fact, it wasn’t just the Bone Plane. Any plane was like that. The completely different environments made it so that no one could stay in foreign planes for a long time, including the formidable mages of the peak magic era.

This was also the real reason that even the self-proclaimed god mages could only fall when Noscent’s mana was exhausted.

In those final years, who knew how many mages went insane trying to find a way out? Unfortunately, no one was able to survive in those planes. Only mages on the same level as Sandro and Charles were able to struggle forward, fleeing to the Endless Plane, through a spatial crack.

But what awaited them was an unknown fate. It might be a new world, or it might doom them to drift for all eternity.

In short, no matter who the owner of those clothes was, that person was most likely already dead.

This was almost a certainty.

But Lin Yun still felt that he should take a look. After all, they would belong to a human that had come to the Bone Plane before him, over a thousand years before the three young mages of the Ivory Tower! Lin Yun really wanted to know who that was!

With that in mind, Lin Yun controlled the Mage Eye to fly towards the entrance of the cave and explore it.

But suddenly, Lin Yun’s sight darkened.

‘It couldn’t’ Lin Yun froze, and the Mage Eye shockingly faded away!

The Mage Eye had been stopped by some sort of magic barrier…

A Mage Eye could be said to be the most fragile among mages’ constructs. It was based on the condensation of a mage’s mana and it would collapse when met with a bit of mana interference.

Lin Yun had met many situations where a Mage Eye would collapse, so this wasn’t something to fuss about. But the collapse of this Mage Eye made Lin Yun feel suspicious.

Bloodstained clothes were strange enough, but there was also still mana remaining in that cave!

Lin Yun thought for a bit before casting a few spells. He used Haste, Stoneskin, Conceal Aura, and Undead Camouflage, casting the buffs on himself one after the other.

Lin Yun then started slowly walking toward that dark cave.

Fortunately, there weren’t many skeletons around after the harvest earlier. Even if one or two occasionally emerged, in front of Lin Yun with his Undead Predator skill, it was only a matter of one or two Flame Spears.